Episode 10 of Cinderella and Four Knights came with more into this new mess that it is relationship between the main characters. Ready to see how things went? 

Episode 10

Once upon a time, Ha Won witnessed how Hye Ji suddenly asked Ji Woon out to move on from Hyun Min. She didn't even try to make it subtle which sucks big time. Obviously, Ha Won is sad but she tries to mask it and then when she talks to Ja Young this tells him that Ji Woon and Hye Ji (without knowing it's them) are basically dating... unless he's come to like someone else. Upon thinking about it Ha Won realises that if he likes someone, then it could be her as she's the only other girl he is around.

Internet always offers too much information and after consulting the netizens, she ends up with the crazy idea to test Ji Woon. If he doesn't get mad regardless of her absurd actions, then he likes her. She becomes a little kid, doing all sort of things to annoy him and he always screams but then walks away so it's not like it works. At the end she realises that if she wants to find out, then she can only ask in person.


Once upon Kang Hyun Min

Even if Hyun Min doesn't want to admit it, he is annoyed with how events have unfolded. He even goes to Hye Ji both to confirm she's actually going to Ji Woon and to tell her not to use that one cousin as it's useless. But Hye Ji doesn't listen and then leaves with Ji Woon.

Hyun Min is jealous and Ji Woon pushes him, teasing him with the possibility that the older regrets his decisions.

After that, the chaebol is all moody and goes to drink, mumbling about someone leaving him. When another woman approaches him, he continues mumbling, asking her to not leave him, clearly meaning Hye Ji. I mean... if you have pushed someone so much it's obvious they'll leave, like, I love you but you can't complain, Hyun Min-ah.

Because Hyun Min is annoyed he doesn't pick the phone when Hye Ji calls, and then is all broody because she doesn't continue calling. He finds out through someone else, too late, that Hye Ji's family went bankrupt and when he runs to her, she is already coming with Ji Woon.



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

Ji Woon goes and talks to Hye Ji, asking her if she's really serious about what she said, what she confirms, but we don't find out whether he accepts her or not. When he goes back home, the boy has to deal with Ha Won doing all sort of things to get on his nerves and they end up getting in a fight because he's the only one who hasn't done something for her since she got hurt. In his defence, he tries, but the other cousins were faster.

Later, he brings her some hot chocolate and dessert, the cute baby.

Because Yoon Sung is busy, Ha Won asks Ji Woon to take her to the hospital instead and at first he refuses, but ultimately ends up waiting for her and giving in to her silly requests like opening the door for her and such. At the hospital the doctor tells her she's done a wonderful and speedy recovery so now she's off the cast and Ji Woon stops treating her as a patient. Because he takes the joke too far, Ha Won gets angry and leaves on her own but she forgets her purse in his car so she has to walk home. Obviously, Ji Woon doesn't abandon her and goes searching for her. Ha Won plays hard to get but can't resist much and he ends up taking her for a drive. 

Date time!

They end up enjoying the view and Ji Woon steals her iced Americano, which is an indirect kiss and makes Ha Won think of the kiss they did share. As her expression changes, he can tell she's thinking of something so he pulls her close and asks her about what's on her mind. She's about to ask if he likes someone when Ji Woon receives a call from Hye Ji, asking for help now that she's basically in the streets.

Ha Won, knowing Hye Ji needs him, asks him to drop her somewhere so he can go faster to his friend. Obviously, she's disappointed and heartbroken but what can she do? It's worse when he comes back telling them Hye Ji will be staying with them now.



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

Our Seo Woo is promoting his album and he receives a present, a coaster that is supposed to spell something when you put a hot cup on it. He's working on that when Ha Won comes in, surprising him. He rans startled, forgetting everything there, including his album that Ha Won finds and goes to his room to return. 

Seo Woo's song is about to come out and Ha Won asks for a live preview. Although he refuses at first, he succumbs to her charms and ends up singing to her a love song, staring at her and basically confessing. Even Ha Won feels the difference and gets awkward, stopping him and escaping after such scene.



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

Finally! We finally get the confirmation of the relationship between Yoon Sung and the chairman's wife.

Okay, so as the chairman hasn't found someone for his wife, he asks Yoon Sung to help the woman and that's why he can't go with Ha Won, which makes him really anxious. He has to take the wife and although it seems she has a meeting, the woman asks him to come inside with her. There, Yoon Sung realises it is an arranged marriage meeting.

Enraged, he apologises to the girl and leaves, with the chairman's wife running after him, telling him this is all she can do for him, to marry him into a good family but he is only hurt and angry. There, it is finally stated she is indeed his mother and she's been lying just to have a good life.

So she isn't lying for him? Despicable.

The flashbacks show us how Yoon Sung didn't even know she was dating the chairman and when he found out she asked him to pretend not to know her, which broke his heart. After twelve years, she only cares about herself.

Poor baby, no wonder he looked so constipated every time they saw the chairman and his mother. I just wish Ha Won would find him and comfort him.



Aahhh, I really don't like that Hye Ji is going to be in the Sky House now. I have to accept, even against my most fervent wishes, that Hyun Min likes Hye Ji and not Ha Won, and they most likely will end up together. I don't want to! And with her there now, things will grow more awkward and tense. Furthermore, Ha Won will be hurt because she'll think of Ji Woon and Hye Ji dating and aish... misunderstandings everywhere. 

Why can't Hye Ji go somewhere else? Doesn't she have more family or what? 

We'll see how things continue after this new twist in the story on Friday. Let's be patient until then and happy Chuseok, everyone!


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