Drama Fans, So Ji Sub lovers, Shin Min Ah aficionados - welcome all to the show that has the most k drama-y of premises. Give us your cliches, your tired tropes, your huddled plot lines all yearning to be free - the script doesn’t matter when the actors are insanely beautiful to look at. Join Aunnie, Firnlambe, Taleena, and Wendilynn as we talk about the travails of chubby chicks in Oh My Venus Drama Club.

Aunnie: I’m so glad to be back and I’m always okay with the Ugly Duckling turned Beautiful Swan….and I know Taleena is excited or….dare I say his name….

Taleena: The Korean Michaelangelo’s David? The Rare Adonis? Ambassador to the world of women? One of the finer examples of God’s handiwork?

Firnlambe: Lmao yes . . . . let’s not push her bias button too quickly. Though I agree with Aunnie. It’s only been a month since my last Drama Club and I feel like I didn’t know what to do with my life anymore. I’m glad to be back ^-^ It’s amazing how attached you get to these clubs and your internet family who reads them.

Wendilynn: Taleena is eloquent as always. After my negative reaction to this ugly duckling trope in Birth of a Beauty, I admit I was skeptical that they could handle this particular story line without pissing me off. But, I have to admit, they didn’t do too badly. It pushed some buttons to be sure, but at least they kept the “you’re fat so you deserve to be mistreated” crap to a minimum.

Taleena: OK, I know we all want to talk about the fat makeup they did on Shin Min Ah, but I want to jump the discussion off on that “you’re fat so you deserve to be mistreated” thing. The first episode gives you the impression that her weight is why her boyfriend is leaving her, but I got the impression by the end of episode two his real reason was completely different. It seemed to me that they were on again/off again because of her blinding focus on being the best! lawyer! ever!

Aunnie: I got the same impression actually. I kind of like the idea that he’d stayed with her for 15 years and because of that, I didn’t get the feeling that he ended things--or rather didn’t end things--because she’d gained the weight. I think it was more because she got distracted with work….and then that horrid friend showed up.

Firnlambe: I’m glad it went that way too. Not much left to say on the matter that you two haven’t already touched on. I’m just gonna come out and say this though . . . this “friend” better not try and move in on John Kim, because Lord help my computer if she does (I may be forced to throw numerous amounts of pillows at it)


Wendilynn: I also felt that Woo Sik and Joo Eun just drifted apart. Both of them were not their best in this relationship after so many years and were taking each other for granted. I really do hope that Jung Gyu Woon isn’t just playing another jerk. As for the friend, Soo Jin, she is clearly out for revenge. She is going to do her best to make Joo Eun suffer for whatever humiliation she felt back in college.

Aunnie: “Lord help my computer” bwahahaha . .

Taleena: I wonder how much of an odyssey into passive-aggressive women’s behavior we are going to get into with Soo Jin. We always filter our experiences through our own emotional lens. Joo Eun thinks her boyfriend issues has to do with her weight today, and Soo Jin thought it had to do with Joo Eun’s beauty back in school. While it may be part of it, I tend to think it has more to do with Joo Eun’s different personality factions - driven, goal oriented, and kind - all factoring into the equation. Driven, goal oriented people can be very wearying.

Aunnie: no offense, but full on goal-oriented people tend to make me feel bad about myself so i can definitely see why Joo Eun’s boyfriend might have gotten--to use Taleena’s term--weary of that. However, I hope he gets weary of Ms. B--Witch’s personality real quick.

Firnlambe: I personally really love the chemistry between our OTP. (T: OTP? Honestly, you kids these days with your acronyms and your horseless carriages! F: One True Pairing) My favorite scene probably being in the hotel room with Cheater McCheaterson watching on.

Aunnie: *snickers*

Firnlambe: Seriously, Young Ho in his suit comes in all suave looking to save the day?! Can’t get much better. I can’t wait till Cheater Cheater figures out he’s the one who has been tasked with taking over the company wealth.

Wendilynn: The intertwined destinies are interesting aren’t they? My personal favorite Young Ho/Joo Eun moment was on the plane. I can’t even tell you how much I laughed.


Taleena: Please tell me it wasn’t at the line that haunts my personal nightmares - “We can’t lift her” “You’ll hurt your back.” (W: no it wasn’t) As an almost 6 foot and awesomely figured woman, I have had that very dread. I thought the hotel double entendres as Young Ho is putting her shoulder back in its socket the funniest part.

Aunnie: Sadly, my favorite parts didn't even involve the main couple--at least not entirely. First, Henry--I'm not even going to pretend to try and remember his character’s name--is by far my favorite so far. But I particularly loved the scenes between SJS and his...father’s...mother’s….patsy…? I don't even know WHO he is but I had a bad knee jerk reaction to his first appearance (due to Heirs) but quickly warmed up to him.

Wendilynn: Henry was a riot from moment one. He was our english speaking character to make us think they were actually in LA. lol But he was just sweet and hysterical. What a goofball. I think the older guy is technically the butler/personal assistant. But Young Ho’s interactions with him were great. And that shoulder scene was pretty good. Everyone’s reactions in the hallway were priceless.

