These apartments in China are not on the side of the highway, they are in the highway. Thanks to a building oversight by Chinese city planning officials, it is now possible to be living in an apartment stuck in the middle of traffic. In order to make room for a nearby park, a group of modern apartments in Xi'an in the Shaanxi province were built in the middle of an eight-lane highway.

Not realizing their mistake, city officials were then forced to cut the highway down to four lanes, leaving tenants in the middle of an incredibly busy roadway. One of the tenants, Shing Su, actually seems to be handling the crazy mistake pretty well saying, "We don't exactly like being stuck out in the middle of a 60 meter-wide highway, but you get used to it. If they make a decent offer most would move, but it's hard as it seems we had only settled here when we were asked to move." Wow, thats a really good attitude for somebody who constantly has thousands of cars in their backyard.

The residents of this building have to be thinking, "Please don't crash your car into my kitchen, I'm making soup!"