I’m ready… I’m not ready. I’m ready… I’m not ready! What do I do? I have the episode on pause… But we can’t postpone this forever, it’s time to watch the last episode of Oh My Venus and recap it together.

Let’s go!

Watch the finale:

It begins with the proposal! I’m still over emotional because of this, so much love, so much happiness right now. But this is a K-drama, it is supposed to break my heart until the last episode, right? What’s to come?

So hyung drives her home and when they stop, she is still staring at the ring. There’s a bit of wool tied to it. Young Ho tells her to stop staring at it because it might crack, but that doesn’t stop her, on the contrary, she comments on how he calls her wicked when he was the one to give her a ring and a scarf, and asks where he got that idea from. He replies that the scarf came with the ring but she just makes this DANG sound, stating that the scarf is the main gift as a ring can be bought anywhere, but that scarf was knit slowly and carefully by coach-nim. They just smile at each other.

She gets out and asks him not to, but he doesn’t obey and just follows her, handing her the suitcase and instructing her to use all those sexy things later. He also asks why at Hyun Woo’s house, to which she answers: to show off her ring. Kekeke. Hyung brings up the topic of his grandmother and father, but Joo Eun reassures him that they’ll do it slowly, one step at the time so they won’t hurt anyone in the process. No matter what, she wants to stay with him. Touched, he takes her hand, saying how the man dating Kang Joo Eun is so lucky, with a chuckle she jokes along, saying he’s so lucky he dreams of her every night and has heart shooting out of his eyes, at what he just laughs. They say their goodbyes then he reluctantly lets go of his hand, heaving a deep sigh once she’s gone.

Second ma’am doesn’t seem that pleased when ma’am is there, or maybe she’s just teasing, asking what’s going on and such, and our ma’am is just with her left hand on her head, complaining how it hurts, it hurts until Hyun Woo notices the ring with a loud gasp and wide eyes. So ma’am tells her hyung proposed and that Pale Grandmother wants to meet her, which is scary.

What’s next? Hyun Woo pretending to be Grandmother and yelling at her to stay away from her grandson! I did burst out laughing at this. And they keep practising, supporting ma’am, trying to help her with what to wear, which isn’t really good or pretty or… up to date. She’s clearly nervous, even when she texts Young Ho.

The next day at the office, Joon Sung’s omma comes to give ma’am some globes as her thank, and tells her how things are going, how grateful she is because she’s finally with her son, his girlfriend (YES! that’s Yi Jin) is sweet and she isn’t sure if she’s allowed to enjoy that, but ma’am reassures her she is. Of course it is!

We get to see Woo Sik looking at his phone longingly, probably thinking of Soo Jin when he receives an unexpected visit from hyung. Young Ho starts by asking about his injuries and rehabilitation, showing him then his plan to create a rehabilitation centre that doesn’t exist in Korea as both of them have received theirs overseas. He asks him Woo Sik to be on his side, sharing his dream and apparently convincing him.

Then we see director Choi receiving a text from hyung, asking him to meet at the office. He doesn’t seem to react much to it, just continues playing but I’m sure he’ll go and hyung will get him on his side.

Then we go to ma’am! Who’s wearing what Hyun Woo told her to, and despite everything she doesn’t look that bad. She’s running to meet Grandmother.

It’s awkward between the two of them, they just stare at each other and ma’am looks so nervous. When Grandmother grabs her bag, ma’am hurries to take an envelope and put it in front of her, saying that if Grandmother intended to give her one, she wants to go first. No, it’s not money, it’s her blood results. So Joo Eun tells her how she had hypothyroids until one month ago, but she’s healthy now. She also says that no matter what Grandmother does, ma’am can’t leave Young Ho. She can’t be against them all she wants, but ma’am is staying next to hyung. Grandmother watches her for a few seconds, mentioning how when one gets old, one gets stubborn, but also… one needs to wipe their mouth often and shows that what she was looking for wasn’t an envelope but a handkerchief.

Ma’am is surprised but pulls herself together when Grandmother calls her name, saying that aside from the outfit she’s not opposed to anything. Buahaha! Joo Eun is so thankful, she stands up to bow to her and explain she just wanted to look primp and proper, but she apologises. Then Grandmother says she only has one condition: she wants an extravagant wedding gift.

Well, I didn’t see that one coming.

In the car, Grandmother is thinking back and we learn that she saw when Eun Joo came to the hospital and said her confession through the door, toucher her, making her cry as well. We know that’s when ma’am won her over, her sincerity and love for Young Ho.

We jump to me running at home to show Joon Sung that Yi Jin received a popularity award and that she said she loved JJS, totally our champion, Jang Joon Sung. He keeps dismissing me and the news, so I tease him, bringing back Yi Jin’s confession, but he just acts annoyed as we go to the gym.

