We have vampires conspiring against each other, unmentionable warriors dying because of some Joseon Vampire black magic, and Shi Hoo’s turning to save his life. We have lovers at odds and betrayals caused by jealousy. This is supposed to be the last episode of "season 2"? Come join us as Tippy, Kate, and I sit here bewildered by what’s going on and wondering if our writer/director is jumping the shark or setting us up for a really awesome ending on Orange Marmalade.

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Kate: Many of the characters seemed to be reaping the consequences of their actions this episode. Ma Ri and Jae Min had to give each other up for their greater individual good, Shi Hoo and Jae Min finally had their confrontation AND a reconciliation, and Shi Hoo and Ara faced the consequences of dealing with vampires. A lot happened, and the story moved forward, but I’d be lying if I said that this episode felt complete. I got to the end, and I had to keep checking to see if I’d missed the last five minutes or something.

Tippy: Me too! I thought I accidently skipped ahead or something. It was too sudden for me to even register what was happening. I had to backtrack a few times before I realized that was it. Anyway, getting back to the Jae Min/Shi Hoon standoff after Ma Ri is rescued~ I was a little confused by what Shi Hoon said, “If you can’t protect her, then leave her alone...like I am.” Then again, I took it literally at first. Literally yelling at the screen, "you’ve got her in your arms, that’s NOT leaving her alone, punk!"

OMe8 leave her alone.jpg

Wendilynn: I was that way at first too about what Shi Hoo said. I”m also with you guys, there is at least another episode of material for our Joseon time period story. I really loved when the boys had it out about who loved who and who was willing to stand aside for who. You could see the bromance thick in this episode between these two boys. And for Jae Min to willingly turn Shi Hoo into a full vampire to save his life was really telling considering what these boys know. And it also plays an interesting role in how these two, in their next lives, become such hated enemies, of sorts.

Kate: Honestly, it did seem like the friendship between the boys was the much stronger bond in this era--and this episode in particular--though it is an interesting reversal of the episode four events in which Jae Min is at risk and Shi Hoo goes over and above to save him. Jae Min got closer than he thought in figuring out where to get that vampire blood to save Shi Hoo. Ma Ri beat him to the punch there, though. Do you think that she volunteered her blood and turned Shi Hoo because of her sparring friendship with Shi Hoo or her romance with Jae Min and her recognition of their bond?

Tippy: I’m not sure what her motivation was behind turning Shi Hoon, but I figure she’s too good of a person to let someone die when she can directly be of help. Then again, the implications of her action might turn around and bite her in the butt (See what I did there? Bite...kekeke). Shi Hoon wasn’t exactly grateful for waking up and all. I feel for him too, aside from being used to killing vampires (bloodsuckers), there’s a whole other way of life he’s going to have to come to terms with. I wonder if he might even come to resent Ma Ri for helping him. He loves her though, so that might be short lived if that’s the case.

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Wendilynn: Well, anyone is going to be in a mild bit of shock when they realize they are now a monster they hate and that the girl they loved is responsible for it. I think that both her love of Jae Min and her respect for Shi Hoo is what forced her to act. She did not turn him without thinking about it first. I have to wonder, though, does she also benefit from the Joseon Vampire black magic of the month or is that just for Bloodsuckers? Cause this episode left her with an army thinking she’s the ring leader of the Bloodsuckers.

Kate: Oh, let’s definitely talk about the Bloodsucker magic. I wondered too whether the good vamps gained anything from the magic. And what might happen to Lady Evil Eyes if she feeds during this time? She was warned by her posse to stop feeding on Shi Hoo because of...consequences? She seemed pretty all-powerful at the moment, will this provide her downfall somehow?

Tippy: You’d think the Vampires would get some sort of benefit as well, right? I mean, it’s a lunar eclipse and all. Then again, the Bloodsuckers are all about the night, while the Vampires revel in the sunlight. Oh, I didn’t catch that part about Evil Eyes...I do remember her ditching at the last moment though. Speaking of weakness, what about that “vital point” thing with the Vampires? They get poked in the neck, and down they go~ It made me laugh. I feel like I’ve seen that happen in a lot of Asian movies or something.

OMe8  don't drink.jpg

Would you be able to not suck Jong Hyun's neck if he was in YOUR embrace?  

Wendilynn: I didn’t catch the bit about the neck, but I did catch them talking about below the stomach being a weak point too. This is why I feel we should still get another Joseon episode. This story is just not done. At least in part 1, Episode 4 gave us a sort of ending…. sort of. At least we were okay with leaving the story for a bit. But we have to be getting another episode. It just doesn’t make sense to jump back to the future with this sort of cliffhanger.

