Even if all looked so nice on the last episode of Cinderella and Four Knights, episode 13 came to shake the ground where our characters stand. Ready to see what happened?

Episode 13

      Once upon a time, Ha Won and Ji Won got together after finally clearing up the misunderstandings. Coincidentally, the rumour of she and Seo Woo dating gets out and the chairman comes to make sure it isn't true. Here, the cousins find out about the no-dating clause and what happens if she breaks it. 

Henceforth, dating is now secret.

Ha Won's father finally learns the truth and understands it was just a misunderstanding, so he calls Ha Won and apologises to her. It is great because he also tells off his wife and stepdaughter for the way they've treated Ha Won al this time. Yay for justice!

Although sweet and loving at first, the leads' relationship does not stay secret forever and the chairman discovers them, giving Ha Won an ultimatum. She either leaves and forgets all about the Sky House, while still getting the financial support she was promised; or she chooses Ji Woon, a relationship that just began and most likely won't last.

Heartbroken, Ha Won packs her belongings.


Once upon Kang Hyun Min

Hyun Min continues worrying about Hye Ji, seeing how this is desperately trying to leave the house after learning Ji Woon is now dating Ha Won. She starts looking for a place without a deposit (they are so expensive, guys, I tell you) and Hyun Min is always a few steps away, watching her. She also learns through Ji Woon that he was the one who got her things back and that the chaebol actually really cares about her.

It's Hye Ji's birthday but she is being petty as usual and leaves on that day so guess who is following her? Yes, Hyun Min and he finally tells her why he has pushed her away all this time. When her brother died, as a scared kid, he ran away and has felt guilty about that for ten years. I mean, you were just a kid and it's natural to get scared with death but I'm not going to talk logic into his head.

Surprisingly for a character like Hye Ji, she does not forgive him and tells him to stay away from each other forever now.

Will that happen? I doubt it.



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

With the dating scandal, Ji Woon is amusingly jealous and Ha Won isn't the type to just beg him or please him, instead she fights back and they end up bickering. But it's all very endearing still and they are overly sweet. Ji Woon tries to cook for her, always saying "my girlfriend this," "my girlfriend that." Seriously, so cute. And in secret. He is annoyed she signed that contract but she explains she never thought she'd end up liking him, considering how mean he was to her at first. 

Later, Ji Woon apologises for that.

They share some more, being cute and trying to stay hidden, going to funny lengths for it. Moreover, Ji Won tells her about the only thing he has of his father, a camera but with no photos. Later, he accidentally finds the photo album with all the pictures of his father and mother, in the Sky House. Then he learns his mother actually lived there and something happened there, which makes him angry at his grandfather. Again.

We learn, when Chairman is giving Ha Won her ultimatum, that he did the same for Ji Woon's mother when he found about about their relationship, which made his son very miserable. 

In the flashbacks we see the ring Ha Won carries with her and based on what her father learned that day about how Ha Won's mother died trying to save a woman who wanted to give that ring to her son, we can conclude Ha Won's mother died trying to save Ji Woon's, but both died.

Well, talk about coincidences.



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

In this episode we get the confirmation that Seo Won is an angel puppy and the one who loves Ha Won with the purest heart. Seriously, he is beautiful and deserves the world. 

Firstly, he's always being kind to Ha Won and tries to protect her. He is the first to find out about Ha Won and Ji Won dating, and although hurt, he protects her because if she is found out, then she'll be kicked out, so he puts his own feelings aside and just helps her out distracting Yoon Sung so he won't see the couple.

Isn't he precious?

And later, when Ha Won asks advice for "a friend" that's dating, knowing she is actually asking for herself, with a sad smile he tells her a man just wants her to be happy with him, he does not need any sort of present.

He is too pure for this world, we need to protect him at all cost.



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

Yoon Sung keeps following his mother and finds out she helps in an orphanage. Why do I feel that's just fake and she doesn't really go there to fill the void for not having her son? I mean, it looks so fake but Yoon Sung buys it and thinks his mother really feels sorry and missed him.

Later, she hands him the tie she bought and asks him to have a meal. I beg of him to not go, it's going to end badly.

But since when do characters listen to me? Of course he ends up going to have dinner with her and wears the tie that the chairman recognises, so now the man follows them and finds them having dinner. As Yoon Sung reported that there was nothing out of the ordinary with the madam, it looks like the two are having an affair and the episode ends with the chairman having a stroke or something.

See? I told you not to go. 



Aish, about this chapter. Super cute between Ji Woon and Ha Won, and funny as well. Seo Woo broke my heart and this is why I didn't want him to like Ha Won. He's too good to be real. I strongly disliked how much screening time Hye Ji had and how it's obvious she and Hyun Min will inevitably end up together. Urgh, I can't stomach that.

But what frustrated me the most was definitely Yoon Sung. I don't know if that woman is sincere but I can't believe the air she breathes is honest, and now because Yoon Sung took her side, he's going to lose Chairman's good opinion and everything will be a mess.

God why?

And now Ha Won is leaving... if she does, I hope she does not accept the money, that she takes a third option and somehow ends up passing a secret test. I don't know! I'm sure it's going to have  happy ending, perhaps with this near death experience Chairman will give Ji Woon and Ha Won a chance, or Ji Woon will demand one because the chairman can't do the same thing he did to his son to Ji Woon. 

Good thing episode 14 is around the corner!


Cinderella and Four Knights

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