Our story is connecting the dots between the present and our Joseon past. Jae Min finds that his world is once again rocked to the core and he’s had blinders on the whole time. Will all the pieces of his scattered present and past-life memories finally allow him to have the love he lost? Join Tippy, Kate and I as we discuss if Jae Min and Ma Ri will finally be able to love and live in peace.

Kate: This episode had a lot of sweet moments in it. Jae Min sticking up for Ma Ri and starting to remember his feelings, Ara and Shi Hoo hanging out, Shi Hoo sticking up for Ma Ri…. But overall, this episode felt like it was setting up the finale. Not that I minded. Each one of those little moments seemed to add a bit more to our understanding about what those characters’ destinies might be and how vamps and humans could possibly coexist in the future.

Wendilynn: Absolutely this is a setup episode. However, as setup episodes go, the feels were amazing. I loved watching Jae Min piece together his memories.

Tippy: I really enjoyed this one. It was just so sweet and lighthearted (most of the time), and you could tell everyone was kinda sorta settling into the new normal. Jae Min offering to stand in as a sort of companion for Ma Ri so the other students’ parents could be at ease was very thoughtful, despite him using it as an excuse to be by her side (whether he knew it or not). The way he asked for her help in remembering things slowly by just hanging around was well done in my opinion.


Kate: You’re right Tippy, in that Jae Min’s hanging around Ma Ri seemed in part an excuse. Yes, Jae Min’s memory might be sparked by spending time with her, but he was grudgingly chivalrous to her most of the time. Just the sitting by her while she drank her lunch alone was enough to convince me his heart remembers more than his head was willing to accept at this point.

Wendilynn: I agree that it was an excuse as well. His heart has always been the one in charge over his head anyway. But, once he started seeing her in his past life memories, there was no way he could walk away from her. You know, until he got spooked by the memory of the neck kiss. lol

Tippy: Yeah, his response to that ended up being much more reserved than I thought. The way he reacted when he finally brought it up to her was what I was thinking, instead of asking her to skip school with him. I’m getting ahead of myself though. Back to the skipping thing, the way he walked into the fountain to make sure her “wish” made it in made me swoon a little bit. Dry clothes be damned! I also appreciated that they were simultaneously showing what Shi Hoo was doing while skipping school as well. I was super stoked to have him sing, and I gotta admit that exchange with Ara in the store almost made my nose bleed. (^///^;)

OMe11 scared.jpg

Kate: I won’t say Ara and Shi Hoo are a match made in heaven (they’re no OTP!), but they are a good match. He excites her, and he also is tough enough to disagree with her or stand up to her when she acts out. It is also a neat little call back to early in the series when he flirted with her to distract her from picking on Ma Ri. Now that she’s grown (and he’s settled a bit), they actually could be a good couple.

Wendilynn: I liked the Shi Hoo/Ara scenes too. When she was willing to be playful with him in the store. I wanted to squeal. (I’m too old for squealing and that’s my story) She even gave him that little playful “bite” just like he gave earlier. I did like seeing what they offered Shi Hoo in exchange for his release. I have to admit, a chance to free his parents would be a powerful offer to get him to be good.

OMe11 amnesty.jpg

Tippy: It was so weird for me to see him in this calmer state. Not that he has any less attitude, it’s just that there’s something to stand for and a goal in mind now. It’s good to see him this way. Good on him for setting Jae Min straight by giving him some perspective on what Ma Ri is going through. It reminded me that their past selves were best buddies.

Kate: Now that the co-existence project is progressing, and Shi Hoo’s parents will soon get released from their punishment, he has less angst and he’s more grounded. You’re right Tippy, it is nice to see him this way. He seemed less competitive with Jae Min over Ma Ri in this episode too. Last week I thought that hug was to show Jae Min he had claim to Ma Ri, this week, like you said, it seemed more like he was trying to make Jae Min remember his feelings for Ma Ri through a little spark of jealousy, and then in another scene, set him straight about Ma Ri’s feelings. It made me wonder if part of Shi Hoo’s destiny was for he and Jae Min to rediscover their past life friendship.

Wendilynn: I remember watching that scene were Shi Hoo is thinking about what he would be willing to give up to have his parents back and I felt really moved that he was willing to give up the girl he loved to free them. He really shows that his basic personality hasn’t changed. He gave up Ma Ri in the past life because of the love of a brother.


Tippy: He’s got a heart of gold, that one. Anyway, before I get choked up here...did anyone notice (of course you noticed) the huge product placement? They tied it into the story a little bit, but I was having a good laugh over it. Poor Jae Min’s mom didn’t get the purse she thought she was picking for herself. Hahaa. About her and her husband too, I didn’t realize they were only seeing each other on the weekends. Made me really sad that their kiss was interrupted, seeing as they probably don’t have very many opportunities to spend quality time together. Also, Jae Min’s fully clothed shower freakout. Whoa…

Kate: I second that product placement laugh. Poor Jae Min’s mom. While he did remember her birthday, word to the wise--don’t get your mom or your lady face cream for her birthday unless she specifically asks for it. The gift was almost like Jae Min telling his mom she’s looking old. But at least she was able to steal some sweet moments with hubby Yoon Jae. I felt bad for them and their commuting marriage too, but somehow I think their reuniting as a family might just be in the cards as soon as Jae Min can accept co-existence.

Wendilynn: I think I finally understand what spooks Jae Min so much about his mom marrying a vampire. After the way he freaked out over the bloody shower scene and remembering the neck kiss, I realized he’s terrified of being eaten by a vampire. And with his mom being so intimate with one he probably feels she’s in danger too. Almost makes you wonder if he still has his blood phobia, in a small way. Although Joseon Jae Min would have passed out in that shower. lol


Tippy: Ohhhh, it all makes sense now! I wondered if he really had it again, or if it was just a nod to past Jae Min. That poor boy’s mind is putting him through the ringer, I swear. I do like how he slowly started piecing little clues from when he was in the band, which lead him to finding Ma Ri’s sheet music. Just that one piece of music was enough to string it all together for him to make sense of what he was seeing.

Kate: I’m really interested to see where all our characters will end up, and whether the Joseon story line will play a role rather than just helping Jae Min figure out his love for Ma Ri. While I am sure that she will gladly be his girlfriend, and all the friends and family around him will be glad to see him healed and happy, will there be any other kinds of reverberations from the Joseon era in present day?


Wendilynn: That’s a really good question, Kate. I found it endearing that both of Ma Ri’s parents wanted to be brave like their daughter. They go to talk to their boss only to discover that they are working for Jae Min’s mom. And of course she has no problems with vampires. lol The part of this episode that melted me the most, though was when Jae Min found the box buried by the tree. When he realized his past life memories were not a fantasy but the clue to the love he’s always felt for Ma Ri. When he picked up the tattered remains of the hair ribbon he’d once given her so long ago, I got all warm and fuzzy. I can’t wait to see if we will find out the rest of the contents AND possibly the story behind what started all of this. I’m referring to the treaty of course, and why it ended up being nothing but prejudice and paranoia.

Will our lovers finally fine what they have been fighting for all these centuries?  Will co-existence even be possible for humans and vampires? 

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