A bit late, but the recap of Cinderella and Four Knights's sixth episode is here with the gif-sets to prepare you for the new episode today. Are you excited? I am, I can't wait to know how the story unfolds. So why not taking a look a this recap before episode 7?

Episode 6

      Once upon a time, our Ha Won believed to fail the mission to get the cousins to show up at the memorial service. She waited and waited, anxiously, still hoping. Even if two of these show up and take part of it, she still apologises for failing as Ji Woon does not show up. Based on this failure, she decides that living in the Sky House is unacceptable and leaves after writing one simple note. 

Ha Won goes to her friend for shelter but there's no space in her house and just then Hye Ji shows up at the café, so Ja Young basically throws Ha Won in Hye Ji's arms. Oddly, the girl does take our Cinderella with her and even shares her room, sharing a bit of her past story. To make Hye Ji feel more at ease, Ha Won confesses she isn't really Hyun Min's fiancée and upon learning that, Hye Ji is all kind and honestly smiley, the girl even promises to go to Ha Won's graduation ceremony.

To this ceremony, Ha Won can't even wear her uniform because Hyun Min never returned it, furthermore, Yoo Na ruined it when she and the stepmother went to the Sky House. Yoo Na has spread nasty rumours so everyone takes glances at Ha Won and gossips. The other students get jealous, saying Ha Won's is the chairman's new mistress and such. Like in all dramas, a group of gangster girls take Ha Won's away to teach her a lesson, wanting to record how they humiliate when they tear her clothes.

There are too many of them for Ha Won, but our Cinderella has knights that come running to her rescue, some because it's her graduation, some because they found out she left the house and others because they know she's in danger.


Once upon Kang Hyun Min

After learning Ha Won went through so much for the memorial service, Hyun Min can't stay away and shows up to the service, having to deal with his mother, whom he takes immediately to the airport asking her to never come back. The woman was cruel enough to abandon him when he was a kid so he would stay in the house and claim his place as successor. It seems that's all she cares about, making Hyun Min the new CEO after Grandfather.

She is despicable.

The older cousin is looking for Ha Won and finds out it's her graduation ceremony. Shoot! The uniform. He finds it ruined and has no idea what happened, so he runs to get her a new one but Hyun Min takes the whole 'go big or go home' too seriously and he goes to the school with a whole parade of trucks with treats. He is planning to impress his "girlfriend" and buy everyone's good opinion with food. That works most of the time, free food is powerful, ins't it?

At school he can't find Ha Won but it doesn't take much until he finds her with Ji Woon. Contrary to his cousin, Hyun Min uses money instead of his fists against the gangsters, throwing away his key for the school boys to chase and like that clear the way. And then he takes Ha Won away, giving her her new uniform. But that's not all what he came for, he also has a confession to make.

Oh my God! It's just episode 6!

In the broadcast room, he approaches her to confess after meeting her no other woman is interesting enough. Accidentally, he turned on the switch and everything is witnessing this, including how Ha Won's rejects him. Thankfully for them, Ji Woon comes to turn the switch off just at the same time Ha Won tells Hyun Min she doesn't want to be his fake fiancée so Hyun Min asks her to be his real girlfriend.



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

At first, it seemed Ji Woon didn't show up for the memorial, but he actually did before everyone else, after struggling, apparently, all night at the columbarium. He drops the same rose Ha Won left at his mother's spot. Yoon Sung tells Chairman Kang about this and he's pleased with Ha Won even more. You did well, Ji Woon.

Yoon Sung tells Ji Woon it's Ha Won's graduation ceremony and he acts like he doesn't care, but then thinks and thinks about it, ultimately showing up at the school but even then he pretends he is not there for Ha Won. However, when he hears Ha Won was taken away to be taught a lesson, he's running to save her. He finds the gangster boys the girls brought and without much ado, kicks all of his asses, coming in the broadcasting room to find Ha Won there. Her clothes have been ripped so he shrugs his jacket off to help her and tightly takes her away. But when Hyun Min shows up, he just walks away.

Until he sees the accidental broadcasting and goes to shut that down. Yet he hears the truth and stops, clearly shocked and is it just me or does he look a tad bit relieved? Well, that until he hears the rest of what his cousin is asking for.

Hmm I think Ji Woon will change his approach after this confession for a more honest one. Or that I hope.



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

Puppy Seo Woo was having trouble recording, thinking of everyone, the memorial and Ha Won's words. Ultimately, he changes and shows up at the memorial, joining his chatty mother and everyone else. He does not seem bothered with how the two mothers bicker for who could be the successor of the company.

He's getting his hair done and posts a selca, but then in the comments he sees there are rumours and hatred against Ha Won, threats even, so he rushes to the school, searching for the girl. He uses his charm and popularity to make all the school girls into an army to find Ha Won, Ja Young claiming to know her and helping him.

Why do I ship those two? Because both are cute puppies?

When Hyun Min is confessing, Seo Woo looks amused, which means he does not have romantic feelings for Ha Won and that's such a relief. I don't want him hurting. I like their friendship too much.



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

The monks in the temple tell Yoon Sung about Ji Woon and he makes sure to tell the chairman. In the car, once Yoon Sun gets in, the new wife retreats her hand and puts distance with her husband, as if she didn't want Yoon Sung to see that. That makes me so uncomfortably, hinting at a story I'm not sure I want to know.

When Ha Won's family comes into the Sky House, it's Yoon Sung the ones stopping them and telling them flatly only Ha Won's the special guest in the Sky House and her family don't deserve any special treatment. I loved that so much.

After the ahjumma in the house finds the note Ha Won left, Yoon Sung hurries to get her back. He runs into the gangster boys, taking the key before they do and surprising us all when he fights back without even flinching, teaching those kids a lesson while looking cold, which and totally badass. I did not expect that and wow!

He also witnesses the confession, but he looks mostly shocked.



    After this episode I realise the other two knights, Seo Woo and Yoon Sung, don't really have a romantic interest. Surely, they could develop a liking for Ha Won but their affection is so far very different. Yoon Sung protects her and cares about her, but I think he'll become more like a real knight without wanting to marry Cinderella, you know? Whereas Seo Woo feels more like the best friend type of knight who also deeply cares, but more like an equal. The romantic tension is between the older two Kang cousins and Ha Won, and now that Ji Woon and Hye Ji know Hyun Min and Ha Won weren't really engage, I wonder how things will change. Surely Hye Ji will become toxic, more obsessive and nasty. The look she had when Hyun Min really asks Ha Won out was both repulsive and scary.

In the episode we learned Hye Ji's older brother was the other one in their childhood picture. We do not learn how he died, but it's evidently what changed Hyun Min so much. I think it's also why she's so obsessed with him, trying to hold on to what they were before, as a way to cling to her older brother. Not mentally healthy so I hope and pray she won't end up with Hyun Min at the end.

Now, episode 7 is almost out so let's wait just a bit more.


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