We’re taking a walk through time on episode 5 of Orange Marmalade. After the shock of Shi Hoo’s death in episode 4, we are saved from never seeing his beautiful, scoundrel-y face again by jumping to the Joseon period, where we find both boys mooning over a girl who challenges their perceptions of the way the world is. Only this time, we may have a budding war on our hands. Join Kate, Tippy and me, Wendilynn as we talk about our impressions of this change in storyline.

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Wendilynn: So, I was reading that each 4-episode block will represent a different season of the story. So, we’re technically in season 2 now. So for those who are confused as to why we have jumped to the Joseon period, there you go.


Kate: I’m not so much confused as delighted to see all these characters interacting in another time and place. Some of the dynamics are the same, Shi Hoo is still as rebellious as ever, the same triangles are recreated between Shi Hoo, Jae Min, and Ma Ri, as well as the one with Jae Min, Ma Ri, and Ara, but seeing them operating in the past and see what the customs and practices are with vampires there (before the treaty with humans) is fun to see. This week was so light-hearted in many ways in comparison to the many sad and dramatic events of last week’s episode, and a trip to the past took some of that pressure out of the storyline right off the bat.

Tippy: This week’s episode felt like a walk in the park (forest, heheheh) compared to last week. I noticed that in the Joseon period, there’s a distinction between the two kinds of vampires. “Bloodsuckers” are the ones who feast on humans, while “Vampires” are the ones who take the so called vegetarian route, and only drink animal blood. It made me realize how they’ve been lumped together in the present day. The fear that their race inspires is applied to everyone, even when it isn’t called for. It also looked like they were able to assemble together and work with each other instead of each family being isolated and fending for themselves. I liked seeing the camaraderie. It was also a trip to see Jae Min and Shi Hoon get along. Their play fighting looked like a dance~

OMe5 boys fight.jpg

Wendilynn: I have to admit that I also really liked this episode. It was slower paced than episode 4 but I love the place where each character now stands. While their inherent personalities are the same, their circumstances are a shade different. I also liked that Shi Hoo and Jae Min are now best friends. Watching Jae Min have a blood phobia is a bit of a crack up given the nature of this story. It also made sense to me that Mi Ra’s family were butchers. What better way to have access to the animal blood that kept you from succumbing to the addiction of drinking human blood? I also liked the idea that it was the bloodsuckers who were behind the various wars that Joseon had to deal with. Its not corrupt politicians, no, its the hungry bloodsuckers who want to feed on the dead. lol


Kate: The Wonsangu clan definitely provided a little bit of menace in the background to this lighter episode. I liked too, Wendilynn, how they explained how that clan were responsible for some of the turbulence of the era. We only got a glimpse of what they were capable of, but what we did see and hear foreshadowed a lot of the kind of political conflict that we can expect to come, at least, between the vampire and human societies as this storyline unfolds. This is, of course, not to mention the conflicts that will come up as best friends Jae Min and Shi Hoo realize that they are both falling for the same girl.

Tippy: I like how Ma Ri was introduced to them separately, though this time, the order is reversed. She meets Jae Min first (looks like she’s been tempted with his blood more than once), and then meets Shi Hoon. It makes a lot of sense to see her family be such a big part of their community as well. Not only do they call everyone to assembly, but they also supply the “medicine” required to function safely in the daylight. I really felt for her dad, getting blamed for Shi Hoon’s prank. It was so unfair.

Wendilynn: Yeah, that wasn’t cool and could have put everyone at serious risk. I always like when stories refer to something in the past and then let you see how it may have come to pass. I know the change in story and rhythm have thrown quite a few viewers but it works for me. Plus, we still get to see Shi Hoo’s beautiful face. Not that he may live long if he keeps doing what he’s doing. That fight scene put him in direct notice of the bloodsuckers. That’s not good.

Kate: But it was glorious to see Shi Hoo enjoy a good fight, first with Jae Min, then fighting alongside Ma Ri as she held her own as well. While I have felt sorry for her in the past, Ma Ri felt more like a sweet teen with a tough time of it in previous episodes instead of a selflessly heroic one. She takes action to help others more than once in this episode. First, she saves Jae Min’s life by sucking the snake’s poison out of his snake bite, then she takes it upon herself to take the risk to give her father the potion that will save him from the sun, and, of course, as she fights the bloodsuckers with Shi Hoo. She’s so much happier too! Past Ma Ri is my kind of girl.

Tippy: Past Mar Ri looks like a ride or die type of girl. We could hang. Hahaa! I agree, she’s so much freer in this life. Comfortable with her (lower) social standing, and with what she is. At least, until she meets Jae Min and tastes human blood for the first time. Gotta tell ya, I was so relieved she whipped out that bamboo straw. I was not down to see her sucking on our boy’s foot. (>.<;)

OMe5  Mi Ra rocks.jpg

Wendilynn: She’s living a more honest life than she was in the first four episodes. Even though it’s only by a little. She has freedom to enjoy the things she enjoys without feeling like it’s wrong. So she would be happier. I understand why each boy falls for her, she’s rather awesome here in a way she couldn’t be in the first “season”.

Kate: Class plays a much stronger role in this era, and so it does in our storyline here as well. It’s probably easier for vampires to get their animal blood if they hide at the lower rungs of society, even if being butchers lowers their status. In the modern world, there should be no apparent reason why Jae Min and Ma Ri should not get together-unless you know that she is a vampire. His upper class status and her lower class status are more of an obstacle in this society to their romance. The poor guy still has parent problems too, though this time it is dad’s expectations that provide the friction rather than his relationship with his mother.

Tippy: When the episode started, I was wondering why the maid looked like his mom. Turns out yeah, it was. Ironic how Shi Hoon has a family in this life, but avoids them and rebels out of disinterest in their profession. Of course he would find books and ink boring compared to fighting for sport. It’s like he tries to be a bad influence on Jae Min, but it’s not panning out like he expects. I mean, cut the kid a break, he comes from a military family.

OMe5 noexpectation.jpg

Wendilynn: We got to see that both boys do know their martial arts. I thought it was particularly harsh of Jae Min’s dad to tell him that the only thing he can do to bring honor to the family was marry a daughter of a general. Seriously? he’s only what….17? His life is far from over.

Kate: I’m looking forward to see how Ara will add to this mix too, other than the marriage in general being something Jae Min is resistant to and presenting a barrier to his blossoming relationship with Ma Ri. Is she as deferential and sweet as she seemed as she served tea to her and Jae Min’s father? My guess would be not. But then again, she probably doesn’t know Jae Min very well either, so who knows how she will feel about Jae Min and Ma Ri?


Tippy: I didn’t realize who she was until after the tea was served. Once it dawned on me though, my suspicion set in. It’s always the sweet and demure ones that can bring the crazy. When she left the room, I was like, “I’m WATCHING you girl!” Poor Jae Min getting forced to marry someone he doesn’t know simply because her family is in good standing with the royal family. The feels were strong when he realized Ma Ri’s family is lower class. Good on him for stepping up to save her dad before things turned for the worst. What was it? The sentence was 10 days without food or water. He couldn’t have lasted more than 4 without blood, and 3 without the sunblock potion. Close call man.

Wendilynn: Not meeting your bride till the wedding day was sort of standard for that time period. People didn’t marry for love among the noble class. It was a business deal in those days and women didn’t have much expected of them other than being quiet and run the house. I’m hoping we still have a feisty Ara though. The love square should have more feels this time around. 

Our love triangle continues and this time Vampires are not the passive creatures we met in season 1.  How will this story change now that they are more aggressive?  What do you expect for next week?

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