Joo Eun gets an eyeful of Young Ho’s problems as he attempts to cement his new place as head of the Gahong Group. Wendilynn is creating beautiful music this weekend, so join Firnlambe, Aunnie, and Taleena as we discuss family tension, lawyering, and the merits of mouth to mouth resuscitation in episodes 9 and 10 of Oh My Venus.

Taleena: These last two episodes didn’t have as much of the Korean Snake as I prefer, but before we delve into the quagmire of Kim family politicking I just need to ask: did anyone else yell at the screen “This is a situation demanding mouth to mouth!” moments before Henry suggested it? I mean, if /anything/ will bring a girl back from the brink of death....


Aunnie: As much as I like Commercial Girl, that was a little over the top even for me--that being said, I love the KS’ facial expressions whenever he is in a scene with her. He’s exasperated and charmed all at the same time.

Firnlambe: I was ok with not a lot of Korean Snake because that meant I had less interaction with Commercial Girl . . . does that make me a bad viewer?

Taleena: I actually am more interested in the whole adoption/battered mom story with him, although I love commercial girl’s continuing quest to cop a feel from Korean Snake. (Side note - I feel a little bit dirty every time I use the phrase “Korean Snake”; coupled with SJS using the phrase “comfortable and erotic nights” I am having a hard time keeping comments PG) (A: I just have a hard time any time SJS mentions an erotic night *fans self*)


Firnlambe: Gah!! Thanks for ruining the term “Korean Snake” Taleena . . . I had a perfectly normal reaction/response when I heard the phrase, it being his stage name and all that jazz. Then your mind decided to go and give it an alternative meaning.

Aunnie: I love that you manage to stay innocent most of the time, Firn. You’d think I’da rubbed off on you enough by now . . .

Taleena: Ha! ha! </end Nelson Muntz> Did I ruin your Mind Palace Firnlambe? (F: Sadly) (A: Aww, Sherlock) I can’t be the ONLY one thinking it.

Aunnie: Is anyone else waiting for the . . . Stand-in Daughter In Law to finally grow a backbone and verbally rip the Gramma a new wig?


Taleena: Auntie Try To Hard? Stepmama? I like her. I have NOTHING for Granny Cold Heart. NOTHING. Daddy Cold Fish I am trying to justify as: heartbroken over first wife’s death, terrified of sickness (Ironic in a Hospital CEO), and browbeaten by Granny. I know he’s not really justifiable but I am trying. The one I am losing hope over is Woo Sik. At least he realizes he is being a selfish jerk, but he isn’t changing his behavior at all.

Aunnie: Hey now . . .Don’t be talkin’ smack about Woo Shik.

woo sik.png

Firnlambe: Wait . . . Their company is a Hospital?!? When did that happen?

Taleena: Double Wait. In the beginning of the show I said Hoteliers and Wendilynn said “hospital group” and since Wendilynn actually was paying attention while I was sidetracked by the views of SJS’s naked knee, I figured she was right.

Aunnie: And I'm just saying Gahong Group . . . But back on point--I can't really hate on either Woo Shik OR Hard Candy. They each have valid reasons for their behavior and it's hard not to feel bad for them.

Firnlambe: Hard Candy being VP Bitchypants? (T: Yeah Aunnie don’t go and try and change nicknames on me or I will be totally lost) Yeah I still can’t give her any sympathy. She’s had many chances to earn back favor points but she keeps shooting them down like all the poor clients she is “forced” into dealing with . . . sharply and without mercy.

Aunnie: Bwahahahaha--wait, what Firnlambe???? STILL?? Okay, This--this is going to sound bad but I understand what she has to do with the clients, to be honest. It’s like defense lawyers, sometimes they want nothing more than to convict their clients too, but they can’t. Its their job to do what they are doing. She clearly feels bad about it.

Firnlambe: Whatever, that still doesn’t make me feel like I need to sympathize with her character.


Taleena: Yeah I am on board with VP B’Pants. She has, to use the parlance of a generation not mine, some major damage, but at least she is WORKING on it. She and Woo Sik are *this close* (you can’t see but I’m holding up my fingers as tinily as possible, it’s awesome) to breaking up because he is a dumbhat, and she is still hanging on. And, AND she doesn’t spill any of Joo Eun’s kissyface elevator romance secrets.

Aunnie: I really enjoyed their coffee shop scene--aside from hating that Hard Ca--VP B’Pants saw them--I’d have been ok without that cliche, but it was such an honest scene. And definitely a conversation that needed to be had just to clear the air a bit, let loose some old feelings.

Taleena: Sometimes the best place to talk is in a coffee shop and not in the pouring rain romantically. Just sayin’

Firnlambe: I thought Young Ho and Joo Eun’s flirting throughout that first episode was brilliant and hysterical. The only thing I wish would have happened was them getting caught by Woo Sik after openly flirting in the coffee shop, but I must say--I aaaalmost felt bad for Woo Sik when he realized Joo Eun was going to propose because she got him a tie.

Aunnie: That scene almost made me want them to get back together and then I remembered how cute she was with Young Ho and then I had to let those feelings go and choose a side. My heart goes out to them for having to let go of something that would have probably worked out if they'd have tried a bit harder.

Taleena: Sorry, but I Just Don’t Care about Woo Sik. No caring. None. He needs to toddle off and be happy somewhere not on my screen, so I can watch Sexy, Muscles and Cutie work out.


What do you think drama fans? Are you enjoying comfortable and erotic episodes? Let us know in the comments!

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