Well Trainees, the end is finally here. Will everyone get the happy ending they’ve been dreaming of? Or will Grandmother dish out some last minute drama in which Aunnie can revel in? Join your trainers Aunnie, Taleena, Wendilynn and Firnlambe one last time as they go over what they loved and what they wish had been done differently in the final episodes of Oh My Venus.

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Taleena: Well, I’m big enough to admit when I am wrong. My end predictions were off when I forecasted death and more death. I didn’t get a HINT of Granny’s heart growing three sizes through the awesome power of Cindy Lou Who...I mean Shin Min Ah.

Aunnie: Yes . . . I was disappointed too she didn’t die . . .her looking and acting like a real human being at the end was not nearly redeeming enough

Wendilynn: I have to admit, that I was not expecting baby drama to be the big issue of the last two episodes.

Firnlambe: I’m actually quite content with the sudden family change of acceptance and humility . . . mainly because that meant our OTP wouldn’t have to have family issues later. And let’s be honest, we should only wish them the best when a couple is as adorable as those two are.

Aunnie: Sickeningly adorable, I'd say . . .

Taleena: I’m not saying I was discontent by the change of heart, just that it came out of nowhere. That Young Ho’s literally crippling psychological issue with people seeing him in physical pain, is healed by a band aid, dimples, and a couple of sage words from Shin Min Ah’s mom while her wrist is being bandaged seemed a little too neat - even for a K drama.

Aunnie: If you ask me--and don't think I haven't noticed no one has--things were too neat in this drama all around and aside from the car accident, it was all very un-K drama-y. Not

Firnlambe: Wait . . . I thought his psychological issue was cleared up after his car accident. I seem to remember it being mentioned somewhere that he hadn’t had any lingering tremors since.

Wendilynn: Yes, He had no more psychological pain after the car accident.

Taleena: OK, so when we find out that Granny’s big request is MOAR BABIES!!!1!! (side note - she’s right: the world needs babies from SJS. Get married man!) He doesn’t want to and is pulling away from Joo Eun’s attempts to create the beast with two backs. It is not until he has the heart to heart with her about the band aid saving him, and the heart to heart with her mom about sharing pain, that he loosens up enough to put a little John Legend on the metaphorical hi-fi. Joo Eun asks him if he’s worried about passing it on and how his leg is and then he mentions he hasn’t had issues since the car accident. Like he was surprised.

Firnlambe: Eh, I suppose in the grand scheme of this drama wrapping up in a nice packaged bow liberties were taken . . . well that and the fact that they tried their damnedest to drown us in fluff . . . Young Ho’s apparent ability to just be fine with the simplest of reasons didn’t bother me. A lot of things over the last few episodes didn’t bother me. EXCEPT the damn fluff!!! I swear to God I may need to take a page out of Aunnie’s book and hit up some melodrama just to even out the scales.

Aunnie: *gasp* It’s January the 10th--what time is it--WHAT TIME IS IT??? I need to save this moment for all time! (F: Har har har) But in all seriousness, this drama had too much fluff and I felt like some threads were just kind of . . . well, unnecessary. The stalker? Why? They never even explained he was stalking her! Korean Snake’s mom...I get that it was a side story but all in all--it felt like a means to end. I can see the writer’s brainstorming--”How can we get Young Ho into a car accident?”. There are more examples but still . . .

Wendilynn: I didn’t think it was that simple. I was really touched that they would even go there. It’s normal to be afraid of passing on something that could possibly be genetic and miserable. It's not like Young Ho had a happy childhood.

Taleena: Sweet, sweet drama that is like cotton candy - so tasty, so ephemeral. I am kind of glad they made everything shiny and nice. Even Woo Shik the Dumbhat figured out that VP B*tch Candy was just scared and closing herself off. I was happy for even Dumbhat and his dumb couch upholstery suit. GO Figure. 


Oh my GRAPEVINES! Look at that monstrosity! The only way it could be worse is if it were those ugly overblown roses that were so popular on the pull out sleeper sofas. You know which ones I mean! WITH a turtleneck. Hello 70’s!

Aunnie: Now if bell bottoms would come back into fashion, I'd be happy

Wendilynn: I’m just glad it wasn’t the big flowers or paisley designs that I’ve seen in other dramas. This was at least moderately quiet.

Firnlambe: Great now all I can hear is Psy’s Napal Baji playing in the background when I watch this scene lol but seriously, I really liked VP when she and Joo Eun had each other’s back during their council session, but then she went into that annoying “oh woe is me” state and I grew annoyed again so, I . . . . I feel like a horrible person, but during their broody driving session I kept hoping VP and Woo Shik would end up in a car crash.

Aunnie: Having had fertility issues myself, I felt even more compassion for her. Surprise surprise, I know. I really understood the pulling away and just wanting to pretend like nothing was wrong until door were closed and the woe is me could come out.

Taleena: OK I have another little trivial nitpick - So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah really put a lot of chemistry into their scenes but good gracious the kiss between Sung Joon and Commercial Girl was lacking in the zest department. You could tell it was a closed mouth lip press rather than A KISS. It really suffered by comparison.

Wendilynn: Well, maybe the first kiss was lackluster, but when he pushed her up against the locker, I was pretty happy. Yes, it wasn’t as hot and passionate a kiss as we might have hoped, but then he’s been reserved the whole drama, so it was aggressive for his character.

Aunnie: I agree with Wendilynn

Firnlambe: Apparently I only care about Young Ho and Joo Eun because I just didn’t care for Sung Joon and Commercial Girl’s relationship. Though I will admit watching her interact with his mother a few episodes ago was adorable. I think that they could have ended this series last week and I would have been happy.

Aunnie: I also agree with Firnlambe

Taleena: I’m not going to complain. There was really only enough plot and content for a short web drama, but they padded it masterfully with So Ji Sub kissing, wrestling, working out, and saying suggestive things. How can I possibly complain about two MORE episodes of pure fluff?

Firnlambe: //dies while being smothered in fluff// . . . . but seriously was no one else disappointed by the ending? While I liked how they will be married in 3 months and that she is pregnant. The fact that they made Joo Eun gain all of her weight again annoyed me.

Aunnie: Hooray for realism though, Amiright?

Wendilynn: Frankly, they could have ended things at episode 13 and been fine.

Taleena: Eh. eh. Yeah, truly can’t get wound up about it, because it was in line with her character to want to take it easy and babies are a totally legit excuse for being tired and eating foods that you really crave. I thought it was amusing that she had twins, because she put her mind to it. I also found it HIGHLY hilarious that they pulled the ultimate K drama Trope of having had them meet as children.

Well then, did you all drown in fluff? Were you happy by the surprise change in Joo Eun's physical state at the end or were you disappointed? Each and everyone of us here on the Drama Club will miss this drama, but we are all happy that we got to enjoy it with each and every one of you. Sadly Aunnie and Firnlambe don't have a new Drama Club that you can follow at this time, though Taleena is currently working on Six Flying Dragons and Wendilynn will be at it again once Madame Antoine starts airing so be sure to follow them in their new Drama adventures. Happy viewings on whatever drama you pursue next.

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