Sometimes events occur beyond our control or understanding, and all you can do is prepare and hope for the best. If last week’s episode lulled you into a false sense of security, this week’s will certainly have you on your toes and then make you fall over! Prepare thy self as Wendilynn, Kate, and I, Tippy, discuss this Episode 4 of Orange Marmalade.

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Wendilynn: I knew from the previews to this episode that it was going to be plot heavy, but there is NO WAY I was prepared for what we got. Nope… not a one.

Kate: And I thought that last week’s episode three kiss between Jae Min and Ma Ri was shocking in how quickly it happened in the course of the series. I watched many of this week’s developments with my mouth open.


Tippy: I think I must have forgotten to watch the preview. Here I thought we were gonna enjoy them together a little bit longer, but nuh-uh! I was so short lived I thought my head was gonna snap back from the whiplash. (O.O;) Every time something came up, I thought, “Ah, what a pity...”

Wendilynn: I knew from the previews that Jae Min finds out about her vampire status so I wasn’t expecting this to be a very happy episode. We all know how much he hates vampires. But, Shi Hoo’s story totally overshadowed that. What happened to his parents. What that glowing bit in their neck meant. How depressed Shi Hoo has truly been over what happened to his parents and what he did about it when he learned the real reason…… left me speechless.


Kate: Unsurprisingly, with Jae Min nearby when Shi Hoo got the news, it resulted in a fight. I have to say, though, after such shattering news I think Shi Hoo held back to an admirable extent in that exchange. That fight could have been a lot worse than it was.


Tippy: Yeah, he really could have done some damage (aside from what happened to Jae Min’s face), but I really felt for him then. Like, poor guy can’t catch a break. He really didn’t need to egg Jae Min on about eating Ma Ri, but still. Props to Jae Min as well for standing up for his lady.

Wendilynn: Jae Min asked for it jumping Shi Hoo that way. I understand both boys were upset for different reasons, but Jae Min was lucky he walked away from that fight. Shi Hoo really showed admirable restraint. Other than teasing Jae Min about eating Ma Ri. But even later, when he saved Jae Min’s life, I was so surprised by him. I was expecting him to be the angry, troubled teen who was a constant troublemaker and that was not Shi Hoo at all, in the end. I mean, how many shows make us love the second male lead this fast and then kill him?!! I feel so sorry for him. I’m still hoping the VCS got to him first but that ball of dust was sort of final looking.


Kate: For your sake, Wendilynn, let’s hope the dust was on screen because VCS pulled him out of the sun so quickly...but I am not sure I’d rather be in the hands of VCS. Their justice system seems increasingly unjust. I understand keeping abuse of vampire power out of the public eye, helping to relocate vampires who had become known, and maybe even some minor punishment of lesser or inadvertent crimes such as the death that happened as a chain reaction to Shi Hoo’s attempted attack on a human as a small child, but punishment for using powers to help people, such as saving Jae Min’s life, seems counterintuitive. It makes me question the true purpose of the VCS entirely.


Tippy: Watching him throw that syringe in the ocean, I was like NUUUUU! For him to do that, knowing full well what it would cost, he must have felt so desolate. I appreciated that he stopped Ma Ri from using her full strength and sorta took one for the team in order to save Jae Min. He didn’t have to do that, and goodness knows Jae Min isn’t his favorite person, but it was like a final unselfish act. Something that must have felt good on his conscience in those last moments before the sun rose. I’m really really hoping that wasn’t the last we see of Shi Hoon as we know him. Be nice to have a chance to see his other redeemable qualities.


Wendilynn: I think Shi Hoo’s main concern was to keep Ma Ri from using her powers to save Jae Min. To keep her from ending up getting a maximum sentence. Of course, she later uses her powers to save Jae Min in the water anyway, but didn’t seem to get the jail time for that. So, I’m not sure what to think. I agree though that this show has made the VCS a very, very scary entity. I just can’t believe he would take his life that way. I’m just stunned.


Kate: Now, the possible suicide of Shi Hoo is understandably a big attention getter in this episode, but I want to call attention to Ma Ri a little. Sure, her trials were a little smaller, but being discovered by Ara so quickly? Being outed just weeks into attending her new school and starting to fit in? Having to suck it up and ignore the crush she was just able to open up to and he to her about their feelings? (And yes, losing her friend Shi Hoo too.) I wanted to give the poor girl a hug.


Tippy: Stupid Ara and her perfectly quaffed lob, I just wanna punch her! You’re so jealous over a boy, that you’re gonna put someone else’s security at risk? Real classy, kid.

Wendilynn: This is where I wish Ara was the character that became her best friend in the manhwa. But instead, they had to bring in the second lead witch. Of course, in Ara’s defense, she did walk in on Ma Ri almost drinking Jae Min’s blood. That is going to catch anybody’s attention. And it’s not like the kids in this school are vampire friendly.


Kate: Defend Ara if you must. I, for now, am reserving the right to enjoy disliking her every time she is on the screen. I haven’t seen her redeeming characteristics yet-if she will have any, that is. Then again, she is kind of the least fleshed out character so far, so maybe we’ll learn about her blind mother she supports with a part time job or how she is an orphan, or something like that.


Tippy: Here here, Kate. My sentiments exactly~ While we’re on the topic of drama cliches, can we please discuss Jae Min’s inconveniently convenient bout amnesia? As soon as he said “Who…”, I was about ready to toss my desk. (>.<;) I mean, Ma Ri kind of got an excuse to start fresh in terms of where they stood, but y’all know that plot device has been used far too many times. Also, can I say that in that last scene, I thought our boy was seriously trippin’...until I saw the preview for next week, that is.

Wendilynn: Oh, the amnesia. I’ve written about how I feel about this particular trope before. I will say however, that this use seems valid. Not just thrown in to fill up a couple more episodes with useless time wasting. He’s had a shock he wasn’t ready for and couldn’t accept. Even if he was willing to love Ma Ri as she was, it was still too much for him to take in. But, I’m not sure how I feel about the time jump to the Joseon period that we saw in the previews. I mean, it’s great that we’ll get to see Shi Hoo again, but it was just another shock to an already surprising episode.


Kate: That part I am willing to give a little benefit of the doubt, especially if it might validate the amnesia (past life occurrence, maybe?), or give us some richer context to the vampire-human treaty mentioned in episode 1. Then again, maybe Ara and Ma Ri were long lost half sisters. Who knows where we’ll be by the end of the next episode?

Looks like our three amigos (and us viewers) are in for quite an adventure. Check back next week to see what the future (...errr...past?) holds. What scenes stood out for you? What are you expecting to happen? Feel free to post your thoughts and theories in the comments section below. 

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