Episode 11 of Cinderella and Four Knights came with a new dynamic in the Sky House. How did the characters adapt? Find out in this recap.

Episode 11

    Once upon a time, Ji Woon brought Hye Ji home with him, leaving Ha Won to her own devices. Granted, she asked for that but it doesn't mean she's not hurt he just agreed to that and ran to Hye Ji, bringing her home just like that. Ha Won scolds herself for thinking, even for a second, that Ji Woon could have mutual feelings when it's clear Hye Ji is the only one in his heart.

What makes it worse and causes Ha Won's jealousy to kick in is when things evidently change in the house. Every boy in the Sky House acts either shy or flustered with the new girl. Well, Hye Ji is supposed to be really pretty and she's feminine so Ha Won tries to enhance her own charms and gets all cute and pretty and oh God I love her. But she gets too embarrassed to go out and she goes back to her comfortable clothes. She accepts she can't be like Hye Ji and instead just continues being herself, kind to Hye Ji, even if it doesn't work as well as she'd like.

Things would be okay if not because a man saying to be Ha Won's father comes. She thinks it's actually her dad and goes running just to find the ahjussi that was friends with her mother when she was a kid. He was all kind and a good man back then, but now he's drowning in debts and he's trying to use her. Ha Won has such a hard time trying to accept that man is actually her father, that her mother could've loved him and do that to the man she always thought her real father. 

With a broken heart, she runs away, desperately calling her dad who doesn't pick up. Her mobile's battery dies before anyone can find her.


Once upon Kang Hyun Min

Obviously, Hyun Min is a bit flustered that Hye Ji is in the house and tries to act normally, but now she's giving him the cold shoulder. He can still see her struggling and tries to help her, but she doesn't want his help and feels uncomfortable to receive it. That makes Hyun Min reach for Ji Woon. Hye Ji accepts his kindness so Hyun Min will be kind and worry about the girl through Ji Woon. It's both sad and pathetic.

With Ji Woon and Hye Ji getting along so well, not only Ha Won gets jealous but so does Hyun Min. Of course, he tries not to show it. Ha Won doesn't want to be alone and manages to drag him to eat with her. At first he just wants to go back, but the moment Hye Ji is mentioned his interest is back in the game. Obviously, it only ends in bickering between these two, teasing and such. He isn't as flirty anymore, more playful I daresay.

When Hye Ji and Ji Woon are back, both Hyun Min and Ha Won just get away without further words.

Because Ha Won accidentally ruined Hye Ji's clothes, now the latter is using our cinderella's sweats so Hyun Min confuses them and goes to tease who he thinks is Ha Won. To his surprised it's Hye Ji and both are so flustered and startled.



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

Despite Ji Woon being so kind to Hye Ji, it doesn't look like he only has eyes for her anymore. He helps her and even tries to tell her it's actually Hyun Min who got the key to retrieve her belongings, but doesn't. Hye Ji starts to realise Ji Woon deeply cares about Ha Won and I can see her jealous eyes again. Ji Woon, when buying coffee spots the White Day presents and obviously buys one to give it to Ha Won, thinking it'll make things better as she is still mad at him. Does he manage to hand it in? Definitely not, but he buys it and tries, inviting her for a new ride and such.

Because Hye Ji is petty Hye Ji, when Ha Won asks her about Ji Woon she is vague on purpose and tells Ha Won who she wants to date Ji Woon because he's always been there. In Hye Ji's words, Ji Woon naturally feels the same way. Which breaks Ha Won's heart.

When Ji Woon goes back to get his wallet before going out with Hye Ji, Ha Won goes to face him and spots the present in his hands. She assumes it's for Hye Ji and accepts the one he loves is the other girl so she kindly asks him to stop doing things that can get her confused and leaves.

Upon finding out that Ha Won heard everything from Hye Ji, Ji Woon asks this what exactly she told Ha Won. I'm impressed Hye Ji actually tells him what she said, but then she gets all petty, wanting to know why he was kind to her and run to her if he doesn't want to date her. And here I am like "because he's your friend?" Seriously, that girl has issues.

Luckily, Ji Woon chooses Ha Won and asks Hye Ji to get off and runs to Ha Won, just to find out what happened with her father and then he's rushing, desperately trying to find her.



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

Seo Woo is the usual puppy, getting surprised and flustered with Hye Ji in the house but that's just because she's a girl. It can't be compared to his expression when Ha Won comes out in a dress and looking so cute. His jaw hits the floor and he tries to keep it cool, but honestly, he fails.

Aside from that, there isn't much screen time for our puppy in this episode.



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

And neither is there much screen time for Yoon Sung. Chairman has received a present from his wife, but it isn't the tie he saw her buying so now he's sad and suspicious she is having an affair. For that reason, he asks Yoon Sung to follow her and report everything to the chairman.

Poor Yoon Sung, I'm sure that is a very uncomfortable position.



      Well, after this episode my disdain for Hye Ji continues and I feel so sad for Ha Won. I knew that man would come and try to use her, but it's so heartbreaking it's happening. I hate seeing Ha Won hurt and the fact she is not even being fooled makes it worse. She knows the man only came to her because she is in the Sky House and that is the saddest part. I just want to give her a hug and promise her things will be okay.

Episode 12 is out so we can see how things progress. I'll bring that recap soon!


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