After entertainer Rain's announcement earlier this month that he would not be renewing his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment, the question became whether he would join another agency or remain free. It looks like Rain wants to work independently by setting up a one-man agency.  

News outlets quoted an industry insider as saying, "Rain deliberated upon what to do and ultimately decided to start an individual talent agency." Other news sources reported the agency already operational, but further clarification from Rain's reps said there were only plans for the agency at the present time. "There is too much going on because he has concerts in China in November... More details about the agency will be released after that." 

An agency only for him would be the best thing for the South Korean superstar right now, in my humble opinion. Back in 2008, even former mentor JYP (Park Jin Young) admitted that managing Rain's mega-watt career took more resources than a multi-star agency could handle. That was then. Can you imagine now? Besides, other Korean superstars have done the same thing for the same reason.

Do you like the idea of a Rain-only agency?

Speaking of those Chinese concerts: YinYueTai (音悦Tai) has reported that at the press conference for the Changsha stop of his upcoming Asia tour, Rain mentioned shows in Changsha, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, with more cities — and countries — being discussed. And a drama to be aired in China and Korea early next year. 

"The Squall" (a sudden violent gust of wind or a localized storm, especially one bringing rain, snow, or sleet) is about to hit!

Images: Cube Entertainment / iMBC

Concert poster: Gao Hui's Weibo as tagged

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