Even thought my name is Brendan, for years and even to this day, people sometimes call me "Brenda." So I have a little sense of what it's like having people think that you are a different person, but nothing quite like this. (All photos are stock images).

A dad recently confessed on Reddit that for years he raised his adopted son Chinese. But it wasn't until recently that he and his wife discovered that their son is actually Korean. Here are some of the crazy highlights from the story:

"...So for the next seventeen years, we do everything we can to honor his ethnicity. We send him to Chinese language courses and by five, he’s fluent in Mandarin and English, he gets an “adopted” by a Chinese aunt and uncle (they taught him cultural things and celebrate certain holidays and take him for dim sum every couple of weeks)."

"...Anyway we are filling out his college apps/financial aid applications and doing that whole thing. I go to my home office and go through some files and find his old adoption records. I’m not really paying much attention to them and then his biological parents surnames pop out and basically punch me in the face. His parent’s last names were PARK AND KIM, 

"For those of you that do not know, those are Korean last names. My son is not Chinese. Not even a little bit."

The dad mentioned that his son is the best thing that has ever happened to him, but I got to say that this one might be a little hard to explain.