At some point in our lives, we've all collected something: trading cards, stamps, stickers or beanie babies (I'm guilty of that one). Who knows why we do it? It just seems to be one thing that most humans have in common, and that includes Korean stars. Read on to see which of your favorite Korean celebs have a guilty obsession with collection… don't worry, you'll probably still love 'em!

1) Leeteuk - female celebrities' numbers

Who knew Super Junior's band leader was such a playboy? It's no secret that the multitalented heartthrob seems to ask every female celebrity that comes onto his radio show for her number… but that does't mean he actually calls them. I guess he just likes seeing tons of names in his phone book? Either way, Leeteuk's definitely racking in the digits!

2) T.O.P. - Be@rbricks

It seems that celebrities are not immune to the lure of cute toys, and T.O.P. is no exception. The fashion-forward Big Bang member has been spotted carrying the expensive figurines through the airport with his own two hands, since it seems he doesn't trust anyone else to bring back his bear-y booty. Some of the rare bears in his collection include a Medicom Bearbrick Be@rbrick Rolling Stones 1000%, a Spongebob-squarepants Medicom toy Be@rbrick and an Original Fake KAWS NEON Be@rbrick. I can't "bear" to think about how much his entire collection has cost him!

3) Kim Jaeioong - Cookware

Jaejoong oppa might seem like a badass on TV, but this star actually loves collecting — you'd never guess — high end cookware and home goods. The singer/actor/model extraordinaire has dropped major paper on items like German cookware sets (which range from $400 - $700) and even a Fritz Hansen coat tree (yeah, that thing for hanging coats on) that retails for around $1,190. But the real question is: can he actually cook with his pricey equipment? We'd love to find out too!

4) Boram (T-ara) - Empty bottles

The bottle always seems to be half full when it comes to singer Boram's hobby. Boram revealed during an episode of T-ara's Pretty Boys that she enjoys collecting empty bottles. On the show, T-ara members got the audience to have a good laugh by (sarcastically?) saying "please if there is any especially pretty empty bottles, please collect it and send it to Bo Ram." Maybe she's saving them up to send a message in a bottle someday?

5) Yubin - CDs

Who needs iTunes, anyway? The main rapper of Wonder Girls loves collecting CDs in her spare time, even if it's more convenient to listen to songs on a small mP3 player. I don't blame her — some CDs have awesome cover art, and the little booklet with all the lyrics inside doesn't hurt either. Sure helps during karaoke!

6) Lee Si Young - Gundam figurines

This gorgeous Korean actress has quite a few talents: not only does she dabble in amateur boxing, but she also has a very geeky, surprising hobby: collecting Gundam figures. On an episode of We Got Married, Lee revealed her massive, yet incredibly organized, shelved collection to Jun Jin (of Shinhwa), who also loves the Gundam series. Referred to as the Gundam couple, the pair dated for half a year after the show before splitting up. So who gets to keep which Gundams then?

7) Shin Seung Hoon - Eyeglasses

The world-renowned ballad singer seems to enjoy collecting spectacles of all different types. The glasses-wearing pop star probably wants to switch it up, not unlike a shirt or jacket, which is understandable. I guess it helps him see the world through a different pair of eyes!

Which star's collection would you want for your own? Comment below!