Episode 8 of Cinderella and Four Knights is out and many shocking things happened, development in the character's interactions you can't miss. Ready to recap them with me?

Episode 8

       Once upon a time our Ha Won managed to get all the cousins on a plan to the vacation house, even if she has to kidnap one. But despite her efforts, they don't want to play along with all the preparations she's done. The poor girl has always wanted a trip like this and she tries really hard to make them take part, but to no avail so she is left alone to play.

Back home Kang Chairman is at the hospital as his health isn't well and his lawyer is there to see the will's details but the man doesn't really have a heir yet. When his wife runs into the lawyer I just get a bad vibe.

Ha Won's adoptive mother has found the supposed biological father and goes to him to asks for compensation money (how despicable) but the man is as poor and she gives up, just asking him to get the girl out of the Sky House and their lives. But the man knows nothing about a daughter and is shocked upon hearing Ha Won's mother's name. There's something there, but I doubt it's that simple. Yet this man doesn't look trustworthy and it seems he is in a lot of debt and now with this theory that he's the father of a girl in the Sky House, it seems he's got a bad idea and I'm afraid he'll pretend to be her father just to get money.

Back in the vacation house, they all end up joining Ha Won by the end of the night, even wearing the jackets when in her drunk stupor she confesses how it's always been her dream to do something like that. Her honesty always gets what she wants. So at the end everyone takes part of the activity and seem to have fun, or maybe too much alcohol. Which leads to shocking events.


Once upon Kang Hyun Min

Surprised falls short when we want to describe how Hyun Min reacts when he finds himself on the plane in just his pyjamas. Ah, come on, friends, you didn't even pack a pair of boxers for the chaebol? Anyhow, as he didn't want to come, he makes sure to state he is not taking part of anything and goes to sulk to his room, but in such house, memories of the past make him melancholic and troubled.

Ha Won tries to get him to join her but he just rejects her and seems to come to the conclusion he doesn't really like her or can't be bothered to find out whether his feelings are honest or not. After the girl leaves, Hye Ji comes to the pool, trying to revive old memories and get Hyun Min to swim with her, but he refuses and when he wants to leave, she jumps in the pool and coincidentally gets cramps so Hyun Min jumps to save her because he's not a monster and can't leave her there.

I totally didn't buy that cramp.

Hyun Min doesn't make much of that and plays it as something anyone would've done, which I agree. Anyone tries to save someone who is supposedly drowning. Still, she doesn't leave it alone and tries getting him to admit he remembers all the things that happened in that house between them.

There's a bench where Hyun Min wrote he loved Hye Ji and although he claims not to remember anything about it, the two childhood friends end up meeting there and their actions lead them to remember their first kiss in that same bench. With that memory clear in the heads, Hye Ji attacks leaning dangerously close and as Hyun Min doesn't pull back, she closes the distance and kisses him. For a few seconds he reacts but ultimately lets go of her and gets away, tense and looking regretful.

Seriously, what went wrong between them? I don't think he blames himself for her brother's death and that's why he is staying away from her... right?



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

Ji Woon can't even hide his interest in Ha Won because he's the first to join her, actually looking for her and succumbing to the detailed and packed timetable she designed with all the activities. That's how he finds her at the stables and takes her for a ride on an open field. It looks both cute, romantic and breathtaking and it's nice seeing them getting along so well. But in this trip, Ha Won loses her precious neckless, the one her mother left her so she's determined to find it and Ji Woon can't just watch her without doing anything. That is why he ends up bargaining a wish for finding her necklace. 

Obviously, he finds the necklace and only shows it when she agrees to do anything he asks. In her happiness, she tackles him and both fall to the grass, getting really close and the tension is increased tenfold. But they jump away pretty quickly and try to act normally. Later Ha Won shows him the necklace, how it's actually a safe for a ring... I wonder what's the story and secret behind that.

The tension continues increasing with these two. In the house, the lock for one of the bathroom's is not working so Ji Woon runs into Hyun Min there, and later when Ha Won is taking a shower and Ji Woon comes back for his forgotten cellphone it creates the most awkward and tense scene with her trapped in the shower and Ji Woon unaware it's her until she makes herself known and the boy leaves all embarrassed. But Ha Won is far more flustered and ends up, accidentally drinking all the rice wine and getting drunk.

Ji Woon is far too amused with drunk Ha Won but I think he's funnier when he's drunk, proclaiming his love even for Hyun Min, which is yeah, creepy. At the end, the two drunkards end up alone and Ji Woon looks like he's confessing, repeating over and over again that he loves Ha Won until she stops telling him to get lost and asks him if he really means it. After drinking her wine, he proves his honesty by pecking her lips.

With both so drunk, they only laugh but then he gets a bit more serious, holding her face and giving her another kiss, and another. When both of them are drunk, how is this going to play? Who is going to remember?



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

At first Seo Woo doesn't want to take part of anything, just enjoying himself as his days off are such a rarity but he can't deny Ha Won the satisfaction of having them all together so he ends up joining her plans, preparing things for their barbecue at night. He gets Ja Young's help and all my hopes and dreams he wouldn't like her romantically are binned when he not subtly at all starts asking more and more about Ha Won, including if she's ever dated and who would be her type. My dear puppy, you are as evident as it can be.

He's the most amused with Ha Won, taking part of every game. After their barbecue is dismissed and he goes to take a shower, Ja Young comes into his room and finds a song he's writing, a love song that doesn't look like his normal ones. She asks him if he's developed feelings for someone and he doesn't answer, the girl, who is also a long time fan tells him too many people love him and he can't date anyone. Well, that's a very possessive and selfish comment but it seems to make Seo Woo troubled as he takes a look at the lyrics and unfolds the corner, showing he wrote it for Ha Won.

And there goes my hope he wouldn't love her and end up heartbroken.



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

There's more to General Secretary Lee Yoon Sung. His relationship with his mother isn't good apparently, and when they are in the vacation house he receives a text from her where she promises not to call anymore in exchange of a meal. He doesn't answer. 

Chairman's orders him to enjoy his time because he also needs a break, although Yoon Sung isn't at ease as he is aware the chairman's health condition isn't at its peak, but the man reassures him it's okay.

Even if he is all stiff and refuses to take his jacket off, he is victim of Drunk Ha Won who demands him to speak to her comfortably. It looks like it pains him to lower his speech but luckily she doesn't press him much. Eventually he joins the games, wears the jacket with his name and gets really, really drunk to the point he passes out and throws up on all of them.

Not so dignified now, uh?

The poor man ends up passing out and suddenly waking up to help the chairman before falling asleep again.


It seems all of my hopes and dreams were crushed in this episode. I am happy with Ji Woon and Ha Won, they have reached a lovely dynamic and I'm most interested to see how things will play for them now after their drunk actions. We all know I love Hyun Min and I feel protective of him, and that I despise Hye Ji so I don't like how things are unfolding for them. It looks like they'll end up together and I don't want that. I really can't stomach her, she looks just so fake and it makes my skin crawl. And also Seo Woo... You kwon when puppies are sad and that breaks your heart? Yeah, I feel it'll be the same when Ha Won ultimately ends up with Ji Woon. It's going to make me really sad for Seo Woo if his feelings keep growing.

Well, episode 9 is almost here so we only have a little more to wait to see how things continue for our K-drama.


Cinderella and Four Knights

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