Taleena: Older guy is the all purpose fixer for dad and granny.

Firnlambe: First of all--I’m a horrible E.L.F--I didn’t know, didn’t even maybe have it on my radar, that Henry was gonna be in a drama. Second, the man is adorable and I cannot WAIT to see what they do with his character. I just really hope he doesn’t become one of those “oooh you served your purpose . . . .here let’s send you back to America” type of characters. That would be a total waste of pure comedic gold they have just waiting to be used.

Taleena: I don’t think they are going to do to Henry what they did to Jung Hae In on Blood, make you love him then kill/ship him off. (F: If Henry dies I’m calling on some Joseon Black Magic to curse the writers) Also don’t feel to bad about not knowing he was in it, because this drama didn’t announce the cast until like a week before it aired. My Big Book of Theories says: Henry is going to become “John Kim” to foil crazy American scandal plots and throw wrenches in the romance between SMA and SJS.

Aunnie: Im glad you brought up that point because 1) I actually thought Henry--for about as long as it took her to portal to the hotel--that Henry WAS John Kim. Then SJS just eased into the background like ‘Wassup’ and 2) I thought it would be super fun for the big, bad-a$$ life coach to BE Henry.

Wendilynn: I never took Henry as the ‘John Kim” guy because they spent too much time showing what excellent physical shape SJS was in. Oh my heaven, he was beautiful to watch. *fans self* I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a role that really made me think he was in that physical shape. And no, Always didn’t really sell that side of him, even if he was playing a boxer of sorts.


Taleena: We have all loved Brooding Shower scenes, let’s give it up for the Contemplative Bath. Although I have to admit a part of my brain was reserved to bewail the amount of Kaboom it would take to keep that bathroom so free of soap scum - if soap scum dared make it’s presence known in the face of the Beautiful One.

Firnlambe: Who are you kidding Taleena . . . soap scum wouldn’t dare make it’s presence known in that bathroom. It would be stalking the dark damp corners of the room while trying to stay out of sight and enjoy the show like the rest of us.

Aunnie: I...can't…..breathe… I got the image in my head of the soap...brush thingies just sitting as a huddled mass in the corner just staring at a naked SJS. (F: were they muttering “My Precious” too?) I will admit to being awed and a little out of breath when he was doing that lift--leg--hip--twisty move. I don't even care what it's called, the man was PRIME in that moment!

Taleena: Focus, FOCUS! (F: Precioussss) OK, quick notes on other characters...

Aunnie: Let's all be impressed it was TALEENA saying “focus”

Taleena: Look, the sooner we are done talking the sooner I can rewatch the bath scene to find the right cover picture. It may take a few watches. Throw in the workout scene for good measure.

Firnlambe: THERE’s the Taleena we know and love.

Wendilynn: lol, Let's focus on our Heroine maybe? (that looks like a drug reference….CHOCOLATE!) I’m going to put this out there, I was really impressed with the fat suit. It didn’t look ridiculous. Other than the sock around her neck, her face looked reasonable for her with extra weight on. With the ill fitting clothes, it was a very believable look for her.

Aunnie: Agreed, I'm glad it wasn't anything like the fat suit IU wore in Dream High where her face looked so rubbery it was like she’d been burned in a fire and had required 20 different skin grafts.

Taleena: Yes, I thought they did a pretty believable job making her look overweight. There is no way to make Shin Min Ah look ugly, and so going with poor, ill fitting styling and making her proportionally fat was better than grossly so. What I mean is, they didn’t try and make her obese or anything, not Stay Puft Marshamallow man.

Firnlambe: Was anyone else rolling on the floor when they first introduced the 2015 Joo Eun? Particularly when she tries to be all sexy?

Wendilynn: That was amusing, but also eye rolling. I have to say I think I’m going to really like the character of Joo Eun. I really like that Shin Min Ah was willing to look less than glamourous. She takes on such different roles. She doesn’t like to play the typical types of girls. From naive foxes to mighty princesses, she’s going to look for the roles that do something different.

Taleena: I have another theory here. That Joo Eun actually has a health issue to work through. Her fatigue, body temperature and other things could be attributed to yo yo dieting and emotional drain, but I am betting they are going to pull a real illness out at some point. Just start warming those hospital humidifiers folks, I see another romantic ambulance ride in our future.

Firnlambe: Bet you anything that when that particular moment comes, Young Ho is going to be around (purely coincidentally of course) and step up as her White Knight again.

Wendilynn: Between Young Ho’s penchant for being a white knight and his chocolate abs can we just call him White Chocolate?

Firnlambe: Bwhahahahahaha

Taleena: Medicinal Chocolate. So are we Chocolatiers now?

Firnlambe: Good for the soul that Medicinal White Chocolate . . . Great, now I'm having visions of a Kdrama version of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory . . thanks Taleena

Taleena: Here, this makes it all better:

What do you think Drama Fans? DId you buy Shin Min Ah's chubby look? Are you enjoying So Ji Sub as a personal trainer? Does Henry have an unfortunate death in his future? Let us know in the comments!

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