Episode 14 of Cinderella and Four Knights came a while ago, but since I moved to Korea and got 3 part-time jobs, I've realised how hard the live of all those poor female leads in K-dramas are. For me it's just work, but for the characters, life is pretty much more exciting. Now our K-drama has only two episodes left so it's time to see how things progress.

Episode 14

      Once upon a time, Ha Won is faced with the decision to either leave or stay with Ji Woon. But during this, Chairman also found out Yoon Sung and Madam, collapsing from the shock so the news fly and Ha Won, upon finding out, believes it's her fault. Madam, obviously, takes advantage of this situation and blames it all on Ha Won, making the girl carry the guilt of what happened to the chairman and forcing her to walk away without explaining anything.

Now Ha Won is back where she started, cutting ties with all the Kang cousins but still hoping she could be a donor for the chairman. She can't, though. She also learns that the ring did not belong to her mother so that means they should return it.

As neither, Seo Woo or Hyun Min can be donors, Ha Won has to get Ji Woon back as she is the only one who can reach him.


Once upon Kang Hyun Min

Hyun Min is shocked to find out what happened, and also hurt his grandfather didn't tell them anything before. Chairman is all the family he's really had so obviously he's shaken and even if he's harsh, Hyun Min still sticks around and gets tested to see if he can be a donor. He can't.

Even with Chairman situation, Hyun Min still worries for Hye Ji and manages to help her in a more subtle way, talking to a designed and showing him her work so he can take the girl under his wing. I hope he takes her away with him. I'm really tired of her.

Hyun Min is told Ha Won got tested, which is odd because why didn't Yoon Sung say anything about it. So Hyun Min gets suspicious and goes to check on Yoon Sung, but he didn't go to work and when he calls the man, this one lies saying he is at work. Suspicious, so suspicious.

Hyun Min also finds his grandfather's mobile phone and with Seo Woo they go through it and find out the many text messages and are surprised to see the "family picture" as his wallpaper. Obviously, they are even more concerned and guilty about it.



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

Ji Woon runs to the hospital but there Madam makes sure to ruin the moment, telling him Ha Won left and that she is an awful girl. Angry, Ji Woon goes home just to find her actually leaving. He tries to stop her but because she is being basically threatened, she has to break his heart and ask him to let her go.

And he does, angrily.

Things get worse because Ji Woon found more about his father and he follows the leads, getting to a cafe that I have seen in other tvN dramas before, like a cottage in the forest. There, he learns his mother went there all the time waiting for Ji Woon's father, it was their place, until she stopped going and only focused on her son. Ji Woon cries as he reads the many notes his mother wrote, realising his parents really loved each other.

Understanding the one who separated his parents was Chairman, Ji Woon runs away throwing away his mobile phone. Everyone is looking for him but the only one who can find him is Ha Won and she makes sure to show him the text messages his grandfather sent to Ji Woon's father. All the time, as if the man was still alive, talking about Ji Woon and expressing his feelings. This works to move Ji Woon and now he goes with Ha Won back to the hospital to check if he is a donor. 



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

Seo Woo isn't a match for the transplant, and he's really anxious, worried about his grandfather and Ha Won, who just disappeared. After cancelling all of his schedules, Seo Woo meets with Ja Young who is super kind to him, brining him food and trying to cheer him up. He asks her where Ha Won is and because she can't say no, now he's at the cafe where the girls work.

This is what I love about Seo Woo: he's gentle. He goes there not to force Ha Won, but to persuade her, to ask her to help from the bottom of his heart, exposing his worries and thoughts. Having his grandfather in such state has shaken him up and without planning he's discovered he is a lot more alike to the man than he thought. And he tells this to Ha Won, begging for her help because he knows she is the only one who can get Ji Woon. He also confesses he knew about their dating and was protecting her.

He is the kindest soul. He deserves to be happy. Ja Young got 95% compatibility with Seo Woo, I hope that is a good sign because he deserves the world.



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

Instead of saying the truth, Yoon Sung stays quiet about how the chairman collapsed and follows his mother's instructions. And this is why I feel so betrayed, because suddenly, Yoon Sung sides with the woman who abandoned him and only looked after herself, denying him and ignoring him. And for following her, he betrays the man for whom he's worked so long and so hard, a man he admired. Chairman might be wrong meddling with his grandchildren's and sons' affairs, but he is still a very honourable man. And now Yoon Sung is betraying him.

When Yoon Sung's mother suggests to make him one of the major shareholders and to put him in a higher place, instead of continue refusing, he ends up agreeing and receiving her shares, actually stabbing the unconscious chairman in the back, taking advantage of the situation.

BAD BOY! You don't do that. Don't follow that bad cunning manipulative woman! Aish!



So many days after this episode and I'm still so angry at Yoon Sung. He was one of my favourites but here he is, siding with his mother. I understand he's missed her and needs his mother, but this is not the way. You should bring her down instead of following her through that dishonest path. 

So disappointed my heart hurts.

I hope Ji Woon is a donor, Chairman wakes up and tells the truth, that woman loses everything and Yoon Sung either repents or leaves with her if he loves her so much now. 

We'll see how things end this weekend, are you ready?


Cinderella and Four Knights

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