Wow, this girl has guts! After earning one of South Korea's first medals in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Judoka Jeong Bo Kyeong gathered enough courage to ask out her favorite celebrity on national television. Who might this celebrity be? None other than the gorgeous Park Seo Joon (She Was Pretty)! 

In a national interview following her silver medal win in the women's 48 kg division, the Olympic athlete was asked who her favorite celebrity was. Instead of answering this question simply, Jeong Bo Kyeong fulfilled every fangirl's fantasy and bravely took this opportunity to declare, "Park Seo Joon, you're watching, right? I won a silver medal so could you meet up with me just once?" 

Along with this, she also took the opportunity to explain why she shed tears after losing in the finals, stating, "I cried because I felt regretful. I felt sorry for not being able to keep the promise with my teacher who cheered and guided me on."

What an amazing woman! Congratulations to Jeong Bo Kyeong for her Olympic medal win. I sincerely hope that she gets her chance to meet Park Seo Joon. 

What do you think of Jeong Bo Kyeong's gutsy actions? Would you like to see her meet her idol? Would you have taken this opportunity to ask out your favorite celebrity? Let us know in the comments below! 


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