SHINee's adorable leader Onew turned 25 years old (26 Korean age), and its trending!

ShaWols from all over the world rushed to Twitter yesterday to tweet the hashtag #26YearsofOnew. Around 12AM KST, the hashtag ranked number one worldwide. Fans took a screencap of the ranking during the height of its popularity.

See Shin Ha Kyun as an elderly chaebol who ages in reverse in the romantic comedy Mr. Baek:

The celebration didn't end there. Several Onew fansites joined forces to donate money and resources to good causes. Over $6,000 was given to his alma mater's scholarship program through Naver Happy Bean, and coal briquettes were handed out to impoverished South Koreans. The Korean Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness and the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation received over $4,000. 

True SHINee fans know how to spread love to everyone on a member's birthday! 

What do you think about the ShaWols' celebration for Onew? 

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