by KrisE:

I’ve had so many moments watching K-Dramas where I’ve just laughed to the point tears were rolling down my precious cheeks and my side ached. We all know most K-Drama characters are totally over the top and hilarious; but there are just certain scenes I’ve found to be just hysterically funny. Now they are no particular order and you may just be like “-_- Okay KrisE that was soooo, not, funny.” I don’t care! They made me laugh so here they are!

  1. Personal Taste: Well if you’ve seen this drama you know the entire situation Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) was in was hilarious BUT! That scene at the party when Park Kae In (Son Ye Jin) was stuck in the ladies room because she umm ran into her “monthly friend” and needed Jin Ho to get her “female party favors” had me totally crying! Especially when he was standing in the drugstore trying to pick out a box and the school girls were practically breathing down his neck!

  1. Boys Over Flowers: Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) has always been one of my favorite characters because he was just such a nutcase. Now maybe you haven’t watched this drama 500x like I have (-_-) but this scene never ever ceases to make me laugh. It’s the part where he’s sitting out by the pool on the lounge chair after the seriously depressing birthday party of Yoon Jihoo’s (Kim Hyun Joong) so called “girlfriend” and this random cockroach appears and leaps at him! Sorry but leaping bugs are comedy gold in my eyes. ^_^
  2. Flower Boy Ramen Shop: Confession time! If any of you follow me on Twitter you know I have a crazy obsession not only for Jung IL Woo, but for his character Cha Chi Soo. I think he is the most amazingly spazzed out, hot, totally shot character ever created and I want a boyfriend just like him! That’s why I tweet photos of him like every day! ( I really do though) The one moment that totally killed me though was when he was having his “bedroom breakdown” and hiding under the Pororo blanket! O.M.G when he told his father that Pororo was his new father I lost it! I had to actually pause because I could not stop laughing! I just didn’t expect him to go there so I dub that scene “shockingly funny.”
  3. You’re Beautiful: So many scenes in this drama were hilarious but my favorite has to be the “Kitchen Violation” scene with Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Keun Suk). It was just sooo wrong, yet so funny how Go Min Nams (Park Shin Hye) aunt violated Tae Kyungs backside at the breakfast bar. The look he had on his face was priceless and everyone else totally noticed and said not a word! Plus it ended up happening more than once! Muahaha!

 Now these were just some of my favorite moments from my favorite dramas. What were some of your favorite funny moments?

Since we’re on the subject of funny drama scenes, Wild Romance contains a ton! That drama and the lead characters are absolutely out of their minds! It’s hilarious so check it out!

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