During episode 9 of Oh My Venus, Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) was teasing Young Ho (So Ji Sub) while they were at their favorite cafe. At one point, Joo Eun said she wasn't Shu Qi; she was Daegu's Venus. Why did she mention the famous and beautiful movie actress Shu Qi? Let's explore some connections.

First of all, Shu Qi is an award-winning movie actress who has had a stellar career in Chinese cinema for over 20 years. (Find out more about her HERE.) The beautiful actress from Taiwan has been compared with Shin Min Ah as lookalikes, although Shu Qi is 8 years older.

(Shu Qi is the one on the left.)

Joo Eun brought up the burden of being a chaebol heir's girlfriend by telling him she doesn't want to be "carried around like luggage."

No so coincidentally, Shu Qi co-starred with Jason Statham in The Transporter, the first of his successful movie franchise. Remember she was the secret package that Jason needed to deliver?

The next connection about Shu Qi is actually what you could call "good timing" on the part of Oh My Venus's script and production. 

It just so happens that the forever beautiful Shu Qi has just made buzzing news among Chinese media. While appearing as a judge on the Chinese talent scouting show, X Fire, which seeks new stars among teenagers, Shu Qi said to a contestant, "You need to watch your weight. As an idol, we have to maintain our image." She has once said about her own weight, "It's a crime to be fat." 

Shu Qi's point is cautionary, that entertainers like herself who are admired for their physical beauty have a responsibility to keep up with their looks, especially when the entertainment industry is so highly competitive. Nevertheless, her straight talk has led to a flurry of online discussions.

True to her own advice, the 39-year-old Shu Qi has maintained a weight of only 50 kg for over 20 years. That's about 110 lbs. By comparison, Shin Min Ah weights even less at only 48 kg. The two actresses have the same height of 168 cm (or 5' 6").

However, I think Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) has one special advantage, as noted by the besotted Young Ho (So Ji Sub) here:

Throughout Oh My Venus, there have been many places where the characters mention tidbits from the actors' past dramas or related news. Mentioning Shu Qi is one such example. These instances can occur rather quickly. Have you noticed any of them?

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