It seems that when it comes time for some romance in the bedroom, many married couples from Japan and Korea have lost that loving feeling. According to a study released just yesterday, Koreans were ranked second in the world when it came to sexless marriages, second only behind Japan, where an astounding almost 45% of married couples hardly ever (or never) make love to their spouses. The question is — why?

I'm all about minding my own business when it comes to other people's business, and what happens or doesn't happen in the bedroom between two adults is definitely something that I have nothing to do with. Despite that, when I came across an article about a recently-released study conducted by the Kang Dong-woo Institute for Sexual and Couples' Health, it made me wonder what exactly the deal was. In Korea, 38% of the surveyed 1090 adults claimed that they either never had sex, or if they did, it was less than once a month. And for married couples, that percentage was slightly lower at 36%. For those over 50 years of age, 44% of respondents simply didn't have sex anymore. 

In Japan, 46% of married couples don't make love to each other. Like I said, I've always made it a point to mind my own business, but that's almost half of all married couples not having sex. That would be fine, of course, if both husband and wife in every marriage was happy with that reality, but I somehow doubt that to be the case. If you're living with somebody, especially someone you're married to, that you swore your eternal love to, you probably should be wanting to have sex with them, at least once in a while, right? Because never is never, and that just seems unhealthy.

So what are the reasons that Japan and Korea, two countries in such close proximity both geographically and culturally, are the gold and silver medal winners in the sexless couple competition of the world? According to Dr. Kang Dong-woo, who heads his own institute, the major reason is because many couples in both Japan and Korea sleep in separate bedrooms. 65% of couples who sleep in separate bedrooms are sexless, compared to 23% that sleep together. And, the doctor says that couples who sleep in separate bedrooms are generally unhappier than those that share a bed. I guess that makes sense. What isn't brought up as part of this survey is how many men in both cultures don't equate a happy marriage with being happy sexually. In Japan, and in Korea I'm sure, it has been accepted within the society that men cheat (even though this may be changing as we speak), and women have always accepted that, whether they like it or not. Sure, the sexless rate among married couples may be the highest in the world, but it's not like sex isn't happening. It's taking place outside the marriage, at least for men, and this recent study probably says more about the differences in perspective when it comes to male and female relationships in certain countries and cultures when compared to others. But the world is changing, and hopefully for the better. Because cheating's just not cool.

And really, unless it's a mutual understanding, married couples should be making love. At least more than once a month.

" 2 years of nothing . .  ."


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