20130103_ohyeonseo_leejangwoo6 Actors regularly face the challenge of pretending to be in love, but few face the challenge of pretending to be in love with an ex! This rare situation was met head-on by Lee Jang Woo and Oh Yeon So, who play a couple in MBC's drama Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming—even though they actually used to date. The two were first rumored to be a couple when they were acting in a drama together early this year, and Oh Yeon So's agency confirmed that they were a couple soon after. The couple didn't last long, however, and went back to considering themselves colleagues and acting partners without the added romance. Still, they continued to play a couple on television. Oh Yeon So's agent commented, "The two broke off their relationship soon after due to their treatment of the love rumors. Because they had to continue shooting the drama, they became colleagues. Oh Yeon Seo would have had a hard time shooting the drama," the agent continued, "because they had to break up just when they had started on their relationship. I know for a fact that she suffered a lot. I′m proud of her and the way she overcame her pain to lead the drama to a successful conclusion." The drama will end on May 17, providing the couple with some much-needed closure. Do you think you could still pretend to be a couple with an ex? Tell us in the comments box below! (Source: enewsworld.interest.me)