We were left with such  cliffhanger for the previous episode so let's not waste time and see how episode four in Cinderella and the Four Knights went!

Episode 4

Once upon a time, Ha Won was given the mission to have the four cousins sharing a meal, but this has proven harder than Ha Won anticipated. Asking nicely to each one of them doesn't work, because they turn around the moment they are in the same space. But Ha Won is fierce and stubborn, so she won't give up. Our girl comes with different ideas to trick the cousins into sharing a meal.

It's hard for Ha Won to understand the cousins and the ahjumma that works there, who I bet is going to become a second and real mother for Ha Won, tells her more about the cousins, how Hyun Min always ate alone due to the way he was brought up. Seo Woo looks after his image and Ji Woon has been just a year there so it's really hard to figure him out. This helps Ha Won to get a better perspective of them when she approaches them. 


Once Upon Kang Hyun Min

No, Hyun Min doesn't succeed at kissing Ha Won, although he does dream about that kiss and oh my God! It looked really good and I actually believed it and screamed. I think we can say he is quite infatuated with our Ha Won already and he is all flirty when he goes to have breakfast with her, always going for casual and close skinship but Ha Won always rejects him.

For Ha Won's attempt to trick the cousins into having a meal together she comes to him and it's so adorable how he gets caught in the game, playing and losing so he owes her a wish. He does not show up to have the meal, though. He also surprises her when Ha Won finds him playing quiz games, trying to challenge him to grant her a wish but she can't solve the rub cube, yet he does it extremely fast. I don't know about Ha Won, but that totally made me swoon after him.

Later, he takes Ha Won out saying he'll help her with her mission so he takes her shopping because making their heart race is another option. I think he just wants to keep shooting "Pretty Woman" with her and likes seeing her trying different outfits as she's so cute. Hyun Min even takes her to have dinner and coincidentally they run into Ji Woon and Hye Ji so they end up having an awkward meal together. Ha Won and Hyun Min act actually like a couple, making Hye Ji extremely jealous so she becomes all petty trying to show off how well she knows Hyun Min, but he won't give in. I like that.

After the dinner disaster, Hyun Min tells Ha Won she won't be winning that mission so she'll be kicked out, and as he plans to really date her so he is already giving her his real up present: a house. Ha Won isn't impressed and just punishes him for trying that. 

Why do I love so much when she beats him up and he's all pitiful? It's always so amusing.



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

Ji Woon continues being nasty to Ha Won, but she still tries to get him to have a meal together, even kidnapping his mobile phone. For him, however, "becoming a family" isn't an option and he won't budge, no matter what she does. Ji Woon wavers a bit when he is tempted with his favourite food, but he doesn't lose yet.

Ha Won comes to him asking him if he has even tried to get used to the house, if he's ever considered the others as his family. That makes him think about it and how much he's hurt her every time with his attitude, offending her with his words and such. Still, he doesn't apologise and when later they have the accidental dinner with Ha Won and Hyun Min, he goes after her, asking if getting dressed up and treated like a doll by Hyun Min was all she wanted. Of course it was not, and she makes sure to tell him that her motives are far greater. She stands tall and with her chin up until he leaves.

Hye Ji is becoming more and more distasteful with every episode. That she is so out of it because Hyun Min is with Ha Won, almost getting in accident is pathetic. And then she's like "I just want that girl away from Hyun Min." Please, the older Kang cousin doesn't belong to her and she should realise that. But Ji Woon is either too smitten or he's an idiot because for her he actually goes against Hyun Min, trying to steal "his fiancée."

Oh heck no! That is the wrong attitude, young man! Go to your corner and reflect on your actions.



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

Our Seo Woo puppy continues being adorable with Ha Won. I really want them to be the best friends ever. He plays along and even tries to make her see he just doesn't want to share a meal with his cousins and she shouldn't really try. Seo Woo looks a bit pissed and betrayed when she tempts him with ramyun to sit down and share a meal, right the night before he has a shoot! But he forgives her when the next morning she leaves breakfast for him in his van.


It's Seo Woo the one who finds out it's Ha Won's birthday and he actually wants to throw her a party, so with Yoon Sung's help they set up everything for her. Isn't he the most adorable one? He is a puppy, I insists. No one is ever changing my mind about that.



Once Upon Lee Yoo Sung

General secretary Yoon Sung still tries to help Ha Won and goes along with her ideas, but he doesn't think she'll actually succeed and agrees that Chairman Kang should give her more time, but the man refuses to. When she brings all the cousins' favourite foods, he enjoys every meal and stays with her. He admits to her that it's really an impossible mission and she shouldn't feel bad about failing. 

Still, Ha Won isn't the one to give up. Ha Won, hwaiting!



No. Just no. I don't like how the episode ended because using Ha Won to help Hye Ji, who is a pathetic and annoying character, is the wrong way. Honestly, Ji Woon lost almost all his brownie points because of that douche move. By now I can tell I like Hyun Min better and I'm in the blue team, just because he amuses me more and I feel this strong urge to protect him. I honestly hate Hye Ji after this episode because pettiness is something I strongly dislike (if you have read my recaps for other K-dramas you wouldn't be surprised by this). I feel Hye Ji is obsessed with Past Hyun Min and she just wants the old guy back, she doesn't love or know the person he is now. Everyone changes and instead of being so hung up she should try to understand him more how he is now and help him heal, because it's clear he's still hurting for something. I am sure he is aware of this, which hurts him because he still cares about her, but at the same time he doesn't feel she accepts him either.

Yeah, summing up, Ji Woon made me really angry when he came to use Ha Won against Hyun Min and to help Hye Ji. What about you? What are your feelings regarding this episode?


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