For those of you who are grossed out easily, please heed this warning in advance. A restaurant in Hong Kong has put their own unique take on a popular Japanese Sanrio character by serving tasty buns that actually vomit and poop when they get squeezed by a pair of chopsticks.

Gudetama, a Sanrio character created in 2013, is a cute little egg yolk that lays on his comfortable bed of egg white. He became instantly popular in Japan, where adoring fans are able to buy anything Gudetama-related, such as notebooks, hats, and even full body costumes. Within a few months, Gudetama's fame reached the shores of neighboring Hong Kong and China, where he's famous enough to be made into a tasty little bun. 

Dim Sum Icon, a Hong Kong restaurant, thought Gudetama was so cute that they couldn't resist putting him on the menu. For reasons unknown, they decided to add even a little more character to the cute little egg yolk, by making him puke and vomit. Because the restaurant is located in a hotspot for teens and young adults, most customers seem to love this cute little disgusting gimmick. When squeezed, Gudetama vomits and pukes a delicious chocolate cream, delighting diners as they take photos of him relieving himself, which then get posted on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. This, of course, is great for the restaurant, as it gives them free advertising. 

As gross as it is, Gudetama buns are selling fast and furious in Hong Kong. The restaurant is hoping to make these buns available in the United States at some point, but as of yet, no one's reached out to them with any business offers.

I wonder why?