At the gym, when he’s changing, Yi Jin appears, to what Joon Sung only sighs when she shows up. She shakes her head but proceeds with what she’s aiming to: giving him handcuffs, I mean, two matching wrist watches. He doesn’t say thanks or anything, just tells her not to come as often because there are people around, so she starts getting hurt. She’s chased him for a year and starts ranting how it’s not wrong to like someone so much. Joon Sung then calls her Yi Jin-ah, and explains that he never drops honourifics and only calls people by their full name, so when a man does something out of the norm it’s because he’s really interested… and that’s as far as Yi Jin can hear before having a meltdown and just acting cute with him. He then finally kisses her, just a peck, surprising her before going for a full kiss, pinning her against the lockers.

Our champion became a man! I feel like everyone is growing so fast.

Joo Eun has called hyung to come to her house, but she’s not around so he calls her, having a worried expression. She’s in her room, looking gloom and he seems anxious, asking what’s wrong so Joo Eun tells him how she met his grandmother today and, just like everyone, thinks it was bad. With ma’am acting as if there’s problem, his head is probably imagining the worst, saying how he’ll take care of it, but she stops him because this isn’t something he can take care of… after all, his grandmother is expecting an extravagant wedding gift.


Yes, that’s hyung, as surprised as everyone was, confused that she isn’t against them, but then ma’am starts her seduction, making him even more confused, bringing mini You Bastards, telling him how the extravagant gift could be a… great…grand…child. Then she grabs a rose and puts her between her teeth, totally going for him and when hyung tries to escape, she just grabs him and pulls him against the mattress as she now has three stripes in Jiu jitsu. She’s one strip to blue belt! Hyung seems defeated for a moment, mentioning how he can say no, but then reconsiders and says he’ll think about it when she’s blue belt, rolling over her and suggesting to express their love in another way.

Said way? It seems intimate at first but judging by their clothes, I’m sure they’re training. Yes, it was Jiu Jitsu, with their tap-taps and such. At some point Joon Sung and I come to see, wondering what they are doing. It looks like flirting but also an action scene. We just give up.

Then ma’am is still trying to seduce hyung as he reads the Dating Cafeteria, making him open his eyes so wide, but he keeps rejecting her, “four stripes,” he says, throwing You Bastard Junior at her. She gets angry, asking for the baby’s father and storming out. Hyung seems to struggle and pout for it, but doesn’t go after her.

Then he’s changing, buttoning his trousers when a hand comes in, surprising him. He’s about to reject her when she shows him the four stripes. Apparently though, not a professional did that to her belt because she pouts when he says he wants to confirm it. She just wants the wedding gift! They are visiting his family next day. He finally gives in, agreeing to a hot and passionate night together. He takes her in his arms and to his room.

The next day, in a gorgeous hanbok, ma’am and Young Ho are coming in the house. Joo Eun is being super formal, offering a bow that surprises both chief Min and Young Ho, but the latter just follows her, but before she can bow Grandmother stops them and calls them to eat. Hyung asks her if she wanted to shoot a historical drama and when she asks chief Min if she was overdoing it, he confirms, “A little.”

She’s with chief Min when hyung joins them, and she has a bit of indigestion so he tries to help her a bit, pressing a spot in her hand that is supposed to help. Then she’s asking if it’s the house is normally that quiet, but chief Min says because there’s a guest the house is noisy. Ma’am is surprised, wondering where hyung’s father and grandmother are, which is in their rooms. She confirms wether she’s been accepted in the family before a wicked grin appears in her face. Hyung seems a bit scared.

Next, everyone is gathered as she just stands in front of them with a little speech before she starts singing and dancing for them. Hyung seems mortified but the others just watch her with wide eyes. He reaches his limit and just stops her, trying to apologise in her behalf but grandmother just burst out laughing, even getting Father to laugh as well. They end up taking cute pictures, the five of them.

It’s such a happy moment!

At her home, Young Ho mentions how he’s never seen his family laugh like that, which is wonderful. When he calls her name later, she knows it’s about the children issue. She guesses it’s because his osteosarcoma he’s wary his kids to have. He lies next to her and tells her how he blamed his father when he was a kid for all the pain he had to go through with all the surgeries and rehabilitation, and how he didn’t want to live like his father, but now he realises it’s not that but the fact he doesn’t have the heart to be that strong. She says how she’s done research and that the chances to inherit the illness is low, but even like that he’s scared. “In fear of being unhappy in the future we shouldn’t be unhappy in the present,” she tells them as she just explains to him that they have to have hope and carry on, expecting the best because that’s living. It’s uncertain, but that’s what it is.

He turns to face her, her words clearly touching his heart, stating how she drives him crazy. Then she shares how she wants those kids with him, to call them Appa, to inherit their traits. All that. He gives in, saying how he can never win against her. So they start talking about babies, a daughter? A son? Twins? He jokingly said they could have a whole soccer team, and she’s capable of that. “We’ll get busy then.” It seems so, uh?

