Onew is a veteran idol, but acting made him feel like a rookie all over again! The SHINee leader was recently a part of a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan Korea, where he modeled a casual boyfriend concept. He looked adorable in a graphic gray sweatshirt, jeans and a dressy white ensemble. The 26-year-old idol's shoot instantly turned upscale in his nautical navy blue shorts and multi-colored, spring sweater. During his exclusive interview with the women's fashion magazine, Onew discussed his experience filming Descendants of the Sun, and his renewed passion for music. 

Viewers may have applauded the "Married to the Music" singer's seemingly effortless portrayal of naive doctor Lee Chi Hoon, but Onew was very self-conscience of his acting. He revealed, “The script almost never left my hand on set, and the first thing I did when I woke up was look for the script in order to practice.”

The hit series made him travel back in time to his trainee days. ShaWols ultimately will benefit from his time away from the music stage. He added, “I felt a lot of excitement, passion, and greed while preparing for my role. I’ve worked hard as a SHINee member, but I felt as if I was a trainee again, practicing hard in order to debut. These days, my hunger to sing has grown, and I plan on practicing on my own.”

His entire interview and pictorial can be found in the May issue of Cosmopolitan Korea

Onew is such a hard worker! He cares so much for his fellow boy band members, perfects his singing and dancing on a daily basis, practices his acting relentlessly when the opportunity arises, and so much more. Bravo to the dedicated idol!

Are you impressed with his acting skills in Descendants of the Sun?


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