This is a new style of recap I'm trying: telling the events of the episode from one of the character's POV. I hope you enjoy it and find it refreshing.

Hello, everyone! First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Kim Ji Woong, that cute guy with the adorable cheeks that happens to study at Harvard, played by the super talented Henry Lau. I’m a total catch, remember that. I come here to give you all a recap of the latest episode of our new K-drama: Oh My Venus. Because having someone who has nothing to do with the story telling you, boringly if I may say so myself, what happened is no fun, I’ve been asked to do this. Aren’t you happy?

Then, Let’s go!

Watch the premiere:

So, like every story, it starts with a Once Upon a Time, although it isn’t that long ago. Just in 1999. We are introduced to a school bus and many kids listening to the radio. This is the first approach to the main character of our story: Kang Joo Eun. We can clearly see she’s popular, all the girls hate her and the boys are head over heels for her. Typical, isn’t it? Who can blame them, though? She looks lovely. Every boy is overly excited when she gets on the bus, but the funny part is to see the completely opposite expression on every girl’s face.

Ah, do you hear the sparking bells around when we get a close up or her face or is it just me? Oh… it’s the effect sounds. Never mind, carry on!

Next, we see the girls in gym class being weighted. Oh, our heroine makes every other girl jealous. How does she manage that? Maybe she really does not eat. Or maybe so much love from the boys keep her that skinny. And boy, does she receive love, to the point she gets in trouble. Her groupies write love confessions on the walls of school and she is the one that has to go cleaning. Unfair, isn’t it? It’s not like it’s her fault she’s so lovable. But even if she scolds the ones who got her in trouble, they don't mind. The guys even give her ice cream.

Our girls is brave, next we see her totally telling some bad boys off for smoking, although these don’t seem so bewitched by her, but here comes swimmer boy, trying to act cool and then leaving and the bad boys, that I think are his lackeys, following him.

The next scene is this girl, once again, being praised for her extraordinary beauty at a hair saloon, because she doesn’t want to be Miss Korea, she wants to be a lawyer. She studies really hard. Oh, doesn’t this make her even more perfect? Even the book worms at the library love her and try to help her. So cute, isn’t it?

But here comes swimmer boy again, acting cool and distant, calling her to the rooftop. I hope he doesn’t plan on murdering her. That’d be a pity. He’s acting creepy, knowing so much about her. But Joo Eun doesn’t know he’s such a renown swimmer. I still think he’s a stalker though, he even read CeCi magazine to find out more about our girl and how she dreamt of learning the Seoul dialect.

Aw, then he compliments her and her dimples, which indeed are really cute. Now he doesn’t seem so much like a possible murderer or stalker, but a boy in love. He even takes his gold medal and gives it to her. “I’m pretty sure this won’t happen again. Because for a guy, there’s only one first love.” Aw, he just confessed!

Not to be mean, but everyone has a first love and because you can’t have two first loves because then it becomes a second, that’s actually very redundant. Am I right, ladies? Or gentleman, no discrimination here.

Well, they clearly started dating here. Our Kan Joo Eun and swimmer boy, Im Woo Sik.

And then! It’s a jump to the future… well, present. In 2014. Gorgeous lady coming from the lift. Wow, what a body! So sexy. That must be our Kan Joo Eun.


That’s just a client and we are shocked to see our heroine now as an overweight lawyer. I mean, she accomplished her dream to become one, but her figure isn’t like before. And as a total side note, her makeup looks on point. Claps for the makeup artists for this K-drama, I’m actually believing the actress really put on some weight.

We see Kang Joo Eun here struggling with a case, clearly not agreeing with her client, but being kind of forced to do it anyways, and remaining polite despite how rude this sexy lady is. No wonder she is so stressed, and as we find out here, she eats when she’s stressed, which sure isn’t helping with her weight problems.

Don’t worry, Kang Joo Eun-ssi! You still look so cute.

But the president, ew! He clearly doesn’t care if a case is wrong or not, he insists she can’t pick her clients, she just has to defend them if they pay for it. Totally unfair. I’d be really stressed if I were her, too. Noona, come here! I’ll give you a hug.

Am I getting too close? I struggle with Korean ways.

Now, back to the K-drama, we go to the States and we get the first glimpse of our male lead. Daebak! John Kim. He’s working out, impressing every viewer as he watches gossip shows about celebrities. It seems Anna Sue is having scandals and he is tangled up in this. She calls him, to both phones! but he doesn’t pick, he just provides fan service for all the female viewers.

I bet you’re grateful. *wink*

We go back to Kan Joo Eun and how she tells us about her struggles with dieting. It’s not easy to lose weight, the miraculous ways are just a scam. Yoyo diets. Aish, how annoying these are, right? And she doesn’t really have a peaceful life or time to do anything different. She’s basically doomed. Dieting and taking care of your body isn’t an easy or fast task.

