When the board is set, and the game is in motion, it’s a matter of whose side you’re on. Whether it’s the forces of good or evil, duty or ambition, or matters of the heart...all is fair in love and war. Last week, we discussed knowing your place in the social hierarchy, but how will that play in the greater scheme of things? Join Wendilynn, Kate, and me, Tippy, as we each take a stand in this episode 7 of Orange Marmalade.

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Tippy: Boy, this week was packed with so many good moments! I’m glad they revisited the end of the last episode from Jae Min’s point of view. It was like he came out of nowhere (yeah, I know they were at his house, but still). I couldn’t figure out why Shi Hoon had his head popped over the fence either. Should have known he was up to no good. Thinks he’s a ninja, but gets caught stealing a sword. I laughed that a supposedly important relic was just chilling on a stand off to the side.


Wendilynn: I don’t think he was trying to steal the sword. He didn’t even know it was there till he found it. Although, why a royal sword would be laying up against the wall like an umbrella is another issue. lol I really enjoyed the Shi Hoo centric side to this episode. He’s the most fascinating character for me and I love seeing him fight. I don’t care if a stunt double is involved. The filming and cuts are so good that I buy it effortlessly. I loved that he finally got his chance to prove that he’s a worthy soldier like he’s always wanted.


Kate: After present-day Shi Hoo’s rebellious antics, it is neat to see him as more of an enforcer on the right side of the law. He’s definitely good at it too. He interrogates, he tracks, he fights vampires; the man is an officer-grade machine. But that look in his eyes when he discovered that the girl Jae Min fell for is the same one as he had fallen for makes me concerned about the fall-out in their bromantic interludes.


Tippy: Yeah, that whole “rash bravery” conversation after Jae Min was told off by his dad felt pretty bitter. I was glad that it didn’t escalate into something bigger at that moment, ‘cause it would have been like pouring salt on the wound. I know Jae Min’s dad has a lot on his plate as well. Trying to ensure his son has a secure (planned out) future, while simultaneously mobilizing this army against the Vampires/Bloodsuckers. Threatening to harm Ma Ri though was a little much, if not super effective. The sheer terror in Jae Min’s response said it all.

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Wendilynn: Not super smart. That look at Shi Hoo’s face while holding Ma Ri didn’t bode well for someone. I can’t tell if that glare was for thinking Jae Min’s Dad had called her life into question because of Jae Min or if he had figured out she was a vampire. I’m thinking the former more than the latter. You know that Jae Min’s Dad would have no qualms killing “animals” to maintain family status.


Kate: After those vicious and vividly described threats against Ma Ri, I was a little surprised at how quickly Jae Min went back and sought out her company again. Yes, he got pushed a little by the blind old vampire, but like you said Wendilynn, Dad would be perfectly willing and capable of carrying this out. It was no idle threat. Then just a few scenes later, he cavalierly went to hang out with her again, confess his love, and try to get her to do the same? Is Jae Min’s love for Ma Ri clouding his judgement that much? How does he expect to pull out of the wedding and pacify dad without Ma Ri’s family ending up dead meat?


Tippy: I’m proud of him for owning up to his feelings regardless. He’s long passed all those attempts to talk himself out of it. That whole conversation with Ma Ri felt good to watch, despite her tears. You start to see a shift in him after that as well. Openly admitting to Shi Hoon that he’s going to take the military exam was so casually expressed. Shi Hoon was thrown for a loop, but true to form, carried on as he was. I laughed seeing his exchange with the nanny about the spoons too. “I’m going to borrow them, don’t misunderstand. I’m not trying to use it to pay for drinks.” It just slays me. (^w^)


Wendilynn: That scene was too cute. The Nanny had some great scenes this episode as well. We are journeying through this time period to show how their relationships are all destined, but I forgot that the Nanny and our Vampire Guard/Gentle Teacher are also tied through the eternities since they marry in the next life. Although, now that they’ve put Ma Ri in danger, her parents are not going to just let bigones be bigones. We know at some point Vampires were almost wiped out and the treaty is made. Clearly the bloodsuckers get wiped out at some point. This situation sure looks like it’s going to finally make people take sides.


