Cinderella and the Four Knights continues and episode 5 came to show us more charms of each of our knights and, obviously, our Cinderella. Are you ready to recap this episode with me? Then let the story begin...

Episode 5

      Once upon a time, Ha Won got caught between the two older Kang cousins. Obviously, she tries to make them stop and thankfully, the others are throwing her a surprise party so that is used as an excuse to break the tension and also fulfil the mission! Finally, the three cousins share a meal, or start to, and she takes a picture as evidence. The first family picture.

Later, when she meets the chairman, he's so pleased with her work, even if the selca is blurry. Her payment comes as her first year college tuition and some cash that she will use to put her mother's ashes back in the columbarium. Yes! Ha Won is a bit overwhelmed with so much and tries to rationalise it as advanced payment, but the chairman puts her at ease telling her he is paying her little compared to what she's doing. Clearly, having that picture taken means more to him than money. Actually, Chairman Kang ask to have the picture framed and seems so touched with it. It also is evident he misses his sons that, as we learn in this episode, have all passed away. Once killed himself the other two died together in an accident.

Ha Won now can take his mother's ashes and talk to her more comfortably, telling her how she feels the cousins are actually her friends already. So cute.

The memorial for the sons is coming and Ha Won offers herself to help getting the cousins to show up and give their respects. The chairman hopes she succeeds but knows how hard that is. Still, our Ha Won's mind is set and she'll do her best to persuade each cousin.


Once upon Kang Hyun Min

     Hyun Min is worried about Ha Won and Ji Woon, fearful she might get stolen so he tries to warn her, but Ha Won acts as if she is not concerned or affected in the slightest. Hyun Min makes sure to tell her that for Ji Woon there's no one else in his heart but Hye Ji. For such a player he cares a lot about her, doesn't he? Cute baby.

Later, when Ha Won comes to persuade him to show up at the memorial, he firstly thinks she comes to confess and gets super carried away in his dramatic antics (I love him to death when he does that) but she never plays along and he gives up. Finally, Ha Won asks what she really came for and he refuses, his only excuse being that he doesn't want to see someone who'll be there.

That someone is his mother who does show up, but it seems it is not to see her son but to measure Ha Won up. The woman takes Ha Won shopping, basically using her as a mule carrying all her bags. When they are dinning together Hyun Min's mother drops all pretence and pays Ha Won for her time, telling her bluntly that they'll never have a closer relationship. Right in that moment, Hyun Min comes and without acknowledging his mother, he takes Ha Won away.

It's evident he's more worried about Ha Won and how his mother could've hurt her, so he yells at the girl for her foolish attitude following his mother around like a slave. Ha Won defends herself, saying she was just being kind to her friend's mother but he snaps at that, telling her they are not that close and she's stepping over the line. She's hurt and leaves while Hyun Min watches her with regretful eyes.

He regrets being so harsh and tries calling her, but she doesn't pick up. When he sees her coming home with Ji Woon, he's all jealous and childish but Ha Won isn't easy and tells him clearly he needs to draw the line so she won't step over it again.



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

     In this episode Ji Woon shows us his two sides so clearly. Firstly, when Ha Won comes to tease him back in the swimming pool and ask him about the memorial, he corners her and makes her heart flutter in the shower, making her stutter and the usual. She is far too easily affected with his actions but I'm still annoyed that he is not sincere and he is just using her so I can't support or let my heart flutter when he does the wall trap.

But just much as he is a jerk, flatly refusing to go to the memorial because he has no father and never knew of him until just very recently, he has a kind side he works so hard to repress. But even if he does, Ha Won's words always reach him and make him think and he can't kill the kind person that lives inside of him. 

When Ji Woon sees Ha Won struggling after the meal she shared with Hyun Min's omma, he takes her away to prick her finger and help her with her indigestion. She's touched as no one had done that for her since her mother died. It seems Ji Woon lets his barriers fall because he has a gentler expression, smiles more and even laughs a bit with her, like when Ha Won's burps. He looks human again and even takes her to get ramyun with cheese as they like. During this whole time, Ha Won has managed to talk about her own situation, how she hopes her biological father is the man she's always thought a father, but even if that's not the case, she'd like to meet her biological father at least once. And then, at the convenience store she puts things in a different perspective for Ji Woon, referring to his father as the man his mother once loved. That makes him think long and hard for the rest of the day.

On the drive back, Ha Won falls asleep and he stops to pull her seat back and make her more comfortable, just to tease her later for snoring. The mood between them is so good and light after all that it's actually really nice. He should be always like that.



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

     Our Seo Woo puppy is the kindest, because after Ha Won confesses that it isn't really her birthday, he tries to put the pieces together correctly and gets all excited when he does, but then he scolds himself because why does he even care? Adorable puppy. But even puppies get angry at times and he isn't just smiles when Ha Won comes to ask him to go to the memorial service. Seo Woo explains to her that he feels that he feels his mother was treated badly and only acknowledged as family after his father died, so he really doesn't want to go. However, later, Ha Won finds a notepad with some lyrics and a picture of Seo Woo and his father, realising the song is for the man and Seo Woo actually wants to see him. At first, Seo Woo is angry she was prying on his things, but then she tells him he should go and sing that song to his father if that's what he wants.

Seo Woo's mother shows up and she's all loving, loud and cute. Now we understand why Seo Woo is such a puppy. To her he explains he doesn't need to go to the memorial because his father is in his heart. Still, when the day comes and he's at the studio ready to record, it seems he can't sop thinking about it, just like the other cousins seem to struggle with the guilt and desire to go.



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

     General secretary Lee Yoon Sung is the one who tells chairman how much Ha Won needed for the columbarium and she figures that out quite quickly. Obviously, he apologises but actually she's grateful he's so kind to her. Yoon Sung is surprised with her reaction and acts even kinder, offering her a ride but she refuses. His nagging is most endearing.

In this episode, we get a glimpse that there's something going on between the chairman's wife and Yoon Sung, she stares too much at him, there's tension and he avoids her. He either knows something bad and hates her, or something happened between the two. I don't know how old he is, but I imagine he's quite a few years younger than the wife. I don't like that woman, I have a bad feeling in my guts so I hope they don't have a past together.

Yoon Sung is there driving the chairman and his wife to the memorial place and Ha Won is waiting already. There, she accepts her failure and apologises to the chairman for not getting the cousins to come.



I have many mixed feelings with this episode. At first I was really angry at Ji Woon, but he showed this human and kinder side of him, so I know there's that in him and I just want him to stop brooding and get over Hye Ji. Hyun Min… I feel sorry for him because he cares, deeply, but doesn't really know how to show this and he struggles with his own emotions, I know he has deep wounds and I just want to wrap him in blankets and promise him a safe future.

You know what's funny? How many seem to like Yoon Sung as an option for Ha Won as he's so correct, honest and kind but… what if he had something with the Chairman's wife? Like, before this? I don't like that idea, at all. Perhaps he won't really be alive interest.

What are your thoughts about this episode? Have you picked a knight already?


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