When these photos were posted the other day, it stirred up fans' interest because they revealed quite a sweet reunion. Korean singer-actor Ok Taecyeon (2PM, Let's Fight Ghost) and Taiwanese actress Wu Ying Jie (nicknamed Gui Gui) starred in the global edition of We Got Married in 2013. What's the special occasion that led the couple to be together again?

The couple enjoyed a beautiful time in their We Got Married edition, which was extremely popular in South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Fans really loved the cute couple who relied on a lot of help to communicate with each other but showed a special love that was beyond borders and languages.

Although they "got married" in the show, eventually they went their separate ways when the show ended.

In the past few years, the two stars each continued a prosperous career. Ok Taec Yeon just concluded the hit drama Let's Fight Ghost. He recently composed and co-wrote the title song, Promise (I’ll Be) for 2PM's new album, Gentlemen’s Game,

Gui Gui also continued her singing and acting career, having starred in Chinese dramas and movies. Earlier this year, she braved a new venture by signing with South Korea's CJ E&M. She has been in K-pop training for the past few months in South Korea and is finally launching a new song, Sugar Rush.

It turned out that the couple ran into each other backstage for the show M!Countdown on September 29.

Aren't they cute together?

Check out these videos of the two performing on the show M!Countdown:

What's next for them?

Taecyeon is entering his military service early next year, and Gui Gui will continue with her new challenges.

Let's hope they won't have to wait another three years to see each other again.

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