Can you imagine how loud I screamed when I realised it was Friday and a new episode of Cinderella and the Four Knights was coming out? Well, even louder. I am so hooked with this K-drama and I fangirl while making gifs. Do you want to see what I came up with for Episode 3? Then let the story begin.

Episode 3

Once upon a time, Ha Won discovered the truth about her birth and walks out on her "family," which leaves her with no other option but accepting Chairman Kang's offer to live in the Sky House with the cousins, trying to reform them. The people around her from before can't believe this, her stepsister trying to find out the truth through Ha Won's friend and such. 

It's not an easy job and the chairman will be giving Ha Won missions every time, and if she succeeds at these, she'll be rewarded. However, if she fails them then she has to leave the house. Ha won is confident she can do it as she adjusts to her new surroundings and tries to block her current family situation. 

Her first mission is: having a meal with the four cousins as they have never done such a thing.


Once Upon Kang Hyun Min

Our Hyun Min doesn't seem that adverse to the idea of having Ha Won living with them, but with the condition that it is not revealed she is not really his fiancée, so Ha Won has to keep pretending that. His excuse is that by doing such, the others won't try to make a move on the girl.

Yeah right.

When he tells Ha Won such, she obviously refuses because, after all, dating is forbidden and she doesn't like him so she's not up for any of his games. Our girl tries to punish him for his idiocy but it seems Hyun Min still manages to fluster her and she fails when she attempts to hit him so instead she ends up in his arms.

Even my heart is racing!

At night, Hyun Min calls Ha Won to give her back her uniform. Well, he kind of black mails her with it so she decides to tease him back. Ha Won has a policy to treat the other party just as she is being treated, so if the other lowers his speech, so does she. If Hyun Min makes a move, she'll do the same. It's the first time Hyun Min looks cornered but eager when she starts leaning in, going for a kiss. But Ha Won is Ha Won, she won't kiss him, instead she head butts him. 

However, Hyun Min is a player so when Ha Won tries to get her uniform, he pulls one of his moves and makes her spin until she's in his arms again and now he's the one going for a kiss at the same time Hye Ji and Ji Woon are coming home.



Once Upon Kang Ji Woon

Ji Woon is the most displeased with the new living arrangements and he makes sure to show how he feels about it, being rude to Ha Won every time. When she tries to talk to him he only replies with a "Get lost." But Ha Won insists, following him and discovering his secret place where he keeps his important belongings like pictures with his mother. When she's there and he finds her, Ji Woon notices she is about to get hurt if she turns around, so he spins her to get her out of the way.

Does he say why he did that? No.

Instead, Ha Won leaves flustered and he just puts all the tools safely inside again. Then, when he goes out again he notices the spectacle she's pulling off retrieving her belongings from the stream. Ji Woon also spots the bouquet she was carrying. He retrieves it and shoves it back in her hand, not without being nasty to her. However, he actually got inside the stream for those flowers and he just didn't say or pretended not to, yet Ha Won notices it later on.

Why is he such a douche outside but kind inside? Why does he do something good but with the worse attitude possible on the outside? Aish, I really want to fully understand him. Or smack him until he pulls himself together and stops his teenage rebellion. He's a grown up man already, come on.

With the only one he's always kind and sweet is Hye Ji, to the fact he actually tries to save her from seeing how Hyun Min is leaning to kiss Ha Won when they are coming home.



Once Upon Kang Seo Woo

Our puppy Seo Woo is the kindest to Ha Won in the house, telling her they just don't get along so she shouldn't try so hard to change that when it's hopeless. He also runs to help her when all her belongings fall in the stream, going for a pool tool to help her pick them up and such. He is, actually, the only one to help her.

Seo Woo is also the one who finds her bank book and realises she was left with only 800 won savings. He is the only one aware of her really family situation as well and actually admits that he deleted the messages because he was worried they would hurt her feelings.

Aw, isn't he cute?

He's actually quite playful with her, even when she threatens him for prying in her life, but he just bumps fist with him. Adorable, aren't they?



Once Upon Lee Yoon Sung

Oh! We get so much interactions with Yoon Sung in this episode. First, he lends her his jacket when she's soaking wet and trembling after being caught in the rain, then he shows her around and even goes to get her things from her house, making sure not to get comfortable around her family and not explaining a thing to them. He asks for Ha Won's father, but he's gone to work again. However, the father is actually apparently looking for who he believes Ha Won's real father is and it seems he's been at it for quite a while.

Yoon Sung is also who explains everything to the cousins and even agrees to not reveal Ha Won isn't really Hyun Min's fiancée, after that one's plea.

Yoon Sung also feeds her, he is really a good cook and he smiles so adorably when he sees her so happy, although then he's a bit shocked after seeing her eating so much.

It's Yoon Sung's fault that all of Ha Won's longing end up in the stream because when he's coming back form her old house, he receives a call and rushes back, leaving her suitcase and stuff there. Later, she bumps into them and you know, accident. As he's guilty, he takes her shopping. She refuses to accept everything he bought for her and he's far too amused with her. It's when they are shopping Ha Won runs into Hye Ji who, upon finding out Ha Won is living at the Sky House, only looks jealous.



    Can you hear the insane screaming in the background? Yes, that's me. This K-drama is messing with my emotions and the fact I can't still pick a favourite knight, although I'm strongly leading in Hyun Min's direction. What about you? Have you picked a team? Yoon Sung has shown his charms and that smile was so cute I can't even. Why do K-drama writers do this to me? Anyhow, let's go to episode four now, shall we?


Cinderella and Four Knights

Starring Jung Il Woo and Park So Dam

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