The final episode of Cinderella and Four Knights came, tying all the ends and wrapping the story with a fairy-tale ending. Ready to recap this story for the last time with me?

Final Episode

      Once upon a time, the Chairman and Ji Woon went into the operating room while everyone waits outside. At the same time, the meeting regarding the future of the company takes place with the shareholders voting against or for the motion. Although the chairman wakes up, it's not the same for Ji Woon, so Ha Won makes a deal with the man to stay by Ji Woon side until this wakes up. When that happens, she has to leave and although she has the option to stay with the man she loves, her father gets in an accident and they need money to settle, which means she needs to get her payment.

All this breaks Ha Won's heart, but ultimately her father finds out the ring belonged to Ji Woon's mother and that they actually met long time ago, when they were kids, for the funeral, exchanging items and promising to give them back in the future. Like that, they realise their fates are more tangled than they imagined.

Once Upon Kang Hyun Min

The results of the voting support Hyun Min, so the chairman is safe in the company. With that done, he can focus not only on his family again and support his grandfather, but also his cousin. Not only that, but Hyun Min goes with Hye Ji to her older brother to finally let go of the guilt and promise to love the girl. So that conflict is closed. Not happy about it but what can you do?

Hyun Min overhears the truth behind the chairman's wife and Yoon Sung, which brings the secretary back to Hyun Min's good book. in fact, it is Hyun Min who goes after Yoon Sung to get him back to the company and to work together.

Hyun Min is also the one who gives Ha Won the final push to go to Ji Woon, having a heart-to-heart conversation and giving her back the shoes she threw at him when she stormed out like Cinderella. Who would've thought it was going to be Hyun Min pushing those two together.



Once upon Kang Ji Woon

Ji Woon goes into shock and doesn't wake up for a while, scaring everyone around him and hurting them by not telling them the truth, but also surprising them for such brave and risky decision. When he does wake up, Ha Won isn't by his side which is odd, right? That is why once he can leave the hospital he goes to find her, but Ha Won continues rejecting him, trying to push him away and draw the lines between them, clearly stating she cannot share the same world as he.

Heartbroken, they part ways and try to go back to their lives, but it's hard. Ji Woon feels like it's meaningless without Ha Won and he knows his grandfather is behind somehow. But he is encouraged by Seo Woo and goes to beg to his grandfather to give him a chance and not make the same mistake he did with his son. Ji Woon wants to be with Ha Won, even if he ends up hurt by her at the end.

Grandfather listens to him, gives him his father ring and talks to Ha Won, asking her about the cousins and this one shows the man how much she's got to know them, describing them in a better and more accurate light than he did at the beginning. So the man gives them his blessing and now it's only in her hands.

Ji Woon tries to find more about the ring and ends up meeting Ha Won's father, whom he immediately recognises. The father explains what happened and ties the ends of their lives, how they met when they were kids. Ji Woon remembers exchanging items and with that information, she goes to get the ribbon and runs to her, just like Ha Won does the same. The meet halfway the stairs to give back the items and have a lovely kiss of reunion. 

And then they are all lovey dovey, cute, playful and childish together in a very fun relationship.



Once upon Kan Seo Woo

Seo Woo gives up on Ha Won healthily, he even helps Ji Woon because if he is going to lose his first love, then it might be to someone who fights and cherishes Ha Won. 

He is too pure for this world!

And with all that's going on, Seo Woo wants to start again, go busking and get re-enchanted with everything. Although he plans to go alone, that is not the case because his manager won't leave him alone and this one has hired Ja Young as manager in training. Seo Woo won't be alone! Ja Young will be by his side, helping, cheering him up and I love that.



Once upon Lee Yoon Sung

Yoon Sung, thankfully, voted against the motion and reveals it was just to stop his mother. He confesses to the chairman and steps back, regretful for not telling him the truth. The chairman also asks for the divorce, obviously, but he also asks the woman if she ever loved him. She says she did but I doubt it…

Without that job, Yoon Sung goes back to Taekwondo and teaching this. Hyun Min goes for him, apologising for not believing in him until the end and asking him to go back. At first he seems reluctant but ultimately joins the happy family.



After giving his blessing, Chairman also decides to have his happy ending and looks for his ex-wife to give her a new chance. I hope she doesn't get greedy this time. And if they get married again, then Yoon Sung will be the chairman's stepson. Family time!

With all together, the cousins, their girlfriends and Yoon Sung have a playful picnic, showing how well they get along and how much things changed from the beginning. It is the perfect lovable ending for this fairy-tale.


And they lived happily ever after…

And another k-drama ends. Sure, it made us angry, happy, sad, worried, anxious but isn't that why we love watching them? They fill us with emotions and the give us lovely eye-candy, am I right? I enjoyed Cinderella and Four Knights and I hope you did as well. Thank you for joining this recap journey with me.

Until the next project!


Cinderella and Four Knights

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