Ji Soo gets rid of his second lead syndrome this summer!

The One Way Trip actor took on the leading role in this season's Story About : Some, One Month music video series on CJ E&M's YouTube Channel. K-pop's gugudan, Car,The Garden, Hong Dae Kwang and Lovelyz member Kei all teamed up to record songs for episodes of the sweet and sexy videos. During their musical love story, handsome actor Ji Soo romances Kim Min Ji following their chance encounter on the bus. From sparks flying between them on the bus to their fun dates, you get to watch it all unfold.

Watch Ji Soo get closer to his lady love in "Perhaps Love", "Kiss" and "Wanna Date":

Buses would be packed if Ji Soo rode it looking for his dream girl everyday! Kim Min Ji is one lucky lady. 

His role in One Way Trip is just as much of a gentleman as his music video character, but the atmosphere is nowhere near as lighthearted. In the film, Ji Soo and his Good Samaritan besties face legal consequences for a crime they didn't commit. You have to tune in to see if good triumphs over evil in the end.

 Do you love him better in crime or romance productions? 

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Source: CJENMMUSIC Official's YouTube Channel


One Way Trip

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