The last episodes of Cinderella and Four Knights came out, and episode 15 didn't disappoint. Wanna see how this went? Let's do this then.

Episode 15

     Once upon a time, Ha Won managed to bring Ji Woon back to the hospital to get tested and see if he could help Grandfather. And she is doing her best to keep an eye on Ji Woon before Grandfather wakes up, but it's hard and the madam keeps pushing her and throwing the blame on her while she tries to take the company in her hands.

While Ha Won stays by Ji Woon's side, she is aware it is only temporal. She made her choice and won't stay with him, even if that is breaking her heart.

It is also breaking mine.


Once upon Kang Hyun Min

With Ji Woon there, Hyun Min is acting like the responsible older cousin, even waitng for Ji Woon. It is really amusing to watch, to see them and realise how similar they are and how close they've gotten. But contrary to the other cousins. Hyun Min is aware, or kind of, of what is happening with Grandfather's wife and Yoon Sung, and he is not getting shy about it. 

Aside from that, Hyun Min is also worrying about Hye Ji and I want to say it's because he's an idiot and has terrible taste, but I won't.  Hye Ji realises Hyun Min is involved with her new opportunity and because she likes to play martyr, she calls the designer to refuse and tell him Hyun Min is only requesting such favour because he's sorry towards her. Seriously, she has issues because how can she believe a respected designer would just give her such offer because someone else asked him? There's this whole issue about reputation and I'm glad the designer tells her that and puts her in her place. He also tells her how Hyun Min accepts his feelings for her to him.

Hyun Min faces Yoon Sung and as this fights back, calling him off for not protecting the place, the heir finally tells him that this time he won't stay back and protect what's his. And he does, he works hard to get the shareholders on his side after the meeting to get the chairman removed from his place has been set. Hyun Min has to persuade them he will do his best to be worthy of that place.

Regarding Hye Ji, she comes to ask him what she means to him. At first Hyun Min tells tries to push her one more time, but as he is walking away, he regrets his choices and goes back to her, promising her that this time he will protect her. And they kiss. Of course they do.



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

Ji Woon doesn't just let Ha Won walk away after she gets him to the hospital, and at first he uses any excuse to make her stay and then finally, finally after giving her a back hug and insisting, he manages to get her to stay with him, although he doesn't know she doesn't plan to stay until the end with him.

Aside from all this, Ji Woon turns out to be a match for the transplant but also allergic to general anaesthesia, which makes it dangerous for him to have the surgery. Yet, Ji Woon still agrees to go through it, to try his best to save Grandfather. Obviously, he doesn't tell anyone about it and keeps it hidden.

Everyone in the Sky House go to the hospital to cheer him up, but Ha Won kicks them out for inappropriate behaviour at the hospital. And with him, they are all lovey dovey. In fact, when she's there with him, Ji Woon finally asks for his wish that she owed him since he found her necklace. Guess what he asks for? Exactly, a date. A very common, super cheesy date and because he knows he might not wake up he feels anxious and he wants to have the date then.

With Ha Won, they manage to sneak him out, they ran out of the hospital and go to the aquarium, cinema and all those typical places, holding hands and being a couple. There, when Ha Won forgets her phone and he runs to get it, without him to hear her, she apologises for not staying forever by his side, but he doesn't hear, he just run to her, with the happiest grin and hugging her so tight.

And then comes the surgery, will he wake up? Who knows.



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

Seo Woo continues being the cutest puppy, worried about his grandfather and the surgery, about Ji Woon and everything that is going on. But at the same time, sad for his own situation, aware Ha Won's feelings are not mutual. So he is carrying a lot on his shoulder, and Ja Young is as sweet as he is, doing her best to cheer him up. 

His career keeps on hold because family is more important.



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

Lee Yoon Sung continues being the lackey of his mother who is doing her best to get the chairman kicked out. She is acting so despicable and greedy and he keeps following her, but it seems he is looking a bit troubled about it. I hope so!

Yoon Sung is the one who pushes Hyun Min to step forward and protect the company.

The meeting takes place and he looks quiet and pensive, and I'm pretty sure that he I going to vote against but do we find out in this episode? Of course not.



The cliffhanger, dear God. But it's obvious things will turn out well, the truth will be exposed and things will fall in their right place. We just have to watch the last episode that's already out to see how they fall into place. I'll bring that recap soon, but it's hard when you have so many part-time jobs. Seriously, how does Ha Won manage?


Cinderella and Four Knights

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