If anyone dances like no one's watching, it's little Jonathan Sugianto, a 4-year-old from Indonesia who's happiest when he's grooving, eating his favorite foods, and hanging out with his parents. Sounds to me like the little boy is leading a pretty happy life!

Having 3.3 million followers on social media is a pretty big deal, especially if you're only 4 years old. Jonathan Sugianto, otherwise known as TATAN, spreads his love of life to his fans all over the world, who just can't get enough of it. Play some Bruno Mars for him, get him some spicy noodles and some iced tea, and you got one happy kid. You can just see how loved he is by his parents, who are helping TATAN with his booming social media empire. As of now, the viral star is already promoting two other things on his Instagram that he loves with everything he has . . . toys and chocolate. And he even has a set of his own LINE stickers. Awesome!

So just click on the video and watch him boogie. Because this little boy from Indonesia will surely put a huge smile on your face.

Already four!!

Best friends and parents all in one


He better get used to this . . .


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