by Lea: Dialing in ratings and reeling in an audience may seem easy for some dramas, i.e. The Moon Embraces the Sun. However, it’s not always so simple. Other dramas must draw their viewers in through various other techniques. Some times it works; some times it doesn’t. Here are my 5 reasons why you should watch Operation Proposal. Warning: May contain small spoilers below!! Don’t read unless you want to be slightly spoiled on some things.

The Anti-Hero – To be honest, this guy is definitely no zero. He is, on a scale of zero to a hundred, over 100. He is perfect. You almost want to root for him because he will have you invested in his happiness too. However as one of the other characters points out, a person has to have flaws to not suffocate you in a sense, which is exactly why he won’t win the girl or will he? (Not saying because you should really watch it!!) Still this character is a highlight of the show!

Chan Wook/Joo Jin – Possibly one of my all time favorite non-main couple ever is found with these two. Their growth is as special and noteworthy as any of the rest. They will make you smile and cry and all that good stuff too!

1. The Plot – While this may sound contrived, the overall premise of this drama is good. If the person you spent years loving was getting married, wouldn’t you try to go back and prevent it? That’s a big 10-4 from me. Also as the show grows so did the plot and the message behind it! It’s got a really good sentiment at the end.

2. Baek Ho/Conductor – Not to totally spoil the show for you, but huge revelations come out with these two. I spent the better part of two episodes sobbing because of all this. That’s all I am going to say about that.

3. The Friendships – This is the bread and butter of this drama. The super awesome amount of friendship and love in the group of characters. While the series gets a tad repetitive in places (you know with the constant time traveling), the writers, actors, and most importantly the characters carry this drama on their backs with this.

4. With the all the different options out there for drama viewers to pick, some really good dramas often get overlooked. Operation Proposal was a remake of a Japanese drama. I have never seen that drama, but I can say that I liked this one. I encourage everyone to give it a watch!

5. Oh and also one last reason to watch – the kisses!

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