It's that time of year again, and as any good Kdrama fan knows, we must give thanks to the important things in this life. Like delectably sweaty So Ji Sub wrestling an equally delicous Sung Hoon — I mean, who wouldn't pay money to see those two prime gladiators in the ring? Or giving thanks that the Kdrama higher powers gave us the goofy Henry we all know and love? Now we can enjoy every off-the-wall antic but in two languages! And really, what more could we give thanks for than having a story that allows us to rally behind our female lead and watch her defeat the proverbial evil witch and win the heart of her prince charming?? Join Firnlambe, Taleena, Wendilynn, and me as we continue this amazing journey of Oh My Venus and give thanks to everything this drama has to give!

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Taleena: Gloating is extremely unladylike and the fact that I am going to indulge in it for a minute will reflect poorly on how I was raised. BooYAH! Henry pretending to be John Kim? Check. Shin Min Ah suffering from a legitimate health condition? Checkity check check. My only surprise was that they dealt with it SO fast. I am kind of glad it didn’t go on for episode after episode though.

Aunnie: I agree! Actually, I had to stand back and make a checklist of all the things I wanted to talk about but the most pressing at the moment is So Ji Sub--hands up if you wanted to be in the coffee shop with him??

Taleena: That was just straight up fan service. Just like the Bath of Contemplation, the coffee shop was all about giving fans gif-able moments of So Ji Sub saying “Your body is mine, you can’t say no.” As if any unattached woman would. And some attached. That don’t have my strong ethics. I just LOOK folks OK? *feeling internet judged*

Wendilynn: The minute he said that line I knew that was going to be memed and gifed to the end of time. What woman doesn’t want to hear that from the guy she likes? It is when it's a guy who she doesn’t like says it that you start wondering where the poinsettias are coming from.

Aunnie: That’s another thing, I’m not entirely sure she even likes So Ji Sub’s character yet, which actually makes me happy. Not that I wouldn’t be head over heels by now, but I kind of like it when the female lead can resist the irresistible for at least a little bit. Makes me feel like when she does actually for him, it’ll be--to borrow a term from Firnlambe--for really reals.

Firnlambe: //snigger// for really reals indeed.

Taleena: No, I am not sure she likes Young Ho, but she has the hots for him anyway (A: She'd have to be positively blind not to be!). He is drawn to her too, although he doesn’t know why. I would guess he understands her on a level. That need to do something physical to reject the weakness and rejection coming your way. She seems to be mirroring some of his own story a bit. A physical weakness and an unsupportive family. I am still trying to suss out all the connections there with the Dad and black sheep(?), barely tolerated(?) brother. Auntie Try Too Hard and Oblivious Uncle have a lot going on too.

Aunnie: Pretty sure you’re the only one trying to suss out the truth about the family . . . Ms. Big Book of Theories . . .

Firnlambe: Personally . . . At this point in the story . . . I couldn’t care less about the rich family typical woes, I’d rather watch Young Ho try to whip Joo Eun back into shape. Because watching her attack that teddy bear was hysterical.

Wendilynn: Her workout scenes are just adorable. (A: And accurate for anyone who is overweight and working out for the first time) But I’m also curious about the family dynamics. I can’t tell if the Dad is just trying to protect his son who was disabled in some way with that leg or what? There are some interesting dynamics going on. All the secondary stories got some motion this week. Even our two secondary love birds had some story progression. These episodes are really addictive though. as soon as they end I’m ready for the next one.

Aunnie: Due to my inability to really take part in all that the Kdrama world has to offer lately--thanks to being a new mom--I am thoroughly enjoying (and kind of hating) all the anticipation that this show builds at the end of the week. But back on point--If by secondary love birds you mean the Ex and his new fling, I can’t help but have mixed emotions. I can’t---literally cant--hate his character. (F: //sigh// you and your ‘give everyone a chance mentality’) The New Fling though...she’s a totally different story. I was secretly hoping she’d drown in the pool. I mean, it was pretty much confirmed that he still very much loves Joo Eun and did not leave her because of her weight.

Taleena: I feel bad for Vice President Bitchy. She obviously is completely insecure, really cares about Woo Sik, still actually likes Joo Eun even as she totally envies her, and needs to learn how to love herself some. So far the only people in the story who bug are: President Granny, Young Ho’s Cold Fish of a Dad (I love that actor too, so that shows you what a good job he is doing), and Woo Sik’s boss who is looking to do a little corporate ladder climbing.

Firnlambe: eeeeeh I don't mind Granny at this point, but that probably has more to do with the fact that we haven't seen much from her besides demanding Young Ho come back to Korea.

Aunnie: I don't much like Granny's face . . .

Wendilynn: We don’t know Granny’s story yet. Woo Sik’s boss turned out to be the Uncle in the family. For some reason, that came as a surprise to me and it really shouldn’t have. And now it will be interesting to see what Woo Sik does now that he knows that the mysterious doctor guy helping Eun Joo is the new potential CEO.

Taleena: Wait...not Uncle Oblivious?!?!

Aunnie: I’m starting to realize just how much I don’t care about his family. I feel like I’m more concerned about the funny, cute and/or romance side of everything. I’m so stuck on how cute all the main characters are that I don’t want to even think about the depressing family dynamics. I promise next week I’ll pay more attention! But for now, I'm concentrating on the important things . . . like how gorgeous So Ji Sub is when he’s fighting against his minion . . .

