When last we met, so many narrative threads were left dangling as many of us wondered why the heck the Joseon era storyline had not yet reached its conclusion. This week, many of our questions were answered while many of those threads were snapped as characters sacrificed themselves on behalf of romantic, family, and patriotic love. Join Tippy, Wendilynn, and me, Kate, as we wipe away our tears and discuss the developments from this week’s Orange Marmalade.

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Wendilynn: I’m so glad this episode wrapped up certain questions we had from last week. As much as last week left me confused, I was just as impressed with this week’s episode. I really loved it.

Tippy: This one has to be my favorite episode to date, me thinks. I found myself completely riveted and was pleased that there was a good balance amongst all the things that occurred.

Kate: I know there were a lot of things going on that needing wrapping up, and though I agree with the both of you and enjoyed the episode a lot, I have to admit my neck was getting a little sore from all the whiplash I was getting from the episode covering so much ground.

Wendilynn: For me this episode had a calm sort of symmetry. It flowed pretty well and I was moved by Ma Ri and her choices. I have to admit, I have not liked her character much because of all the whining she did in the first 4 episodes. This however, redeemed her completely. She was awesome. She was fearless, brave and so loving. My heart was with her the whole episode.

Tippy: Yeah! Her exchange with Jae Min hit the spot for me. You could tell the words stung, but she totally set him straight about her people and how she sees the world. Also, honorable mention for Ara finally growing a personality and owning up/making up for her actions against Ma Ri. *golf clap*

Kate: So many characters showed nobility in this episode. Some sacrificed their lives, others risked their lives or those of their family and friends. Speaking of Ara, I appreciated her sacrifice (perhaps of her pride?) when she confessed to her involvement in the bloodsucker fiasco, but it didn’t really feel in character. Then again, as Tippy said, Ara really didn’t feel like much of a character but rather a deus ex machina there to gum up the romance between Jae Min and Ma Ri. Kudos to her for finally stepping out of the way and making amends, though.

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Wendilynn: Ara has some humility in this time period. In the modern world her every whim is indulged and supported where in Joseon times she wouldn’t have been so spoiled. That she was willing to be brave herself and set things right probably has a lot to do with Jae Min caring enough to stop her from committing suicide. I doubt she would have done what she did if he was indifferent.

Tippy: I liked that Ma Ri came to defend Ara as well. Not that it was out of character for her, but it was like they had an understanding that transcended wanting the same guy. Of course that gets Ma Ri whisked away to Evil Eyes’ lair, leaving Ara running around gathering help. Yay, teamwork!

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Kate: Teamwork was incredibly important in this episode. I hope that Jae Min’s past life memories can help him learn these lessons and reach out more. It is only when Jae Min, Ma Ri, and Shi Hoo work together that they can accomplish great things like taking down Lady Evil Eyes and her army. Of course, the vampires working together as a team, and the cooperation of vampires and humans working together to get rid of the bloodsuckers were also highlighted by this week’s episode.

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Wendilynn: Teamwork and ultimately faith in each other. Jae Min had to come to grips with a few realities and Ma Ri did a brilliant job putting him in his place. I loved her set down on how Humans and their brutality to each other was not somehow superior to what Vampires are. But, Shi Hoo, Ma Ri and Jae Min could all count on each other when it mattered. And they didn’t question loyalties when push came to shove. They felt like such a team by the end. Even Ma Ri’s choice to save both boys didn’t feel out of character for her.

Tippy: Boy, did those final scenes have me choked up. Before we get to the good part though, lets backtrack to Yoon Jae being ordered to kill Jae Min’s nanny. His attempt at a poker face didn’t really work on Evil Eyes, and it looked like he was going to give killing her a shot, but no. She really did jar him out of this soulless existence he was living. I’m glad they ended up together in the next life and are happy.

Kate: I was happy to see that Yoon Jae’s conscience finally did win out, as I suspected it might. It was sad to see that he had so little time after it did. Without his sacrifice for the greater good, the tide in the battle may not have turned as it did. Thankfully knowing about his happy modern day marriage did soften the blow of his loss.

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Wendilynn: I don’t think there are too many of us who aren’t happy with his choices. We knew that he was gentle underneath it all because we knew who he becomes. And he was vital in helping them win past the guards to get inside. I hated that he died though. I felt my heart lurch just a little.

