Weekend came with episode 9 of Cinderella and Four Knights, dealing with the consequences and fluttering feelings after a drunk night. Ready to recap it with me?

Episode 9

Once upon a time, Ji Woon and Ha Won got so drunk they ended up kissing. The next morning is blissful until she finds Ji Woon sleeping on the floor and the memories from the previous night attack her. Embarrassed and anxious, Ha Won flees the scene and goes to squeal somewhere else. She is both shocked and happy for what happened and in her fight with herself, she ends up tripping and falling. Not only gets she a concussion but also a sprained ankle and like that, their trip is cut short.

It's not supposed to be a big thing but she's left in a cast and uses crutches, yet that is the least of her problems as she is full avoiding Ji Woon after what happened between them.

Regarding the other characters, Chairman Kang has hepatic cirrhosis and needs a transplant, but he refuses to let his family know. I wonder for how long that will remain a secret. In the meantime, he's put in the waiting list.


Once upon Kang Hyun Min

Once back, Hyun Min barely pays attention to Hye Ji and when this wants to talk to him, he simply cuts her in telling her to just pretend nothing happened between them. He hurts her, per usual, and continues his life. He focuses on Ha Won when she's back, although the girl refuses everyone's assistance and the other cousins won't allow him to get closer to Ha Won now that the cat is out of the bag and they know the whole engagement was fake.

Because every cousin has to do something sweet, Hyun Min tries to help her to get ready for the day but he's distracted and horrified when he realises she has no decent clothes. So now Hyun Min is in a mission to renew her wardrobe and get her decent clothes she can wear.

Hyun Min comes back with many clothes, cut jeans so she can wear them with her cast, dresses and more. Surprisingly, Ha Won accepts and he promises to buy her even more and he won't accept a no for an answer. 

Later, he's so kind bringer for her all the type of snacks she likes. Per usual, he flatters himself too much and this time their conversation takes them to talk about Hye Ji and how sincere her feelings are. Ha Won clearly supports that, she admires the other girl and how earnest she is. Hyun Min doesn't say much, trying not to seem fazed about it but his expression betrays him. Ha Won warns him though that he should be careful, Hye Ji's feelings won't be the same forever and she might leave him one day.

Later, when Hye Ji visits Ha Won and goes to talk to Hyun Min, he just rejects her and is really harsh with her, making her cry. And as if Ha Won's words were a curse, Hye Ji decides she's cried enough for Hyun Min and tells him she wants a break from him so now she asks Ji Woon to take her.

Aish, why do these people always try to use one another?


Once upon Kang Ji Woon

After the kiss, Ji Woon acts awkward but at the same time he pretends not to remember a single thing about it, although he is also warring the flashbacks. And it's evident that something happened between them, even the others notice the tension between the two. Or at least Hye Ji notices it and mentions it when he walks her home. Obviously, he denies it all and it doesn't really matter because they get distracted with some men that are looking for Hye Ji's father. Ji Woon acts protective and suspicious but the men just leave.

Later, he gets distracted with banana milk, remembering how Ha Won gave him some and wanting to return the favour. He's on his way when he spots Ahjumma ranting about his wine-stained shirt and for some reason, he takes that. Well, struggles to get his hands on it, not even knowing why. And when he has the shirt in his hands he recalls more of that night, how he took Ha Won to bed, all the time wearing a fond smile. 

When Ji Woon goes out to give Ha Won the milk, he sees how Hyun Min comes with the snacks so he takes himself and the milk back inside his room.

Later, however, he hears a loud thud and goes running inside Ha Won's room to find her inside the tub, like a turtle so he helps her, not only to get out but also to wash her hair. 

Why are they being so domestically cute?

It's when he's going out of Ha Won's room he sees Hye Ji crying and knowing it's Hyun Min's fault goes to confront him, just to get surprised when Hye Ji asks him to accept her.



Once upon Kang Seo Woo

Our Seo Woo is in full mode prince charming, being super kind to Ha Won. When Ahjumma makes breakfast, he takes it to Ha Won and is so concerned when she doesn't show her normal appetite. Ha Won is amused and touched, and he is really cute to her.

It's evident his feelings are growing deeper because later, when his manager calls him it's to show him pictures of him and Ha Won were taken with the rumour they are together. The manager says to just deny it but Seo Woo refuses. Ha Won's gone through to much thanks to Hyun Min already and he'll protect her. This is why he tells his manager to just give the reporters something juicer: him crossdressing to get away from the school.

Thankfully, that goes better than expected and the fans love it.

But Seo Woo doesn't stop being kind because when he's back he gets right in time to help Ha Won when she gets in a tricky situation for spying on Ji Woon. He helps her clean her hands and fusses a lot, even causing Ji Woon to get jealous.

Puppy is so cute and he's going to end up so heartbroken.



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

Yoon Sung is really worried about the chairman, trying to see what it can be done to speed the process for the donation and even trying to persuade the chairman to tell his grandchildren, but to no avail. 

However, someone tells him that papers can be forged so someone else can be a "relative." I'm sure Yoon Sung wants to donate part of his liver himself but Chairman refuses, saying he won't buy that chance. Just like Yoon Sung, I'm so touched when the chairman says those words, about things in life you shouldn't buy. He is such admirable person.

Yoon Sung is also really worried about Ha Won, following her around when she goes limping around. It's adorable.

And between Yoon Sung and Chairman's wife... there's still something. She buys a tie that I'm sure she's planing to give it to Yoon Sung. Why? With the rumours about this not being her first marriage, perhaps she's his mother.

That would be sad.



One thing is for certain after this episode: Ha Won likes Ji Woon and she knows it ,too. After seeing Hye Ji asking Ji Woon out she looked heartbroken.

Aish, I really don't like that development because it feels Hye Ji is just using Ji Woon to get over Hyun Min, and everyone knows it. I really hate when people do this. As if I needed another reason to hate her.

Episode 10 is out, and the recap of that is coming soon, too.


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