Taleena: I could watch So Ji Sub wrestle with Sung Hoon for hours. Not necessarily with a prurient bent, although I’m sure no one believes me, but because it was like watching rain fall or fire burn. Men were meant to wrestle beautifully.

Wendilynn: Shut up and take my money!

Taleena: AHEM. Anyway. Was I the only one laughing my head off at the Cleaning of her Kitchen? Was I the only one that wanted to have So Ji Sub in a beautifully tailored suit as my invisible friend all day long?

Firnlambe: I feel like we should just let Taleena fangirl freely for 5 mins to help her quell her ramblings.

Taleena: The conversation just organically turns to how beautiful Ji Sub is. It’s not my fault.

Aunnie: I’ve never been a huge So Ji Sub fan (T: Heresy! Heresy! Drive her from the village! Pitchforks and torches!)--even after Master’s Sun--but I can freely admit he’s making me question my sanity--like how could I not appreciate him in all his god-given glory, then I remember Hyun Bin. Buuuuut, I digress. I like any scene that involves two of the three stooges in it--I prefer all three but I’ll take Henry and the Korean Snake at any time.

Wendilynn: lol. There is a lot of So Ji Sub fan service in this but they don’t make it feel contrived. It fits the scenes well. When he realized that in his desire to get rid of his annoying client, he had actually hurt her body unintentionally, that really bothered him. He felt like a total heel and you could see that. As for the Snake and Henry, could those two be any more adorable? Henry is like a puppy. It struck me that we have a neat collection in this male trio. One in his 20’s, one in his 30’s and one in his 40’s. All beautiful. All adorably handsome. All sexy in their own way appropriate for their ages.

Firnlambe: I said this to Aunnie earlier, but I feel like Henry will be like Siwon from She was Pretty . . . minus the SLS of course. He just steals the scenes he's in. Even if I'm still thrown by his perfect English in a Konglish drama environment.

Taleena: Actually, I was think more like Jeremy - Lee Hong Ki - in You’re Beautiful. No one really gave Jeremy much of a romantic running in that drama, but he made SO many fans, from people who wouldn’t otherwise know him. I am trying desperately to remember what role Sung Hoon played in Faith (F: white haired sound man I believe.) (T: Yup! He looks better without the Legolas wig) (A: Whateva, I loved him with white hair) ...and am REALLY liking this love interest they threw at his head, while shirtless. For the fans.

Aunnie: Taleena . . . I swear to high heaven . . . Henry had better not become like Jeremy, a back seat second lead. I’m already dreading the reveal on whether this commercial girl is going to be a Korean Snake kinda girl or a Henry kinda girl. However, Henry pretending to not know Korean was pretty hysterical. I’m pretty sure I snorted during that scene--considering the man speaks five different languages fluently!

Wendilynn: I thought he knew 7 but spoke 5 fluently? And I get a little bit of a kick when he speaks clear english. lol As for commercial girl, I”m looking forward to more of her. I thought she was going to come in and be the arrogant model cliche but instead she was funny and quirky. She was more fascinated by the scars then repulsed. And Sung Hoon actually acting embarrassed because his nipples were showing made me smile. I'm not sure why Kdramas have the men get embarrassed when they are shirtless, but it's really adorable.

Taleena: So do we have an over/under on Sung Hoon having a real illness and needing the Healing Powers of a hospital humidifier and bag of fluids? And HOLD THE BOAT! Poinsettia Stalker GUY?!?! I know Wendilynn tried to sneak him into the conversation earlier, but wha what?

Wendilynn: I see stalker dude as the show’s way of teaching Young Ho that Eun Joo was once pretty. I'm thinking this is one of her long time stalkers.

Aunnie: Yeah . . .about that . . . Did anyone else unknowingly go “Okay, yes, we’re going to find out who this guy is!” only to have the episode end moments later. I sat there staring at my phone during the whole scene stupidly saying to myself “Who the hell is this guy?” Only to have the freeze-frame-of-death announce the end of the episode. Pretty sure if my phone didn’t cost as much as my labor and delivery bill, I would have chucked it against the wall.

Taleena: If Stalker is there ONLY to illustrate Eun Joo’s desirability to Young Ho, I am going to be sadly disappointed in the show. I am kind of hoping that since So Ji Sub did the anti-K drama in One Sunny Day, he signed on for the “every K drama cliche ever” drama in Oh My Venus to show that the Cliche Dragon can be slayed. If the second scenario holds true, then we will find out that they had a childhood love, which they had forgotten because of his illness/accident, and that his family is hesitant to accept her because she is not a richy rich. Fortunately, they go to America for a few years and the flash forward to a Happily Ever After. So let it be written! So let it be done!

Aunnie: For all our sakes, I hope he steps outside the box . . .

When all is said and done, it really is the important things that should make us pause and be thankful; so as we end this week with a poinsetta stalker, a damsel in distress and a hero with questionable familial connections, I think we can all agree--we're thankful for So Ji Sub workout scenes. But more than that, we're just happy we have a show that leaves us in utmost anticipation for the next installment of episodes. Join us next week where we will hopefully learn a few answers like who is this stalker? What does he want with her? And what will So Ji Sub do about it? 

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