(Source) A friend of mine asked me yesterday if I would get plastic surgery if it was completely free. And I thought about it for a split-second and responded no. In that split second I verified exactly what it was about plastic surgery that I wouldn’t go for. And it had nothing to do with money. When you think about all the things that lead up to plastic surgery money is the last issue on my mind. What I think about is the pain: physical pain after having to heal from knife wound and mental pain that surely led to the decision to take a knife to your face or any part of your body. What’s most troubling and what I talk about in this post is when young women get cosmetic surgery because surgery is not like makeup. You can wash make-up off, decide to stop wearing it. It is the difference between a pencil and permanent marker, it’s the difference between forever and a couple of hours. Eye-liner and eye-shadow aren’t applied with a scalpel.