Honesty is often the best policy in forging and maintaining a relationship. This can be an even more difficult practice to follow when you aren’t being honest with yourself, as several of our characters discovered in Orange Marmalade. Last week, we discussed how disconnected our three main characters Ma Ri, Jae Min, and Chi Soo were from one another and the kinds of barriers they set up between themselves and others. Those barriers haven’t come tumbling down completely yet, but join Wendilynn, Tippy, and me, Kate, as we discuss this Episode 3 of Orange Marmalade and how the theme of “being honest with myself” played out in this week’s episode.

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Wendilynn: All our characters had to fess up to how they were truly feeling this week. Even if it was just to themselves.

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Kate: You have to admit, though, even those small steps allowed the characters to make big strides. Jae Min and Ma Ri went from missing out on their music (and each other) to happily joining a band and kissing all in one episode!

Tippy: Yeah, that kiss was woooo~ Hahaa.

Wendilynn: Yes, I was not expecting that kiss this soon. I knew the neck kiss had to happen because that’s how she floors him, but to have them both kiss voluntarily. That doesn’t happen this early, but I think we are getting ahead of ourselves. Lets talk about what led up to the kiss. I was surprised to learn about the little vampire brother. I had wondered why he couldn’t speak. I had no idea it had to do with being able to control him and his fangs and that he couldn’t yet. That sure did seem to shock Shi Hoo.

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Kate: This vampire mythology in the show so far has been pretty well constructed. Like you said Wendilynn, it’s interesting that little vamps can’t control their urges until they’re developed enough to speak. This too seems to connect back to being honest; little Joseph can’t lie and he can’t be anything other than who he is. Shi Hoo and Ma Ri have been vampires pretending to be human for so long that they can’t remember being that way themselves.

Tippy: Having to suppress those instinctual urges has to be quite a nuisance. Right at the beginning of the episode, the topic of the “Maximum Sentence” was brought up. To think the prospect of not being able to control yourself leads to years of being made to drink only enough blood to keep you in a zombie-like state...no bueno.

Wendilynn: Yeah, that was sort of horrifying. Makes you wonder what Shi Hoo’s parents did. Although, I have a funny feeling it had to do with Shi Hoo and his childhood. Even Shi Hoo has to face just how close he has come to getting in serious trouble. I feel for the guy. He is trying to be honest to himself against restrictions and lives that give him no control. That has to be horribly frustrating.

Kate: Doesn’t Shi Hoo just radiate tension? He does want to embrace a greater honesty about vampires and their place in society, but he still seems to struggle with what impact that honesty is likely to have. This results in making his honesty more explosive. It is not surprising that when he encourages Ma Ri to be more honest about what the consequences of a relationship with a human are likely to be, she closes off from him a little bit more. How different this is from Ma Ri’s reaction to Han Yoon Jae, their teacher and Shi Hoo’s uncle. When Yoon Jae encourages Ma Ri, and is honest with her about her status as a vampire, this gives her some of the confidence she needs to join the school band.

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Tippy: Literally “making beautiful music together.” Hahaa. I’m really liking Shi Hoo’s uncle. You can tell he’s such a kind soul, and the fact that he’s married to Jae Min’s mom makes so much sense now! Gotta say, seeing those two interact was heartwrenching. Watching her reach out only to have him verbally (addressing her as “seosaengnim”) and physically distance himself was hard to see. He tells her straight up that he works to keep their relation under wraps. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

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Wendilynn: Yeah, having your own son call you teacher and make it very clear he wants nothing from you just hurts a great deal. She doesn’t yet have peace, but the scene that touched me most was the scene where Shi Hoo’s uncle was telling Ma Ri about how he is more at peace with himself now that he has someone to love who knows his secret and is okay with it. The freedom that it gives him. Ma Ri had been thinking she was a growing monster all this time because she kept longing for Jae Min’s blood. But no, it turns out she’s just likes him. lol Yes, the person you want to kill most is your beloved. lol Oh, the irony.

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Kate: That scene you mentioned Wendilynn was the second one that Yoon Jae served as a mentor to Ma Ri and offered her advice and a safe space that allowed her to choose a more honest path. This conversation gives her the resolve to confess those feelings to Jae Min. Even Jae Min who visibly dislikes his mother’s husband benefits from his wisdom-or at least the power of his suggestions. Last week he entertained joining the school band because Yoon Jae noticed Jae Min’s crush and suggested that Ma Ri could be in the band with him, and this week Jae Min went to the lighthouse at Yoon Jae’s suggestion. Too bad Jae Min isn’t ready to take the suggestion to reconcile with his mom.

Tippy: Nothing like a nice view off a cliff to clear your thoughts, right? I loved the whole wish fulfillment thing when Jae Min and Ma Ri realized they showed up without the other’s knowledge. Oh boy, and that kiss! I’m not used to seeing such a thing happen so early. It’s usually an episode 8 sorta thing. The way Ma Ri lays herself bare, telling him she isn’t the kind of girl he thinks she is (we all know what she means between the lines) and that she’s sorry for having feelings for him. So stinking cute, I could die! It was like watching them mature right before my eyes.

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Wendilynn: I think Yoon Jae understands that this potential relationship for Jae Min has the chance of helping heal his relationship with his mom. He has never been able to understand why his Mom would love a monster. He abandoned music because of it. Now that he is being honest in his feelings for Ma Ri, he is being honest in his love for music. I think Yoon Jae, understanding that this could also fall apart badly, is willing to take the risk of Jae Min learning for himself how someone could love a vampire.

Kate: We all know that Shi Hoo doesn’t think that Jae Min is up to the task of accepting the true Ma Ri, though who knows how much of that thought is fuelled by jealousy and competition rather than truly understanding Jae Min? I don’t think that basketball game between Shi Hoo and Jae Min will be the last of the outbursts between them.

Ball game competetitionb.jpg

Tippy: That was so not a friendly competition either. How they manage to play in a band together without duking it out is beyond me. Speaking of the band though~ That montage was darling. Anyone else think Ma Ri’s explanation for the band name was adorable or what?

Wendilynn: I did like the band name. Ara wasn’t too happy about it, but everyone else seemed to be on board. I think the boys are playing nice in front of Ma Ri because they know she is friends with both. We’ll see how long that lasts though.

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Kate: Jae Min and Ma Ri may have found some direction leading them through troubled waters on the top of that lighthouse, but I think we can agree that being honest with themselves is only a first step. There are plenty of rocks ahead for Ma Ri, Jae Min, and Shi Hoo to navigate through.

So many developments so quickly!  Are you surprised that Ma Ri and Jae Min stepped up to start their relationship so quickly?  How do you think that Shi Hoo will react when he finds out?  What does Ara have up her sleeve in her rivalry with Ma Ri?  Let us know what you think by responding in the comments section.

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