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Tippy: Me too, guys. I liked seeing him join up with Jae Min and Shi Hoo for that split second. It felt right to see them all focused on something together. I should mention, I really enjoyed Shi Hoo in this episode as well. It’s like all the angst he had as a human had fizzled away. He’s literally seeing the world differently, but it’s changed him on a personal level too. He seems more calm, and dare I say humbled.

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Kate: I suppose that becoming undead can do that to a guy. No, seriously, Shi Hoo coped really well with his new status after a brief angst interlude. It makes sense, though. He grew up in a scholarly family with the heart of a soldier. Now his new vampire powers make him that much better of a soldier right away. It is almost truer to his nature to be a vampire than a human. No wonder he’s chill, and not just in a room temperature because he’s dead sort of a way.

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Wendilynn: It helped, I think, that Shi Hoo was more like Ma Ri now. He wanted to be close to her and now they were the same. Connected by her blood. I agree with you, I think his soldier sensibilities would have seen the advantages being a vampire could bring him once he adjusted. I loved that his love and connection with Jae Min was still strong. Even though Jae Min was hurting at all he learned, he would still rather have his precious friend alive as a vampire than dead. I have to say though, that Jong Hyun is an amazing crier. His eyes get all big and red and full of tears. He gets that slightly crazy look when he’s sad or scared or mad. Those eyes are amazing to watch.

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Tippy: I concur~ The knowing and pained look on his face when he understood Ma Ri’s plan to save Jae Min was killer. I’m still confused how she got so sickly though. I didn’t see anything particularly wrong with her (like a wound). Part of me kept thinking she was wearing silver somewhere hidden under her clothes, but I doubt it.

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The saddest piggy-back ride ever.

Kate: Yes, it was a little confusing as to how she brought about her demise, but it really didn’t seem to be the point, so I was willing to look past that. But her sacrifice to cure Jae Min and save his life wasn’t Ma Ri’s first heroic action of the week. Ma Ri was a strong protector to the Queen, then entered into the fight with Lady Evil to help Jae Min, and as soon as he was bitten, she went on a quest to find out how to cure him. All this before her heroic sacrifice on Jae Min’s behalf.

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Wendilynn: Like I said, this was the “Ma Ri rocks” episode. She was amazing. I loved how she was rock solid in doing what she felt was right. And her sacrifices to protect the queen also resulted in them being able to make the treaty with the King. THAT little scene was a trip to see. Gives this whole treaty thing a whole new spin. Now I have to wonder why there is all this animosity and fear when the treaty was made as an award to join with the vampire clan as allies. Or so it seemed by the little bit we saw. Just what is in that box that Jae MIn buried under that tree. How did the treaty turn into the negative subjugation of the vampires that it has become?

Tippy: I almost missed that scene! I need to be more vigilant from now on, I swear. It seemed almost comical to me, but that was from the look on Ma Ri’s dad’s face. When the queen asked about Ma Ri though, it was like POW! Right in the gut. I’m also curious what’s in the box, and I’m even more curious to see if present day Jae Min digs it up later (that could happen, right?). Anway...I’ve been waiting to say this~ It’s back to the future! So excited.

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Kate: That little scene at the end was adorable, but sad too. I too, felt sad by the Queen’s little reminder of what had been lost when she asked about Ma Ri. Ma Ri’s parents sacrificed a lot for this treaty, though not of their own volition. What made me smile was when the King kept insisting that Ma Ri’s dad was his equal, since they were both the leaders of their people. Ma Ri’s dad, the lowly butcher, had such a surprised look on his face when the King touched his hand. I too, Wendilynn, saw that as a far cry from the relationship we saw between humans and vampires in the present day and wondered went wrong. I guess it is a little easier to be magnanimous when your wife and unborn child were just saved by vampires. I bet people forgot this or stopped appreciating the vampire’s contributions over the years.

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So, vampires, what have you done for humans lately? Will it take a vampire saving the president’s life (or maybe the lives of the members of Big Bang???) to advance their social acceptance in the future? What did past Jae Min bury and will his amnesia experience help literally and figuratively dig all this up? And, for those of you still reeling from the end of episode 4, what is present Shi Hoo’s fate? Is he really dead? Will there be hoverboards? (Wait- that’s a different 2015.) Let us know in your comments below.

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