We get a glimpse to her calendar. Wow, fifteenth year anniversary with Woo Sik-ssi, and she is getting ready, poking at her dimples because she knows he likes them. He complimented them back then, remember? When he won her over with that redundant line. And now he calls and she acts all cool and distant as she has flashbacks to the time he gave her couple rings that now she wears on her pinkie.

Wow, after fifteen years no wonder she expects him to propose to her. She’s 33, after all, it’s normal at her age to expect that, right? Aren’t girls like that? Someone do tell me, please.

The girl that complained a lot in gym class at the beginning is her friend now, and she nags her a lot, especially about her weight. She’s a chef now, or she’s working in a kitchen. Not sure. But even Joo Eun noon gets annoyed.

Kang Joo Eun is in the bathroom and her lipstick fell, but another gorgeous and totally sexy lady in black comes in, giving her a new lipstick. Why do I have a bad feeling about her? And I’m a man, I don’t have woman’s instinct but she smells fishy.

Boyfriend is waiting, clearly excited on her phone and totally nervous because she’s here… Not. Seriously, they act too cold. Are they always like this? Doesn’t seem okay. Well, he remembers it’s their anniversary and he’s doing something really cheesy for her. Aw, he cares. As he was being so cold and distant, I thought he didn’t like her anymore and was a brat. Is he going to propose?

After dinner, he takes her home. Oh, he gave her flowers and she is totally waiting for the ring. Wait! He gets a small box. He is giving it to her! Oh my God, oh my God. She’s opening the box. Omo—


He’s giving her his ring back, the one he should be wearing. Ouch! She looks hurt and pissed. This doesn’t look like a proposal. I hope she doesn’t humiliate herself, I wouldn’t be able to watch that. He tells her how he wanted to treat her well on their anniversary before breaking up, but she stops him before he actually says the words.

Oh, our girl is clever. She knows, she understands and she doesn’t act dense. And ouch again. It seems this has happened before, they break up and get back together.

In my honest opinion, that doesn’t look healthy for a relationship.

She has pride and she doesn't allow him to just break up with her like that, because no matter what, she is his first love and like he said, a guy only has one first love, and that’s her.

My toes still curl at that. So cheesy and redundant!

King Joo Eun is angry! But she walks off, totally cool. You’re cool, noona! Don’t worry.

At home, she wonders how she could protect herself from the pain that is coming, but even if she knows every law, it’s useless. She is really sad, she falls asleep on her sofa with a show about dieting on the telly. Funny enough, they are talking about one of John Kim’s works: Jennifer Anderson! Totally reborn queen. Noona isn’t watching or listening, but this is really foreshadowing because John Kim helped Jennifer Anderson to regain her old self.

Oh, oh, oh! Here I come! you see the guy getting punched by the Korean Sneak, the box champion? That’s me. But this is totally fine, I’m helping him train, I’m his manager after all. Oh, there’s also John Kim and he also helps our champion, but he doesn’t look as cute as me. Right? Right?!

We are back at Korea next, with Joo Eun noona oversleeping when she’s supposed to take a flight to the States. Noona, are you coming to me? Of course not, she has work to do. That’s all Joo Eun nona does.

Back in the States, we see John Kim, whose Korean name is Young Ho, by the way, and the Korean Snake, Jang Joon Sung, watching a box match as I cook. Don’t I look cute Those glasses totally suit me, don’t deny it. I’m also the one who sees the news about Anna Sue and her romantic scandal that is affecting our Young Ho hyung.

Joon Sung has to go to Korea but Young Ho doesn’t want to come with us, and it’s really important for our Korean Snake. Perhaps it’s just me but doesn’t it look like our champion needs a hug? But Young Ho hyun is having trouble with the scandal and everything. He says he’s done enough already.

Next scene shows us Joo Eun noona, and apparently she went to the States for naught, and she is planning to go back immediately. She is also not feeling well, her dieting pills are making her feel poorly. And she is talking to her friend on the phone, the one that nags and only wants her eye-crea, not ice cream.

Oh, Joo Eun noona got messages from boyfriend, future ex-broyfriend, it seems. He wants to see her. Hm, maybe he reconsidered it. I mean, they have been together fifteen years. It can’t be easy to break up.

Now we see many articles about our champion the Korean Snake. We are getting ready to take our flight. Don’t I look cute with that jacket and my Harvard sweater? And look! Joo Eun noona is sitting next to me. I’m totally showing her my charms and being really friendly. She’s so cute. I make sure to tell her she has a nice face and try to make her feel at ease because, yes, I am a gentleman.

The reason why I’m there and not next to Joon Sung is because I changed my seat with a pregnant woman. You see, I’m really a gentleman. And now I’m showing Joo Eun noona videos of the Korean Snake. She is totally impressed, I can tell by just looking at there wide eyes. I don’t like showing off, but I do tell her I’m his manager and trainer while she keeps receiving texts from her boyfriend. He’s really desperate to see her.

