We recently broke the news that homegirl Suzy of Uncontrollably Fond fame was preparing for a new drama opposite Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger) called While You Sleep. But we have recently found out that the pretty actress also has a music album coming out! Here's all the details we have so far:

A couple of weeks ago, Suzy flew to Hong Kong to support a jewelry brand she endorses, but sources close to the actress later revealed that the trip was also an excuse to concentrate on her solo music album. The source went on to say, “She is currently concentrating on preparing her album which will be released in late December or early next year. Since it is her first solo album she is throwing her heart and soul into everything including the songs to the clothing.”

Adding to the story so far, we recently found out that the actress has already recorded the album and shot for the video and album jacket. A source from JYP Entertainment stated, “It is true that Suzy has filmed her album jacket and music video and recorded her album. However, the specific schedule for her solo album have not been discussed yet.”

Isn't that exciting? Suzy has already had a successful music career as a member of the popular band, Miss A. We can't wait to find out how her solo career pans out. Here's wishing the lovely actress a successful future. 


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