It's sad news for Masked Investigator as Ohn Joo Wan has been forced to drop out of the series with health problems. On the bright side, the series found a quick replacement with actor Uhm Ki Joon.

Ohn Joo Wan was set to play the second lead alongside Kim Sun Ah and Joo Sang Wook in the series about a prosecutor by day (Joo Sang Wook) who becomes a vigilante at night to fight injustice. Ohn Joo Wan's role was that of an elite prosecutor on the fast track to success who clashes with Joo Sang Wook's character.

According to a representative from Ohn's company, the actor collapsed from dizziness while working several days ago. When he visited the hospital, they declared that he was suffering from vertigo caused by extreme exhaustion and stress. He was ordered to take a month of rest, which made it impossible for the actor to continue with the series.

Uhm Ki Joon has stepped in as his replacement, meaning that he will be Kim Sun Ah's second male lead once again. Who could forget his adorable puppy love (literally, as he took in a dog at her request) in Scent of a Woman? From the sounds of it, though, his character this time around will be quite a bit more menacing and less endearing than their last pairing.

Masked Investigator is currently set to air after the end of Unkind Women in May.

We hope that Ohn Joo Wan is able to rest properly and have a quick recovery! Hopefully his girlfriend  and Surplus Princess costar Jo Bo Ah can help keep him company while he rests. 

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