We get a glimpse a Soo Jin at home, seeing the porridge Woo Sik brought her. Well, wasn’t that like a while ago already? She gets flashbacks of the proposal, what the doctor told her and look so heartbroken about it. We know that at the other side of the door Woo Sik is standing, hesitating before pressing the passcode and then giving up, going back from where he came. In the car, he hears again what the doctor told him because of course he went to see her. In his office, he thinks back of what and how Soo Jin told him things.

In a hospital, Young Ho comes to visit his father, who takes from his hands the work he’s doing and instead stars doing it himself. When Father asks him how he found out, hyung’s answer is basically the same as his: “I always know, I’m your son.” When he’s leaving, Father thanks him for coming and right then, daughter-in-law and Young Joon come in. Hyung puts his father in their care and when Young Joon greets him as director Kim, Young Ho tells him to just call him hyung. I’m dead. Alone with them now, Father tells Young Joon to major in medicine, saying how it’d be nice if his two sons worked in the hospital. The little kid is so happy about it.

At ma’am’s home, hyung has come to see her mom, treating her wrist and telling her to go see a doctor. She knows he was very ill before and tells him it’s better to be sick with someone around because you don’t feel as sick when there’s someone with you. He thanks her for giving birth to Joo Eun and for allowing them to marry. She’s happy he’ll be her future son-in-law.

In her car, Soo Jin recalls all their moments with Woo Sik, a story of how they fell for each other, and he’s doing the same in his. She walks alone, her mind so busy with all the memories and thoughts. She arrives to a building with like a pond around, a bridge where she stands. I’m not sure if that’s a place they used to go or if they agreed to meet there, but it’s pretty and he comes to put her coat on her. He apologises for only thinking of him, telling her how he loves her and to get married. She just cries and hugs him back, sobbing in his shoulder. They walk together, happily in this beautiful landscape. Where? I don’t know, I’m not that familiar with Korea. I still struggle with the language, you see?

Then, we jump to our leads jogging together. They have photoshoot so she wanted to lose some more weight, and he took that seriously. Per usual, he just teases her and tells her the benefits of running in the cold air.

Then it’s the photoshoot day and it’s not just hyung, it’s Joon Sung, Chief Min and I with them! Ma’am is not wearing a white dress but a sexy and short cute red polka dress with a little crown. She’s right, there’s no law that forces a bride has to wear white.

It’s picture time! We pose in different ways, even with sport attire. They wear their Jiu Jitsu outfits, even wrestling and we just tell them to kiss, for God’s sake.

It’s a throwback to all what’s happened, to all of us. The journey we’ve recapped together and I’m getting really emotional right now. Give me a moment, please.

Okay, I’m okay… It’s summer 2016 now, we see girl shoes walking in what seems the airport. Yes, Joo Eun! Picking the phone, to answer to Pale Grandmother. Then I show up, in my marine uniform! I did it, you see? I was accepted.

We can’t see her face, but I say she’s gotten so pretty and then just walk with her. She’s come to pick up hyung who flew to a province to provide medical assistant three months prior their wedding. We are waiting for them when we hear Joon Sung and Young Ho calling our names.

She turns around and her face is so nice again! Then she opens her cardigan showing a ribbon on her belly. CONGRATULATIONS SHE IS PREGNANT! 

She’s three months pregnant and she’s gained 26 kilos. He’s so happy about it, so we are, knowing we’ll be uncles. But aside from all his happiness, he’s worried she’s gained weight so they need to go exercising now. However, it makes sense she’s eaten so much… they are having twins! Still, he insists, because it’ll bring them trouble even when she’s giving birth, so he keeps telling her to go exercise no matter who much the whines about it. He’s even sad the dimple is gone, but he is still struck when she does the dimple kiss. For the dimple, he insists they go exercise.

They leave, hyung can’t stop smiling as both just give this last speech of going out of this world. Landing. Departure. It’s just so cute, seriously.

But it doesn’t end there, we are back to Daegu, when hyung was a kid and receiving treatment. He is outside in a wheel chair when a girl passes by, stopping in front of him. She asks him if it hurts, at his confirmation, she sticks a band-aid to his leg, saying it’ll be fine. He asks how she can know that, and she says, “If you believe it, you can do it.” He smiles, believing it.

YES! That is right, they met when they were kids, this is fate! I’m telling you, it’s fate!

And that’s how our K-drama ends, with that little secret at the end. I’m filled with happiness, I’m glad there wasn’t a real heart breaking point that seemed to bring doom over all of us but just further development and a closure to everything. It was sweet, it was lovable, it was funny. It was Oh My Venus.

I hope everyone is happy with this ending and thank you for joining me during this project of recapping. It was fun. Now let’s all have a group hug for the good old days!

It was my pleasure to recap this K-drama for you all.

Peace out!
Kim Ji Wong.

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This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.