Kate: I agree- I expected the Joseon Era storyline to have some unfinished business for our characters. Why else would they need to work out so many issues in present day otherwise? Jae Min and Ma Ri’s modern day romance could be so much more poignant in present day if they could finally get together after being torn asunder in a past life. I did, however, expect to see some sort of big battle in which the Bloodsuckers were killed off or punished, and the signing of the treaty between the vamps and the humans before we leave this era for the present.

Tippy: Yeah, it wasn’t as climactic as I was expecting. I was pleased to see Jae Min push through his fear of seeing blood to make sure Shi Hoon made it home alright. I think he even overcame it in the end, because he goes as far as personally cleaning Shi Hoon up.


Wendilynn: I don’t think he overcame it. He just learned to work with it. Accept it and find a way to work with it. I also was expecting to see the wipeout of the blood suckers and the treaty started. Now I have no flipping idea what to expect. I also expected that our lovers would be parted from each other because as you said, they have to find each other and resolve their destined love. Either the writer and director are being very clever and we’re in for one hell of a third season, or they just jumped the shark completely.

Kate: Ara is definitely still in play too. She showed her willingness to deal with the devil last week, but she should have known that a silver collar wouldn’t be enough to keep her in the driver’s seat with someone like Lady Evil Eyes. Now Ara is acting at the beck and call of Lady Evil, and she even seems to be a little regretful that she started their collaboration in the first place. Excuse me if I don’t feel too sorry for her. Do you think the Bloodsuckers will turn her, kill her, or will she get a not-quite happy-ever-after in her arranged marriage with Jae Min, knowing he won’t ever love her truly?


Tippy: She finally grew some sense! To watch her go from smug to instantly humbled (more like completely terrified). I think betraying her relative was the point where she realized she was taking it too far. It was easier for her to terrorize someone else, but finding herself using her own family connection to target royalty was a sobering experience.

Wendilynn: I felt sorry for her a little bit. She definitely got in over her head. She thought she had the upper hand but in reality she was a flea. But, I personally felt that she wanted Jae Min so much that she was willing to sell her family down the river. She was willing to betray the Queen. I realize one could argue she had no other choice if she wanted to leave, but I just didn’t buy her tears to Jae Min. Up till that point, I was feeling sorry for her, but there was something so fake to me. I just didn’t buy it.


Kate: Ara being a scheming faker? Yes, I’d buy that. There may be another card up her sleeve here, even if she is in real danger from the Bloodsuckers as well. Now I’m not sure what would be worse for Jae Min, merely not being able to be with his true love, or still having to marry Ara at this point after all her duplicity . Who knows? Maybe Dad will learn of her treachery because of her betrayal of the Queen and he’ll reconsider whether Ara is right for their family.


Tippy: Ooooh, that would be cool! Sad for her, but she could probably do with a good scolding. Speaking of Dads~ What’s with Evil Eyes’ plan to draw Ma Ri’s dad out? Like, I know his knife is part of his livelihood, but seriously? Be here at dawn if you ever wanna see your cutlery again. *blows raspberry*

Wendilynn: LOL! I figured they would kill the Queen with it and that would get the Vampire clan wiped out. Then we get Ma Ri showing up at the designated place. That’s why I was thinking Ara was being fake. Evil Eyes has a plan for sure and was busy getting it set up. That’s why I don’t understand why this episode is the “end” of season 2. It just doesn’t make sense to me at all. I feel like I was reading this great book and I get to the last chapter and its missing. I Know a lot of people are feeling really disconnected by this show, but I’m thinking of this as Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3. Somehow, all these separate piece have got to get resolved. And it will either be awesome, or die spectacularly.

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Kate: I am right with you there Wendilynn. In the end, this episode’s biggest problem, really, is probably that it is episode 8. We had all these expectations about where the story should be by this act break, and it ends up not feeling like we’ve reached the act break quite yet. I’m willing to wait until next week and reserve judgement further until then. Here’s hoping that all is made clear next week, or at least enough that we’re not left wondering if the writers have dropped the bag entirely.

Tippy: Ah, that’s right. Episode 8 is usually where you get a big kiss or something. Hahaa. Anyway, I’m certainly expecting big things to happen next week. Definitely ready to see the Bloodsuckers get taken down. 

Adaptations are always a risk. They either claim the story as their own or they can't live up to their source material.  The jury is still out as we get ready to enter Act 3. This story proved early on it was going to walk on its own two feet. What expectations do you have for the last 4 episodes of this amazing story?  Do you also feel that we are not done with our Joseon storyline or are you ready to jump back to our lovers in the future where Jae Min has no memory of anything? 

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