Upon entering a convenience store like 7-Eleven in Japan, or an everyday supermarket, for that matter, you can't help but notice the sheer number of drinks and snacks on the shelves, not to mention some of their very unique and almost odd kind of flavors. As an example, here are 10 drink and snack flavors you'll most probably only ever see in Japan.

As a snack lover myself, I sometimes wish I could just hop on a plane to Japan, where I'd immediately run into a convenience store and fill my shopping basket with every kind of Japanese potato chips, rice crackers, chocolates, rice balls, ice cream, and drinks that they don't sell anywhere else. Don't get me wrong — I love me some Doritos, and I'm definitely not complaining here, but I've been eating the same flavor for my entire life! In Japan, for example, they may have different flavors of limited release Doritos on the market, according to season and geographical location. And I know sometimes this kind of thing would happen here, but in Japan it's just a non-stop cycle of new and original flavors of munchies.

That being said, the Japanese snack industry has been out of control for quite some time, producing flavors for drinks and snacks that are pretty wacky, to say the least, and I've compiled a list for your viewing pleasure. Any of them strike your fancy?

1. Basashi ice cream (raw horse meat)

2. Unagi soda (eel)

3. Mountain Dew corn snacks

4. Kit Kat soy sauce flavored


5. Salty Salmon soft candy

6. Mayonnaise drops

7. Curry Soup caramel

8. Uni Curls (sea urchin puffs)

9. Neopolitan spaghetti popsicle

10. Natto potato chips (fermented soy beans)

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