DramaFever has brought us a new series to enjoy every Friday and Saturday. The highly anticipated Cinderella and Four Knights! The first episode was hilarious and left us hooked. And I come here, like I will every week, to bring you a small recap and gif-set of each handsome knight. Are you curious about how this is going to be? Take a look then! 

Episode 1

    Once upon a time there was Cinderella, abused by her stepmother and stepsister but keeping a pure and beautiful heart nonetheless. Or that's how the story goes, anyways. Nowadays, Eun Ha Won (played by Park So Dam) is in a very similar situation, but this Cinderella has no time (or intention) to meet any Prince Charming, knowing they all are gigantic asses, she's too busy working her bum off to save money to become a college student, as it was her late mother's dream. She's brave, righteous, strong and actually badass. I like her already, Ha Won is Bel Approved! 

The first episode shows us how she works really hard to save money and things seem to be giving fruit, until she learns the fine to keep her mother's ashes in the columbarium is five years overdue. The debt goes up to 5 million won. So far she had saved 4 million for her college first deposit and although she's been working so hard for that, her mother is more important and she decides to use that and earn more to retrieve her mother's ashes.

And that is how she gets involved with the Kang cousins.

Once Upon Kan Ji Woon

Kang Ji Woon (played by Jung Il Woo) is the rebel Kang Cousin who joined the family last. His relationship with the other cousins is terrible, especially with Hyun Min. He lost his mother when he was ten and was living in a orphanage until he was found by his grandfather (well, the people that work for him) and was brought to the mansion. He has a liking and talent to fix cars, but he also has an attitude and short temper. I'm not sure, but I think he either has a crush on Park Hye Ji (played by Son Na Eun) or cares deeply about her, who is clearly in love with Hyun Min. The more reason to have a bad relationship between the cousins. 

Ji Woon and Ha Won meet outside the convenience store. After realising he forgot his wallet, he goes back tot he garage and rends up eavesdropping his friends who are talking about the new rich situation in which Ji Woon is. He feels deflated and betrayed so he forgets all about the food he was buying, which creates a small argument with Ha Won. She doesn't trust him when he says he'll bring the money later and actually is really disappointed in his attitude, leaving the watch as payment or insurance when the first thing he should say is that he's sorry. That clearly added up to his blue mood.



Once Upon Kang Hyun Min

Kang Hyun Min (played by Ahn Jae Hyun) is the oldest grandchild that has always lived in the mansion and he is a stuck-up, narcissist playboy who always gets what he wants, using his money to cover and solve all his problems. During this episode he is the first to run into Ha Won, her being the girl who walks in right in the moment (kicking some ass and making the most epic first impression), so he now, as a man of his word, he will take her to his grandfather fifth wedding (fifth! And here I am, incapable of finding even my first oppa. What am I doing wrong?). That is how he ends up tracking her, finding where she works and offering to buy her time to take her as his date for the wedding.

Obviously, Ha Won doesn't believe he can actually pay her 2 million won for three hours, but after realising she needs more money for her mother's ashes, she accepts the deal. Hyun Min actually acts as if this was just for his grandfather's sake who is so sick and whose dying wish is to see him settled, so she has to pretend to be his fiancée. He is a bastard, over-the-top and I'm in love.

Hyun Min ends up taking her to the wedding, making her dress up like a bride, so beautiful my heart flutters. And right when his grandfather is walking with his wife-to-be, he does the same, gifting his own bride as Grandfather's wedding gif. Ha Won won't just take this game and won't allow him to offend his grandfather like this, so she apologises and forces Hyun Min to apologise, too, twisting his arm and showing everyone she isn't a pushover or a damsel in distress, even if she is indeed in a lot of distress.



Once Upon Kang Seo Woo

 So far we don't know much about Kang Seo Woo (played by CNBLUE's bassist Lee Jung Shin), only that he is a passionate musician who was also picked up by Grandfather when he was just a busker before. He looks amicable and sweet. His first encounter with Ha Won come without her realising he is there. Seo Woo happens to be in the same room when she goes to change. When Seo Woo notices this, he keeps hidden and doesn't peek when she's getting changed (such a gentleman! I have decided he's the puppy of this K-drama). During this moment however, accidentally he grabs her mobile phone so we are to expect more interaction between them thanks to this.

Seo Woo is highly amused with what Hyun Min is doing and smiles so brightly at Ha Won, wanting to know if she is really his cousin's fiancée, but at that moment comes Ji Woon who, contrary to Seo Woo, isn't amused with the situation. He knows Ha Won and assumes, rightly, that she is there just for money. What does Ji Woon do? He throws money at her, probably a million won.

And here I am, still poor. Why isn't there any hot oppa throwing money at me like that? I'm definitely doing something wrong.



   In the first episode we don't get much of our fourth knight, Lee Yoon Sung (played by Choi Min Sung), who is Grandfather's secretary and who keeps the other three cousins in check. Or tries to. I'm sure there'll be more of him in the future, actually interactions with our Cinderella so I'll provide a gif-set for him, too.

And that was basically the first episode of Cinderella and the Four Knights. I laughed more than I expected and I look forward to the interactions of the knights and Cinderella. She is someone who will bring them down and teach them about being humble. I have no idea what pairing I'll like better and which Knight I'll be rooting for, but for now I'm enjoying all the eye candy.

Are you hooked with the K-drama already? Have you picked a team? If you noticed, each Knight has a predominant colour I've chosen for their gif-sets. Ji Woon red for his fiery temper and rebel attitude. Hyun Min blue for his royal aura and cold detachment to people's emotions. Seo Woo obviously yellow, a warm colour as the feeling I get from him.

I'll be giving a recap for every episode with a gif-set for each knight, going over what happened with each in the episode. These recaps are character centred, as you noticed already. I hope you enjoy it and we can discuss the episode on the comments below as we wait together for the new episode. 

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Cinderella and Four Knights

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