Kate: Shi Hoo threw his hat in with the military, Jae Min fully committed to his love for Ma Ri, Ara made a surprising move in support of the bloodsuckers (let’s get back to that one later!), Jae Min’s Dad definitely moved the military decidedly against the vampires, but Jae Hee, though he seems to be on Lady Evil Eyes’ side--he still is following her orders this week at least--seems like his final loyalties may still be up in the air. He shows such gentleness to the Nanny/his future life wife in the woods as he carries her lamp and waits with her in the rain. He also doesn’t seem too happy about the order to kill Ma Ri either. His memory of Evil Eyes turning him vampire I think shows his loyalty to her is not based on trust or love or anything that might hold him.


Tippy: I agree, he’s certainly primed to be swayed toward acting against ol’ Evil Eyes sometime. I’m excited to see how; wipe that sneer off her face…. Oh! I almost forgot about Ma Ri and Jae Min in the forest as well. He basically proposes to her with the promise of taking charge of his own life. I loved his little speech, and I’m proud of Ma Ri for trying (failing) to explain to him that she isn’t human. He’s too caught up in what he’s saying to actually catch her drift, but good on her for giving it a shot.


Wendilynn: She did try, sort of. But since lower status people weren’t considered human, it is understandable why he didn’t want her trying to insist that she wasn’t good enough for him. Especially as he considered her his better in many ways. That she literally meant she wasn’t actually human wouldn’t have even crossed his mind. I happened to love that kiss in the rain too. It was gentle and chaste, but oh, my heart moved.


Kate: What moved me most this episode was also a scene with Jae Min confessing his love, but to his Nanny, not to Ma Ri. It was so sweet to hear him tell her that she is another mother to him, and object to her trying to place her status below him and not let him talk to her or treat her like more of an equal. Not only was that a lovely exchange in and of itself, especially in comparison to their fraught present day relationship, but it also shows that he is learning from Ma Ri, he is questioning the meaning of status, and starting to judge people by their hearts rather than their place in the hierarchy. It isn’t just romance that is getting him to throw caution to the wind so he can enjoy all those sweet kisses, but it is beginning to change his very character too.


Tippy: He straight up tells Ara that he loves someone else too (YUUUUSSSSSSSS!) and asks her to call off the marriage on her end. Our boy isn’t gonna beat around the bush. We finally get to see the Ara I was expecting, but before I touch on that… Did anyone else notice how they threw in more vampire lore this week? The weakness to silver, mainly.


Wendilynn: The Bloodsuckers do seem to be at a disadvantage in a few of these cases, don’t they? Ara did stay true to form. Jealousy makes men and women do stupid things.


Kate: There was a lot of vampire mythology snuck in quietly this week. We saw the silver, like you said Tippy, the mirror, the “weakness in the lower abdomen,” and we even saw Evil Eyes turn young (early teens?) Jae Hee. Since we already established that vampires had children in the present, it answered some questions for me about whether they were entirely reproducing themselves with kids, or whether they also turned people. I bet future vamps aren’t allowed to turn people. That doesn’t sound like it would be VSA approved. But yes, back to Wendilynn’s mention of jealousy, Ara’s jealousy was not surprising but possibly had the most severe impact. Not only does she want her rival killed, but she is willing to sell out humans to the bloodsuckers to do so.


Tippy: That girl irritates me so much, it makes my spine twist! Goes to show you how well the character is played, but boy do I not like her! Notice how it took like a second after her meeting with Jae Min for her to go into full vendetta mode. At first I was confused how she thought of the silver thing and how it applied to Evil Eye’s spa, but her mind must be working a mile an hour trying to concoct some means for her to get her way. She’s got beauty and brains, but uses it to do terrible things. I knew that she deducted that Evil Eyes was a Bloodsucker from that flashback of her receiving a silver chainmail necklace (and having to remove her jewelry at the spa). It’s obvious her endgame was to get rid of Ma Ri, but I didn’t expect her to expose the the information about the silversmiths.


Wendilynn: The very selfish don’t usually keep the bigger picture in mind. All they care about is their own whims. In one sense, Evil Eyes is the same way as Ara. She is so focused on having blood that she cannot see a life beyond bloodlust. Where the Vampires have chosen to look beyond the night and have a future. The sides they have chosen will ultimately see one of them wiped out.

Things are getting good! What’s your stance on the events that have transpired? Can you predict everyone’s’ next move? Which relationship dynamic is your favorite? Tune in next week, and feel free to post any thoughts or theories in the comments section below. 

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