Episode 12 of Cinderella and Four Knights came to surprise us all! The ship has finally sailed. Are you ready to see hat happened?

Episode 12

     Once upon a time, in her shock and heartbreak, Ha Won "runs away" from home and can't manage to tell Ji Woon where she is, but he knows her already and finds her at the columbarium where she can be comforted. After that they go back home and things go back to normal, except the boys are more worried about her with her situation. But Ha Won is trying hard to reconcile the idea of her "biological" father with the man that showed up. And the man is actually trying to persuade her, paying the columbarium fees and claiming it should've been him. Blah blah blah, all lies. His attitude makes her troubled, but she tries and gives him a chance.

When they go to eat she realises how torn his jacket is and excuses herself to go buy him a new one, but when she's coming back, she finds him going through her belongings, clearly looking for money. The disappointment is too big for her, she can't even stay or hand the present. But it gets worse when the man actually asks her to get the Kang cousins to help her like Ji Woon already did by giving the man money. Now she's more hurt and lashes out at Ji Woon.

But Ha Won i strong and, above all, she loves her mother dearly and trusts her judgment, so when she is faced with the undeniable evidence to find out whether the man is telling the truth or not, she rejects it because she doesn't need it. She knows her mother better and is sure she would've never gotten involved with such a pitiful man.

Have I said I love Ha Won enough? No, never enough.


Once upon Kang Hyun Min

Min Hyun has been obviously worried about Ha Won but tries to play it cool, but everyone knows he's just making excuses. When he's lingering outside her door after finally hearing from Ha Won she's all right, he spots the tracksuit and asks Ha Won to throw that tacky thing away, just because it made him confuse Ha Won and Hye Ji. He's awkwardly cute at times.

Hyun Min witnesses Hye Ji being dumped by Ji Woon and is reminded of when he came back after many years and he did the same, with a lot more of cruelty. Later we find out that indeed he was playing with Hye Ji's brother when the accident happened and the boy died, so its obvious Hyun Min blames himself and that's why he rejects Hye Ji. Still, he tries to stay away even if he is worried, even more so when he hears she is apparently hitting it off with some of his friends.

At first he doesn't buy it but then finds out it's actually true and after not much hesitation goes to drag Hye Ji away from a guy who was only cheating on his girlfriend with Hye Ji. Hye Ji doesn't understand his attitude and why he's acting so possessive and brute. The girl only wants to get off but Hyun Min stops the car, gets a beer and hence leaves her in charge of the car and getting them back home.

She is a very slow and clumsy driver and Hyun Min regrets all his life choices that took him to that moment.



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

Ji Woon offers all the comfort Ha Won needs until she's smiling again, taking her back home and worrying about her. When he runs into Hye Ji, she's all understanding like "I know it's because you can't leave alone those in need" and blah blah blah, but Ji Woon makes sure to tell her he is kind to Ha Won because he has special feelings for her. Upset, Hye Ji demands to know why he keeps helping her and he explains his gratitude as she was the first one to be kind to him.

That doesn't make Hye Ji at ease. She insists that he was always there by her side so she naturally wanted him by her side, but Ji Woon isn't an idiot and tells her the truth, that she just got used to have him by her side but he can't and won't fill the void Hyun Min left.

And that is the moment I actually fall for Ji Woon, when he tells what I've been wanting to tell Hye Ji all this time.

After that, Ji Woon runs into Ha Won's supposedly father and talks to him, trying to understand the situation and buying the lies. He even gives the man money for Ha Won. Sometimes you can be really stupid, Ji Woon. But he realises his mistake when Ha Won yells at him for giving her "father" money and pitying her, talking about how they really aren't alike as they thought at first and it's heartbreaking.

When Ji Woon receives a call from Ha Won's "father" asking for an apartment, saying that Ha Won asked him to make the call, Ji Woon knows something's fishy so he goes to the man's workplace and overhears him talking about getting a "nice sponsor." The nice sponsor takes the coffee cup he left and goes to get DNA test to expose the man's lies. But Ha Won doesn't need that proof and takes care of the man on her own, telling him off and walking away. But Ji Woon takes her for that drive he owed her.

They go to beautiful sceneries and he finally hands her the White Day box! But this is empty and she is upset at first, thinking he is just messing with her but he confesses the sweet inside melted and he actually likes her. He tells her to stay where she is because he's going to her.

And boy he does! Grabbing her face and just kissing her! 

Well done, boy. Well done. 



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

Seo Woo is really worried about Ha Won and tries to cheer her up with delicious and beautiful food, expressing how he wishes he could do more for her, so the situation would be more equal, but Ha Won is fine, or claims so, saying Ji Woon helped a lot. That breaks Seo Woo's heart, because he understands what is happening there.

Later, in a radio interview he talks about his new track and how it's about his first love, so she mentions how said first love is passing him by now. Without mentioning a name, he clearly talks and describes Ha Won, his smile becoming sad by the end.

Outside, Ha Won's step sister is there, ready to seduce Seo Woo, but Ja Young tells him who the girl is and Seo Woo signs her notebook just to tell the girl to be nice to Ha Won. Ha!

His manager asks Seo Woo if he really has a first love, but the idol insists he made all that up. And my heart breaks for him. This is what I didn't want, you see? Puppy is sad!



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

So General Secretary Lee Yoon Sung is following his mother and finds her meeting with the chairman's lawyer to talk about the will and such. Yoon Sun doesn't stay in the shadows this time and demands to know what she's trying to do, but the woman claims she's actually doing it for him.

Yeah riiiiight~

Yoon Sung doesn't buy it, telling her to stop before it gets worse. The chairman gave her a chance to come clean but she refused it and she claims she'll get to the end for him. Yoon Sung tells her off for lying like that and that if she really wanted to show up in front of him again, she shouldn't have done it so pathetically.

And then the boy leaves, hurt, disappointed and looking so sad I just want to hug him.

Why are all my babies suffering?



Woah! So the red team won (we all knew it was going to happen) but it can't be that simple. Dating is forbidden so things are bound to get nasty or at least complicated more than mushy.

I'm really worried about Yoon Sung. What will happen to him when the truth is revealed? Chairman won't trust him anymore because the young man didn't tell the truth from the beginning. I really hate his mother, she tries to act like she's doing it for him but we all know she only cares about herself. That cunning...

Okay, deep breaths. Episode 13 is almost here so let's wait just a bit more.


Cinderella and Four Knights

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