Anyone who frequently travels and goes through customs and immigration at airports probably has a not-so-pleasant experience to share, especially if they're from a foreign country. Just yesterday, Korean girl group Oh My Girl found out just how miserable customs can be as they were held in detention for 15 hours just because some customs agent thought that they might have been sex workers trying to get into the United States.

For the 8 girls of Oh My Girl, coming to America turned out to be about as unpleasant as any air travel experience can be. After they landed at Los Angeles International Airport for what was supposed to be a business trip, customs agents became suspicious of the group when they found their many costumes and props in their luggage. The fact that the half of the girls were in their teens was also a factor in the misunderstanding. 

Apparently, the group's management did not procure entertainer's visas for the girls because they weren't participating in a solo concert. They were hoping to shoot their upcoming album cover in Los Angeles and also to attend the Unforgettable Gala of 2015, which is an event for Asian-American entertainers and producers. To detain a visitor at the airport for not having the required paperwork is one thing, but assuming that a group of girls are sex workers without any kind of actual proof is just beyond ridiculous. After 15 long hours and having their cellphones confiscated, the exhausted girls got on a plane back home to Korea.

The group's agency, WM Entertainment, has hired an American lawyer to investigate whether or not the detention was unlawful. If anything, it was absolutely unnecessary.

What do you think of this incident?

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