Here you should pay attention, I keep showing how big of a gentleman I am by giving her my jacket so she won’t be cold. She looks even cuter with all the fur around her face. Definitely cute!

The flight is normal until strong turbulences happened and then, medical emergency! That’s right, an emergency on the plane! We need a doctor! But oh, surprise! Kim Young Ho is here, he wanted to surprise Joon Sung. He really did. But he also has a EMT badge and can help the emergency patient, that happens to be Eun Joon nona. Here I have to be helpful and tell Young Ho hyung what she had that could help him to understand her condition. Joon Sung is also there, watching what Young Ho hyung is doing as Joo Eun noona asks for help, even pulling his hair. Ouch, that must hurt, hyung!

Both Young Ho and Joon Sung have to lift her and carry her, but they are struggling. What a relief Joo Eun noona is unconscious, she’d be so embarrassed.

This part sucks, they don’t let me follow them to the first class area. Totally unfair! I had a ticket for that but I’m a gentleman.

Young Ho asks for help to give privacy to Joo Eun noona because he was to undress her, cutting her stomach belt and sleeves, leaving her so exposed. Poor noona. Young Ho is trying to help her, because she’s really cold and her circulation isn’t good. He gives her a IV and then asks Joon Sung to help.

He saves her! We see her snoring next, completely covered and with a happy face… until she wakes up after inappropantedly touching Young Ho. Ei, noona! Don’t be a perv.

He fills the blanks for her, telling her what he had to do to save her. She also asks him to take the IV out. She doesn't seem to like the sight of it. I fear she doesn’t like hospitals or blood, at least she’s worried about bleeding out.

Young Ho gives her a lecture here, asking her why she treated her body so poorly and she feels personally attacked, because that’s her private life and he even went through her purse. I’d feel violated, too, even if I don’t carry a purse around. She’s so embarrassed she makes a comment suicide-like, so hyung thinks he saved someone that wanted to kill herself.

This first encounter isn’t going well, I can tell that much. She’s not looking pleased and hyung is just acting so cold and patronising.

Oh, by the way, it isn’t a stomach belt, but a corset.

She is so embarrassed she doesn’t even want to see him, but she has to pay back for having saved her life, right? Hyung has a brilliant idea, apparently. People are waiting for him at the airport, so he needs to sneak out. How is he gong to do this? While Joon Sung and I leave the airport normally, Young Ho and Joo Eun leave in an ambulance. We are supposed to meet at the hospital.

Clever hyung.

At the hospital, she seems bored out of her head and also she can’t stop thinking about the text messages her boyfriend sent, that’s making her restless. She does something she shouldn’t, which is escaping the hospital. Noona no, it’s raining outside! But the flashbacks of the rings, and his words that echo in her head. She can’t be stopped, she escapes, wearing just a coat over her hospital attire. Not cool, noona.

But Young Ho sees her and although he ignores her at first as she starts running under the rain, he has a kind heart and eventually ends up offering her a ride. He is a good man even if he acts cold. He doesn’t even say anything when, once inside, she has trouble buckling her seatbelt. They have a conversation, and although it’s awkward, it’s good to see Joo Eun noona doesn’t let people disrespect her. Young Ho keeps being nice and advises her to see a doctor because her body temperature is too low. I hope it’s nothing serious.

Young Ho takes her where she wants to go, which isn’t home but her boyfriend’s place. He hopes they won’t see each other again and that is their definite goodbye.

She gets off the car but oh! ill timing, because after running to get to Woo Sik-sii she find him at the stairs, sharing an umbrella with a girl. Okay, that’s not that terrible, but then he embraces her and touches her hair affectionately.

Damn you, cheating bastard! Noona gets her heart broken, the look in her eyes breaks my heart, too. She really looks like a puppy that’s been soaked in the rain and left all alone. This analogy is too accurate, I’m scared.

Joo Eun noona turns around and leaves, heartbroken, walking in the pouring rain. This is too sad for my heart, someone give me a tissue. I’m a sensitive man, okay?

This works for Joo Eun noona to realise that she is, after all, Kang Joo Eun, and she can do anything if she sets her mind on it. Except, stay safe because someone really creepy starts following her. He’s wearing a face mask. Run, noona! Run! He might be a serial killer and this K-drama will become a thriller mystery one.

She’s caught, she’s crouching down, terrified, asking for her life to be spared!

But wait, I know that voice…

It’s Young Ho hyung! He’s there, with an umbrella, sheltering her! Daebak!

And that’s where the episode ends. Wow! So many things. Did you enjoy it? How was my recap? I’ll be here after every episode. Now, why don’t we discuss what we think about it? I totally like Kang Joo Eun noona, she’s cool. I like she has pride and isn’t this innocent fool we tend to see in K-dramas. And I’m really looking forward how this will progress.

What was your favourite part? You can totally say When I was being a gentleman, that’s really fine. It was my favourite part, too.

See you all for episode 2!

Kim Ji Woong.
Peace out!

This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.