This week’s episode of Orange Marmalade finds us at the end of our tale. While our main couple finds happiness pretty early on in the episode, we spend the rest of our episode revisiting characters and story-lines brought up throughout the run and finding out whether everyone is going to get their happily ever after by the time we reach the credits. From the students, to the school board, to the music industry and public, we also see how the reactions to the “vamping out” (vampire coming out) project is headed. Can vampires and humans live together like ebony and ivory, side by side in harmony? Will our couples get a fairy tale ending? Did everything happen the way you hoped and expected? Did all the build up pay off in the end? Join Tippy, Wendilynn and me, Kate, as we discuss the very last episode of Orange Marmalade.

Watch the finale:

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Wendilynn: I really enjoyed this series. It felt like it had jumped the shark right there in the middle but it tied up everything pretty well by the end. I loved how it ended. I either smiled like a goofball or cried depending on whose story they were telling.

Tippy: Here here! I didn’t expect to hit all the feels like I did with this series. Lots of pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this ride.

Kate: I wasn’t sure what to expect, really, but in the end I enjoyed the show. I even think the little voyage into the past broke up a high school dynamic that could have gotten old pretty quick. It’s not my new favorite, but I definitely enjoyed seeing so many happy endings for the characters we’ve grown to know and love over the past 12 episodes.

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Wendilynn: I admit, I melted a lot in this episode. When Jae Min told Ma Ri that his wish was to make hers come true, I went all gooey inside. Then to watch them try to make Orange Marmalade happen again, was just all adorable.

Tippy: For me, it was when Jae Min hugged Ma Ri. I’m so used to a reconciliation kiss or something, but I appreciate that the scene didn’t require one to still feel intimate and sincere. What’d you guys think of Ma Ri finding out about Shi Hoo’s job?

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Kate: Oh, gosh, that was one of my favorite bits. When the store manager told Shi Hoo (in front of Ma Ri) that his girlfriend was there and then Ma Ri saw that it was Ara and gave Shi Hoo a questioning look, his response made my episode. He shrugged at Ma Ri almost like, “Well, she was there.” My favorite Jae Min moment though was when he got Ara to buckle down and look at the law so that they could help keep their vampire friends at the high school, despite parent and school board protests. It’s probably the teacher in me, but seeing them study the law to present a strong case to the principal warmed my heart.

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Wendilynn: You can’t have a successful co-existence without effort on both sides. And the human friends of our two vampires really did everything they could for the people they had come to love. When they split up into that small 6 person class, I thought that was sweet. I loved how much warmer Ara is now that she is focused on Shi Hoo. I really do like that pairing.

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Tippy: Me too Wendilynn, despite my initial distaste for Ara. She’s come around since they became an item. It kills me how she’s annoyed by Shi Hoo’s popularity at work. I mean, he works at a place that sells mostly hair accessories, and it looks like he’s the only dude there. Poor guy is going to get eaten alive (pun intended)!

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Kate: Soo Ri warmed up to Ma Ri’s vampire nature, too. She’d always seemed pretty friendly, if a little too easily led by peer pressure from time to time, so I thought she might be the first human (who wasn’t dating a vampire) to reach out to Ma Ri. Ma Ri’s dad was so adorable I almost cried with joy, like he was, because Ma Ri was finally making a friend. I wouldn’t be surprised if Soo Ri got free drinks for life at that coffee shop.

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Wendilynn: No bets there. lol Did anyone else get all teary when Shi Hoo’s parents came back? I noticed that he was never as happy as the other kids because he was waiting for that. Then he got them and from that point, he was all smiles the rest of the episode.

Tippy: I wish I would’ve seen his dad bear hug him or something, but that’s just because I like things to be neat. I adored the part where everyone went around making hearts with their arms, and Ma Ri had to nudge him. His awkward attempt was so stinking cute and funny. I had a good laugh over that.

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Kate: Yes, it would have been more satisfying viscerally to see Shi Hoo and his parents more affectionate, but I imagine it would also have been a very nerve-wracking meeting, seeing them for the first time since he was a small child, and him with his strong feelings of guilt he has only been able to start to get past. It makes sense the way they filmed it, but I would have loved to have seen a flash forward or something with them super-happy together. And it was nice to see Shi Hoo all perked up after his parents were released. He finally got his wish.

Wendilynn: Speaking of wishes, it looks like Jae Min was going to let his Mom actually live with her husband now. He still isn’t comfortable enough to live with them, but I think eventually that would change since he had Ma Ri to love. Aaaaaaand, I loved the nod to the bromance between Shi Hoo and Jae Min when Shi Hoo, /once again/, talked about loyalty to a brother.

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Tippy: I like how the band literally banded together. Choosing to participate in a special, separated class in lieu of having the vamp students leave. Also, the awesomenesss of them joining that competition and eventually making their own record. I loveleloveloved hearing Jae Min and Ma Ri’s duet. Boy can sing (if that was actually him singing. I have my hopes~)!

Kate: I could just imagine all of them getting together for those family meals that Jae Min’s mom wanted to cook him, them eating whatever she cooks, Shi Hoo, Ma Ri, and Yoon Jae having their blood substitute, and all of them enjoying one another’s company, talking about the band’s next gig or school work, vampire rights....

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Wendilynn: The producer made a reference to Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney’s ‘Ebony and Ivory’. That song was such a nice reference to how they were learning to live together. I cracked up laughing so much when they started showing who else was revealing their vamp status. Yonghwa, anyone? lol

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Tippy: YAAAAAAASSSSSS! My inner fangirl had a field day seeing Jung Yong Hwa and Yook Sung Jae’s pictures. Lots of squeezing myself and twisting back and forth. I ain’t ashamed.

Kate: I think I laughed the hardest when the drunk guy who was trying to break up the band’s performance was getting carted away by the cops. After he complained that his taxes paid for the police, the cops said that vampires pay taxes too. You know that things were changing for vampires by the matter-of-fact way those policeman responded to that drunk and carted him away. It definitely gives me a lot of hope for the vampire rights movement in the future.

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Tippy: In regards to their outside performances, I’m really glad they didn’t let the competition hold them back from playing. With how everything is going, they seem to be on the right track. In the future, they’ll be recognized for what they’ve done. I’d hope Ma Ri becomes known for being one of the first vamps to reveal herself voluntarily. She’d be an inspiration for standing up against adversity. Kinda like how we think of Rosa Parks, me thinks.

Kate: Although I was sad for the band that they were pushed out of the contest, story-wise I was glad to see that they still had to face a little more adversity. It would have been too easy to give them success at this stage. Even though things are looking up for vampires in the society, there are still more changes that need to happen and more prejudice that needs to be overcome before vampires and humans can live side by side as equals, without fear. But that the band was still working to find their success by a different path showed that they are committed to work for a different future in which Ma Ri can fulfill her dreams, and do it alongside Jae Min.

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If the band is any indication, vampires and humans can play together in perfect harmony! There may still be some tough times to come, but vampire equal rights seem just a little off in the future if people can change their beliefs, like Jae Min, Ara, and Soo Ri did throughout the series. Were you satisfied with the ending? Did you like where all the story-lines ended up? Still scratching your head about the Joseon story-line? Did it all end too quickly for you? Let us know in the comments.

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