An all-girls school in Taiwan recently checked the bras of their 700 students make sure they were white. Upset students reported the incident to the media and called their school a "prison."

The Taipei Jing-Hsio Girls School (Blessed Imelda's School) is a college preparatory school with both a 3-year junior high and a 3-year high school. The girls wear a uniform that has a white shirt on the top and a red-colored vest. Recently, 700 girls were asked to take off the red vests so that the school administrators could check the color of their bras. Apparently they were allowed to wear only white bras. Over 50 girls were found to be wearing non-white or skinned-colored bars, and the punishment was to scrub the floor.

Although the students were not asked to take off their shirts, they were made to line up without the vests, so that the administrators could see the bras' color through the shirts. Students were upset that they had to be monitored in this manner, while there were other teachers (including male teachers) present. This incident has raised the ire of parents as well, with many saying the school was overreaching and used a violent method to enforce an unnecessary regulation.

Upon the media's questioning, the school responded that their objective was to ensure a standard of beauty, and male teachers were not present. Because the weather was warm, they asked the girls to take off their vests. (So this was done outdoors? Where?) However, going forward, they would spot check by selecting a random class instead of the entire school.

We looked up the school's website, and found the following description for the Blessed Imelda's School:

The school is named after Blessed Imelda for her being pure as crystal without worldly desire, and her continuous aspiration for perfection. With such qualities, she is worthy of being called the model of every woman in today’s world. It is also by the same token that she is the patron saint of the school. Such act of beneficence is in consonance with its Chinese name meaning meditating and reflecting in tranquility.